Caller ID with Ring Controller (Version II), White
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Caller ID with Ring Controller (Version II), White

Caller ID Box Has Ring Regulator to Give You Total Control Over Your Calls

Item #: 51071W

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    • input phone numbers into list manually or saved from incoming calls received
    • Easy to add, update and delete names and phone numbers from database
    • Ability to control which calls will ring on the phone
    • Locate phone numbers quickly and easily by searching
    • Review of incoming caller records
    • Review of names and phone numbers from database
    • Data protection to prevent loss due to power failures - no batteries needed
    • Speed dial feature to help with outgoing calls
    • Since this device is a mini computer, memory resets are possible
    • Works with traditional phone service and also with Voice over IP (VoIP) systems like Vonage, and Skype
    • Reject up to 70 numbers
    • Last 7 or 8 digits can be wildcards; allows addition of an entire area code to any list
    • Both phone numbers and names or nicknames can be manually entered. The incoming name from the phone company displays if no name is manually entered. Allows users to add nicknames or identifiers, e.g. "Grandma"
    • Universal display shows any phone number from 5 to 14 digits to work with international or VoIP numbers
    • When incoming calls number reach 100 numbers in memory, the device will still block calls
    The A List
    Want to make sure that you're undisturbed for a few hours - but don't want to miss an emergency call from a loved one? Just set the Ring Controller to only allow calls from your A-List. You can store 100 names and phone numbers in your A-list, including family, friends and anyone else you want to talk to at any time.

    The B List
    Do you have teenagers with friends that can't tell time, or do you need an uninterrupted sleep? Well, just program the B-List to only ring at certain times, the time you allow them to call. The B-List can hold 100 names and phone numbers of callers you only want to talk to at the times you specify.

    The C List
    Or do you just want to avoid having to deal with nuisance calls from someone who you don't ever want to talk to? Then put them on your R-List. Those people will never get through, no matter how hard they try. There are 70 names and numbers you can store in your R-List, which stands for Reject Callers.

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer:JF Technical Developing
    Manufacturer Product No.:RC003W

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    Review of 51071W Review by Ed O
    Review of 51071W

    I have used this device for over 9 months and am entirely satisfied with it. What I really like about it is the ability to use wildcards to prevent whole phone prefixes e.g. 800, 900, 832, etc. This proves very effective. In addition you can eliminate unknown callers as well by sending them all to the C list. YOU MUST HOWEVER READ THE INSTRUCTIONS.

    PS - one LIMITATION is that the incoming number will only appear on the device and not forward to other connected wireless phones. However if you have programmed the device correctly this will soon not be an issue.

    Posted on 4/4/2011

    Review of 51071W Review by STEVEN
    Review of 51071W

    I have a new phone number.I get countless calls from collection agencies looking for someone that used to have this number. This machine worked for me.

    Posted on 11/16/2010

    Review of 51071W Review by STEVEN
    Review of 51071W


    Posted on 10/28/2010

    Review of 51071W Review by CHRIS
    Review of 51071W

    This gadget DOESN'T FORWARD THE CALLER ID to your phone, making it completely useless for cordless phones! The only thing the phone displays is "Incoming Call"--you have to look at the gadget to see the caller ID, and if you're phone isn't right next to the gadget, you can't do that.

    So unless you keep your one-and-only land-line phone right next to the gadget, forget it. If you have a cordless you carry around, or more than one cordless handset, forget it.

    Posted on 9/16/2010

    Review of 51071W Review by GERALD
    Review of 51071W

    If works fine on the phone it is connected to. However if you have more than l phone the other phones will still ring. So to eliminate this we have turned off the ringers to the other phones.Wish there was some way that it could control at least 2 phones.
    Other wise it was worth spending the money and I would recommend this to anyone trying to eliminate all unwanted phone calls.

    Posted on 8/29/2010

    Review of 51071W Review by KARL
    Review of 51071W

    Does exactly as described. A bit difficult at first to use, but you get the hang of it quickly.

    Posted on 7/10/2010

    Review of 51071W Review by CAROLE L
    Review of 51071W

    Excellent product, reasonably priced. Lightning fast delivery from company. Happy with purchase.

    Posted on 4/5/2010

    Review of 51071W Review by RONALD
    Review of 51071W

    Unfortunately this Product has flaws that aren't pointed out in their advertising. First, even though a call is accepted, the display name and number of this call will not come up on your caller ID, which means that the person calling may be someone that you want to talk to, but you will not be sure who it is. For me this was a show stopper.

    The disclaimer that this would happen was on page 13 or so of their manual.

    This product should have been designed to allow all numbers through initially, and then we could screen in or out the numbers that are acceptable. This product looks to be a lot better than it really is. When I pointed out the discrepancy to the Manufacturer, they told me that I could return the product since other customers had complained about this problem too.

    Posted on 2/18/2010

    Review of 51071W Review by RICHARD
    Review of 51071W

    This is the first device that has the full capability to block all those unwanted calls. Have had it a few weeks and it works exactly as advertised. Freedeom from unwanted calls at last. I highly recommend it.

    Posted on 2/8/2010

    Review of 51071W Review by LEWIS
    Review of 51071W

    After using Ver.1 last year with some work around for the 11 digit long distance numbers, I purchased the Ver.2
    It is the greatest unit that solved the problems with the longer phone numbers. Added bonus is the 70 numbers "R" register.
    A few days after I received it it had an intermittent power problem, so I purchased another one for a replacement unit . Smarthome shipped one immediately. However before I received the second unit, I spotted the cause of the trouble with the first one that was simple to correct.
    I called Smarthome that I will not return the defective unit because I repaired it and I want to keep both.
    Now I have two Ver.2 units on two phone lines. I am very satisfied with both working exactly the way I need it with my setup.
    I still have the Ver. 1 as a spare third though.

    Posted on 1/12/2010

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  • Caller ID with ring controller unit
  • One AC adopter (AC 110V input, DC 9V output)
  • One telephone line cord
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