Audio Authority 9A60 VGA-to-Component Video Converter
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Audio Authority 9A60 VGA-to-Component Video Converter

Say Goodbye to Digital Video Incompatibility!

Item #: 777060

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  • This converter adapts VGA-type RGBHV video sources to Y, Pb and Pr component video for use with high-definition televisions (HDTVs). Simply connect the converter to an HDTV source (i.e. high-definition set-top box, satellite receiver with HDTV outputs, etc.) using the supplied 6-ft. VGA cable and power it up with the included 12-volt AC adapter. Connect the output of the converter to the HDTV and you're done!

    You can also connect the VGA output of your computer to drive your HDTV-compatible set. If your PC's output is set to 640x480, the signal will be converted to the 480p mode on your HDTV. The 960x540 video modes on a computer can be displayed on HDTV sets that can do the 1080i mode. Some sets, which support 720p mode, can handle display computer resolutions of (1280x720). A monitor utility program like PowerStrip for Windows will be needed to fine-tune the computer's VGA output for the HDTV. Note: This converter is not intended to connect a PC to a standard-definition television.

    Note: These units are not format converters. They pass the horizontal and vertical synchronization timings and pixel content to the outputs without modification.

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer Product No.:Audio Authority
    Manufacturer Product No.:9A60 VGA/COMP CONVERTOR
    Input:RGB video on standard VGA connector, color per SMPTE 274
    Video Inputs:.7 volt p-p Y,+.35 volt p-p Pr and Pb
    Input Synchronization:Negative composite bi-level sync on Y input
    Output:Y/Pr/Pb component video on RCA jacks
    RGB Video Output:.7 volt p-p
    RGBHVseparate horizontal and vertical negative TTL sync
    RGBScomposite negative TTL sync on H and V output ports
    Video Bandwidth:-3dB @ 250MHz
    Dimensions:5 1/2" x 4 1/4" x 1 4/5"
    not including mounting flanges
    Included Accessories:6-foot RGB RCA patch cable
    6-foot VGA-to-five-BNC cable
    12V DC power pack

  • 7 Reviews

    Review of 777060 Review by KELVIN
    Review of 777060

    I could not get any output from the device and will be sending it back.

    Posted on 1/1/2010

    Review of 777060 Review by ANTONIO
    Review of 777060

    It behaves as described. Good video quality.

    Posted on 12/3/2008

    Review of 777060 Review by JAMES
    Review of 777060

    Product may be good for some applications, but requires software downloads in order to function.

    Posted on 2/7/2008

    Review of 777060 Review by CALEB
    Review of 777060

    The product performs very well. It actually performs better at higher resolutions, best at 1080p (1960x1080@60), and worst at 480p. However, due to the inharent advantage of VGA over Component, the VGA looks slightly sharper. The component output had a slight tendency to put red and green borders around black objects. If your xbox 360 will only output 1080p via vga, and your tv will only accept 1080p over component and HDMI, then this product will work very well. However, I think that 1360x768 via VGA looks better than 1080p via component.

    Posted on 1/7/2008

    Review of 777060 Review by DAVID
    Review of 777060

    Took a while to figure out my TV's native response...but wow it works GREAT! Thanks

    Posted on 11/24/2007

    Review of 777060 Review by MARIA
    Review of 777060

    Very easy to install, exceptional Image quality!!!

    Posted on 11/4/2007

    Review of 777060 Review by THOMAS
    Review of 777060

    It was a good product. The problem was with our integrated graphics chipset in our Dell. It wasn't equipped to provide the resolution our TV needed.

    Posted on 8/10/2007

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