Cable Electronics 6002 1GHz 1X1 RF Bi-Directional 15dB Amplifier
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Cable Electronics 6002 1GHz 1X1 RF Bi-Directional 15dB Amplifier

Enjoy Virtually Distortion-Free Video Performance!
  • Experience distortion-free pictures on every TV in the house
  • Amplifier helps video signals to reach destinations without noise
  • Powerful 15dB forward gain offers more than enough support to handle demand

Item #: 7771B


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Cable Electronics 6002 1GHz 1X1 RF Bi-Directional 15dB Amplifier

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  • With all the TVs, VCRs and satellite receivers found in most homes today, the demand for video signals can easily overburden the video signals coming into the house (i.e. signals from cable companies or satellite & HDTV antennas). The result: A degraded video signal that leads to noisy, distorted TV images. The good news is that that problem can be easily remedied by adding a 1GHz 1X1 RF Bi-Directional 15dB Amplifier before the signal is split, resulting in clear, noise-free performance throughout the house. Power supply included.

    How it Works
    Each time you split or divide the RF signal to feed all your equipment, you lose about half the power, or 3dB. For example, a passive splitter with 8 ports may have more than 10dB of loss! One way to overcome this loss is to install an amplifier. However, this solution may cause additional problems if the original signal exceeds the amplifier's rated capacity. But thanks to the high 15dB forward gain, the 1GHz 1x1 RF Bi-Directional Amplifier offers more than enough support to handle the demand. Plus, integrated 15dB adjustable attenuation allows you to control the signal without over-amplifying the TVs. Example: If you hear buzzing when type is superimposed on the TV screen, like on commercials that display a phone number, then you have an over-amplified signal.

    Diplex Filter Included
    Unlike standard amplifiers, this model was constructed with a diplex filter to separate the forward and return path, allowing it to send and receive without any signal loss.

    Additional Amplifiers Available
    A 1GHz 1X1 RF Bi-Directional Amplifier is also available with 20dB of gain. Need to split your signal in addition to amplifying it?

  • Specifications

    Cable Electronics Product No.: 6002
    UPC: 617190002099
    Dimensions: 5 1/8" x 3" x 1 1/2"
    Analog Compatibility: All VHF, UHF, CATV channels
    Digital Compatibility: DTV, HDTV, Digital Cable
    Bandwidth: 1GHz
    Forward Gain: 15 dB
    Forward Adjustable Attenuation: Up to 15 dB
    Forward Path Bandwidth: 54-1000MHz
    Return Path Bandwidth: 4-42 MHz
    Typical Input Range: 0 to +10 dBmV @ 110 channels
    Maximum Input: +30 dBmV @ 12 Channels
    Reverse Path: -1 dB
    Forward Path Response: +/- 0.6 dB
    Power Supply: External plug-in 110V AC/5W transformer
    Power Output: 12V, 200mA
    Power Consumption: 100 mA @ 12 V
    Transformer Connection: F-connector

  • 2 Reviews

    Review of 7771b Review by DOUGLAS
    Review of 7771b

    Did not work for passing high speed internet. Went from 6 mb throughput beforehand, down to 128kb. Found the only value was for improving cable television picture quality when placed AFTER the split for the internet, and simply boosting video signal quality which it did a fine job.

    Posted on 10/9/2008

    Review of 7771b Review by Amping
    Review of 7771b

    Does a great job of improving the cable signal quality, though bi-directional, had a significantly negative effect on internet. Went from clocking about 6mb down to 127kb. Ouch. For best results, use a two-way to split your internet off to go direct to your cable modem, then add amp in between the other output and the next splitter junction to feed the rest of your cable video.

    Posted on 10/7/2008

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