Aube Solar Timer Switch, 40-500w, White
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Aube Solar Timer Switch, 40-500w, White

Timer Switch Turns Lights On and Off Based on Sunrise, Sunset in Your Area

Item #: 4257W

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  • Mount the Aube Solar Timer Switch 40-500W onto a standard single or multi-gang electrical box. The timer may be used for a single pole, an existing 3-way switch or a new 3-way switch installation. Program your city's longitude and latitude based on the included guide, and the Aube Solar Timer Switch 40-500W will make sure your lights are on when you get home after dark. Note: The Aube Solar Timer Switch will not automatically adjust the integrated clock to Daylight Savings Time."

    Programs are protected against a power failure by a pre-installed rechargeable battery. You can take advantage of optional on and off settings to turn lights on at a specific time and off at sunrise, as an example. Additional features include an LCD that shows the time, day and load status.

    For maximum programming control, install the Aube 7-Day, 40-500W Timer, which allows you to program up to 7 on and off times for the controlled lighting each week. The Aube 7-Day, 40-500W Timer is available in white and beige.

    Note: Aube
  • Specifications

    Manufacturer:Aube Technologies
    Manufacturer Product No.:TI034-3W
    Dimensions:2.7" H x 1.8" W x 1.6" D (68mm H x 43mm W x 40mm D)
    Operating Modes:2: manual and automatic
    Connection:Single-pole (2-wire) or multiswitch (3-way)
    Power Supply:120 VAC, 50/60 Hz
    Power Load:40 W min., 500 W max.
    Operating Temperature:5
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    Review of 4257w Review by Mr.T
    Review of 4257w

    Almost a year and a half of operation, and it's still kicking. It's just that the time seems to get off by a few minutes every few months or so. It seems to be a bit fast, about 3 minutes now, and the last time I synced it was maybe 4 months ago. It also sucks this model doesn't seem to adjust for daylight savings. So this is why I give it a 3 out of 5. The drifting of the clock is just unacceptable, forcing me to readjust the time every 6 months or so. Microwaves have better time keep than this. But all in all it works great, got it to turn my porch lights on at sunset and off at sunrise. Bought an upgraded model for work, that's supposed to adjust its self for daylight savings, but that one loses time sync too. :

    Posted on 12/31/2011

    Review of 4257w Review by BRIAN
    Review of 4257w

    I love this thing! I don't have to worry about remembering to turn off my outside lights when I leave and I will always have light when I come home late.

    Posted on 9/13/2010

    Review of 4257w Review by BRETT
    Review of 4257w

    works as expected. a little painful to program with the small buttons. make sure you pay attention to wattage - especially if you plan to use CFL bulbs.

    Posted on 9/7/2010

    Review of 4257w Review by LESLIE C
    Review of 4257w

    I bought two of these switches, programmed them for dust to dawn, using the co-ordinations in the manunal and installed them. They are working very good. No problems with them. Used a 40 watts bulb, or the total wattage is not lest than 40 watts. The maximum watts is 500 watt. Great devise for two wire connections without the white wire return line, like other switches I have seen for CFL bulbs.

    Posted on 8/6/2010

    Review of 4257w Review by ART
    Review of 4257w

    Great little timer controller. It works as advertised. Installation was straight forward for my application. Programming the desired schedule was a little confusing and took a couple of tries but once you get the hang of it -- no big deal.

    Posted on 7/22/2010

    Review of 4257w Review by MICHAEL
    Review of 4257w

    Great timer. Easy to install. Programming is a little challenging, but once done and understood, this is a much better product than my old Intermatic.

    Posted on 7/19/2010

    Review of 4257w Review by JEFF
    Review of 4257w

    Easy to install. Once I got it set-up, I haven't had to touch it again.

    Posted on 7/11/2010

    Review of 4257w Review by DENNIS
    Review of 4257w

    This is a very intelligent little switch and it's doing what it's advertised to do. The only minor complain is one I've read before: it comes on about 1/2 hour before dusk. I've adjusted present TOD to compensate and it's working fine now.

    D. Robertson

    Posted on 6/21/2010

    Review of 4257w Review by CRUGER
    Review of 4257w

    It works very well, but I couldn't understand from the instructiion, how to make the lights come on earlier. Should I chang the timer to +1 or move it to -1.

    Posted on 5/20/2010

    Review of 4257w Review by ALFONSO
    Review of 4257w

    Great product at a very good price.

    Posted on 5/7/2010

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