Bay Controls, LLC BW-WT1-W BAYweb Internet Thermostat, White
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Bay Controls, LLC BW-WT1-W BAYweb Internet Thermostat, White

Saves Money And Energy With Minimal Effort, With Remote Access And Alert Features
  • Maximum Efficiency
  • Effortless Scheduling
  • Personal Web Portal
  • Dedicated Mobile Interface
  • Alert Notifications
  • No Recurring Costs
  • Install Yourself in 30 Minutes
  • Use Existing Wiring
  • Plug-N-Go Networking
  • Inexpensive

Item #: 3370w


Special Price: $195.00

List Price: $220.00

Your Savings: $25.00

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Bay Controls, LLC BW-WT1-W BAYweb Internet Thermostat, White

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List Price: $220.00

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  • The BAYweb Thermostat saves the maximum amount of energy almost effortlessly. Once installed, you'll will rarely have to think about resetting or programming your thermostat again. Saving money and energy is great but the real breakthrough is achieving this year after year with minimal ongoing effort. The standard model of BAYweb Thermostat can be used with conventional single stage heat and/or cool systems (one heat/one cool). It supports unlimited X10 wireless, and one wired alert inputs.Designed to install yourself, the BAYweb Thermostat is the least expensive and most full featured Internet enabled thermostat available. There are no additional or ongoing fees required. Typical energy savings will pay for the thermostat in about a year.
  • 10 Reviews

    Review of 3370w Review by Antennaman
    Review of 3370w

    FANTASTIC unit....I purchased one, and waited about a year to install it...figured it would be tough. My wife nagged me, and I installed it. I was done in an hour, and it works great.

    As for the commenter that says it won't do Celsius, go to thermostat settings in the web interface, and click the keypad tab...right there, F or C. Easy.

    Anyway, the unit can sense occupancy with an optional wireless sensor, notifies you of system failures, allows setpoint alarms to send e-mails for high and low conditions, and allows 4 levels of heat and cool depending upon time of day or occupancy.

    Connects with existing thermostat wiring, all you need is to replace the old 'stat with the new one, and add the box near the furnace/AC. Run an ethernet line to your internet are done!

    Well documented installation instructions with pictures.

    Well supported by the manufacturer for questions; I could not design a better product. I'm REALLY pleased with this product. Bravo.

    Posted on 3/16/2013

    Review of 3370w Review by ERIC
    Review of 3370w

    Great Product! Easy to use! Easy to install! Really was well documented and well supported!

    Posted on 3/3/2012

    Review of 3370w Review by JUDITH
    Review of 3370w

    Great product. I love that I can turn on the heat or air conditioning from my computer at home and have our weekend house comfortable when we arrive. Installation was fairly simple and email support was excellent.

    Posted on 8/17/2011

    Review of 3370w Review by DAVID
    Review of 3370w

    This Bayweb thermostat works flawlessly right from the start. Easy to install and I love the ability to control and monitor the house temp while away. There's great peace of mind in knowing I'll get an email if the temp goes out of limit. Great product!

    Posted on 3/4/2011

    Review of 3370w Review by Cam
    Review of 3370w

    This is great, works fine. But this company has internet thermostats for cheaper. Anybody tried it out?

    Posted on 1/6/2011

    Review of 3370w Review by MILE
    Review of 3370w

    No option for degree Celsius which should be something that is basic.

    Posted on 11/7/2010

    Review of 3370w Review by Tom
    Review of 3370w

    We use ours at our cabin 110 miles away. It's been in since late December 09 and it's been great to be able to bring up the heat before we arrive. The energy monitoring and reporting features are pretty cool! I have an X-10 sensor in place and it notifies me if anyone is in there so I am able to check on contractors arrival and departure. Lots of other things I can do with this system. I also really appreciate the mobile apps. I can check up on the house temp and get the email notifications on my Iphone. I can have it send email to multiple addresses. Completely satisfied and contemplating installing one at the in town house.

    Posted on 4/9/2010

    Review of 3370w Review by m.klozar
    Review of 3370w

    Excellent product. The key for me was the ability to use the motion detector to turn on the HVAC system only when people are present and feature to switch from heat to cool automatically. Nice usage reports via online site. Tip for Smarthome:to avoid confusion list only the two product versions and add a drop-down selection for thermostat control color during checkout. Bayweb: Setting interface could be more informative. Add descriptive feature pop-ups when mouse over settings/sliders.

    Posted on 3/10/2010

    Review of 3370w Review by MICHAEL
    Review of 3370w

    This thermostat works great. Easy to control, very simple interface, but a lot of flexibility with the programming options. Almost all programming is done on your computer, but the thermostat makes it easy to make short term adjustments. I had a chance to try the interface with both an iPhone and BlackBerry Storm 2 and both worked well. This is not the same shape as a typical thermostat, so be prepared to paint or touch up your wall if replacing an existing thermostat.

    Posted on 3/7/2010

    Review of 3370w Review by BEN
    Review of 3370w

    We are very happy with the product. At first, the thermostat was only shipped without the control unit. This problem was rectified and we received the control unit a few days latter.

    Posted on 2/3/2010

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