Auto Toilet Shut Off Valve
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Auto Toilet Shut Off Valve

Prevent Damage From Toilet Overflows and Tank Leaks!

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  • One of the most damaging problems that tank toilets can cause is an overflow. Toilet overflows not only require clean-up, but may lead to costly repairs to floors, baseboards, drywall, even the downstairs ceiling (if the overflowing toilet is on the second floor). In addition, toilet overflows can also promote mold growth, which can cause allergic reactions, even asthma. If left unchecked, mold can also lead to an expensive and time-consuming repair process. But when the unobtrusive bowl sensor unit that clips to the inside of the rim detects a toilet overflow, it signals the main controller unit to shut off the water supply and emit an audible alarm signal, effectively stopping the damage before it has a chance to start.

    Thwarts Toilet Leaks
    Although not as damaging as a toilet overflow, ordinary tank leaks can still be an expensive problem. In fact even a small flapper leak caused by mineral build-up can waste hundreds of gallons a day, which not only increases your utility bills, but also depletes water reserves. But when the tank sensor unit that clips to the inside of the tank detects a leak, it sends a signal to the main controller to halt the water flow and emit an audible alarm signal until the problem can be repaired.

    Prevents Flooding Due to Cracked Tanks
    Occasionally a toilet's tank can crack and flood water onto the floor, while the fillvalve continues to unsuccessfully try filling the cracked tank. Consequently the flooding continues until the water is finally turned off. A cracked tank can be caused by weather, or vibration-related stress fracture, or even accidental impact. Unfortunately this event can occur when no one is home.... flooding the entire residence. The FlowManager will stop the water supply and arrest these escalating damages.

    Resets Easily
    Unlike other solutions, the FlowManager stops water flow only for the problem toilet — all the other plumbing fixtures in the house will maintain a normal flow. Once the problem has been corrected, you can resume normal water flow to the toilet with the press of a single button. The system also offers an "Alarm Silence" button, in case you want to stop the audible alarm until the problem can be fixed.

    Everything You Need is Included
    The FlowManager comes with a bowl sensor, tank sensor and a main controller, which requires 4 AA batteries (included). Batteries typically last for one year with normal use. Covered by a two-year manufacturer's warranty.

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer:Aqua Managers
    Manufacturer Product No.:FLOW MANAGER
    Power Supply:4 AA batteries (included)
    Warranty:2 years

  • 2 Reviews

    Review of 7121 Review by Jim
    Review of 7121

    Yes, it worked great for 6 months. Then nuisance alarms went off. I had three of these so I know it was not an isolated case. Eventually all three gave up the ghost. ON one of them it activated so many times that the plastic ggearing inside stripped.

    Very unreliable.

    Posted on 5/2/2009

    Review of 7121 Review by STEVEN
    Review of 7121

    I received someone elses order prior to receiving mine and was told to keep it due to the low cost. My order was fine and I am satisfied.

    Posted on 1/10/2008

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