A Moving, Flipping Santa Hat!
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Flip Flop Santa Hat
Santa Hat
Create a memorable holiday display with this enchanting, animated Santa hat.
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  • Amaze your friends as the hat flips back and forth, with seemingly no human operation
  • Put it on your head, or simply use it as a table decoration
  • Makes a great gift for all ages

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Looking for the ultimate holiday gag? You'll have your friends and family rolling on the floor with laughter when they see you wearing this magical Flip Flop Santa Hat! Push the secret button on the tip of the hat, and a few seconds later, the colorful hat will flip from one side of your head to the other, then back again. You'll love the surprise reactions you get from people as they marvel at your telepathic powers.

This enchanting hat is made with bright red fabric and is trimmed in faux fur. The hat moves back and forth about six or eight times per cycle. Press the secret button again to repeat. Requires three AA batteries (included).

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