C. Crane CSW CCRadio AM/FM/Shortwave Portable Radio
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C. Crane CSW CCRadio AM/FM/Shortwave Portable Radio

Personal Radio Offers Quality Radio Reception and Sound
  • Receives AM, FM, ShortWave1 (SW1), ShortWave2 (SW2) and ShortWave3 (SW3) signals
  • Large digital LCD display with digital clock, alarm, snooze and sleep timer
  • Illuminated buttons and quality dials
  • 10 memory settings per band (50 total)
  • Dual RCA stereo line output, IF output for input to computer

Item #: 973101SW


Special Price: $129.95

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C. Crane CSW CCRadio AM/FM/Shortwave Portable Radio

Special Price: $129.95

List Price: $149.98

Your Savings: $20.03


Price For Both: $169.90

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  • For radio enthusiasts, the CCRadio AM/FM/Shortwave Portable Radio offers the best sensitivity, selectivity and audio performance of any radio at this price and size. It has a built in Twin Coil Ferrite AM Antenna that brings out the best AM reception and sound available. The whip antenna delivers quality FM. AM, SW1, SW2 and SW3 performance. This radio not only receives weaker signals, with superior audio, than perhaps any portable radio ever made, but you are given much more control over how the radio works, sounds, and picks up a signal. Moving from band to band and searching for stations has been made easy with simple buttons, dials, and a large lighted LCD screen display. A single five inch speaker offers clear tones and bass. There is an RCA line out for connecting the radio to a stereo system and an additional IF out to send a digital signal to a computer for decoding. Choose to wake to an alarm or the radio, or hit the snooze button for a few more minutes of sleep. A durable build and sturdy handle ensure that this radio will last for years to come. Enjoy great sound while on the road, camping, boating, or anywhere else you go.

    If not using the AC Power adapter, this product requires the use of four D batteries or four AA batteries, each sold separately, which will power the radio for up to 70 continuous hours. Optionally you can purchase NiMH (Nickel-Metal-Hydride) batteries and a built in charging circuit will re-charge them when the radio is plugged in.

    Twin Coil Ferrite AM Antenna
    If you have a favorite AM radio station, but experience poor reception, the Twin Coil Ferrite AM Antenna may be just what you're looking for. This patented AM antenna doubles daytime reception, dramatically reduces nighttime fade out, and can even eliminate heavy static and distortion - it's a radio accelerator!

    SW Band
    Different SW Bands work better at different times of the day, year and even solar cycle. The short-wave receiver-quality reception of AM radio stations is strong enough up to pick up reception up to 500 miles away.

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer: C. Crane
    Manufacturer Product No.: CSW
    UPC: 696174304000
    Dimensions: 11.4" W x 7.3" H x 2.75" D (290mm x 185mm x 70mm)
    Weight: 4.5 pounds without batteries
    Input Power:
    • Four AA or four D batteries; each sold separately
    • AC 120V 60Hz Power Adapter (Output: DV 9V 500mA)
    Audio Output: 2.5 Watt
    Speaker: 5 Watt, 8 ohm
    Headphone Jack: 3.5 mm 32 ohm
    AM Dual Conversion: 55.845 MHz 1st IF; 455 kHz 2nd IF
    AM IF Output: For input into a computer for decoding DRM, SSTV, SSB, CW and more
    FM Band Frequency Coverage: 87.00 - 108 MHz Stereo
    AM Band (MW) Frequency Coverage (9 kHz step): 522 - 1620 kHz
    AM Band (MW) Frequency Coverage (10 kHz step): 520 - 1710 kHz
    SW1 Band Frequency Coverage: 1711 - 10010 kHz
    SW2 Band Frequency Coverage: 9990 - 20010 kHz
    SW3 Band Frequency Coverage: 19990 - 29999 kHz
    AM Tuning: 10 kHz or 9 kHz steps
    FM Tuning: 50 kHz steps
    FM Sensitivity: >5 uv
    MW Sensitivity: 0.2 mV/m
    Selectivity (Wide): Wide > 40 db (100x)
    Selectivity (Narrow): > 60 db (1000x)
    Memory Presets: 50 Total (10 Per Band)
    Certifications: FCC Compliant
    Warranty: 1-year limited

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    Review of 973101SW Review by TED
    Review of 973101SW

    Quality product, good price and quick delivery.

    Posted on 1/22/2014

    Review of 973101SW Review by MICHAEL
    Review of 973101SW

    Excellent product enjoying every moment of am and fm but most of all the SW please keep me informed of all new products coming out. Thanks Michael Fletcher

    Posted on 9/29/2013

    Review of 973101SW Review by JOHN
    Review of 973101SW

    Excellent reception, good feature set. Easily able to listen to foreign news broadcasts.

    Posted on 6/17/2012

    Review of 973101SW Review by MARIANN
    Review of 973101SW

    I purchased this radio as a Christmas present for my husband. He's having a blast with it. He's thoroughly enamored with the variety of stations it can receive from all over the world and the functionality of the radio. I would highly recommend the radio based on his enjoyment of it. I purchased it based on a review that compared this to the GE Super Radio. That review was extremely well written and explained this radio in great detail.

    Posted on 12/26/2011

    Review of 973101SW Review by JAMES
    Review of 973101SW

    So far, no complaints. It performs in the manner I had expected, from the selectivity to the sound.

    Posted on 12/8/2011

    Review of 973101SW Review by JOANN
    Review of 973101SW

    The first radio I received didn't work very good, the FM station had a lot of static. I called customer service and they were more than happy to exchange the item. The exchange was very easy. This radio is easy to use and comes in well for a portable.

    Posted on 5/22/2011

    Review of 973101SW Review by CHARLES
    Review of 973101SW

    Well-designed controls: Vernier dial, RF Gain, scanning, etc. Set is absolutely worthless without an external antenna, however. Best for the money.

    Posted on 3/25/2011

    Review of 973101SW Review by SHERRILL
    Review of 973101SW

    So far, so good. I love the radio.

    Posted on 3/12/2011

    Review of 973101SW Review by LINDA
    Review of 973101SW

    I am very pleased with the service of SMARTHOME & my product.

    Posted on 8/7/2010

    Review of 973101SW Review by STEVE
    Review of 973101SW

    Nicest piece of electronics that I have ever owned.

    Posted on 5/6/2010

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    • 1x - AC Power Adapter
    • 2x - PAL Antenna Connectors
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