Advanced Quonset HCA10 PLUS Home Control Assistant 10 Plus
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Advanced Quonset HCA10 PLUS Home Control Assistant 10 Plus

Easy Setup of Home Automation Interactions Using Graphics Instead of Text

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  • HCA 10 supports these INSTEON products:

    Two Different Versions
    Don't need support for UPB, HVAC, and a Web Interface? HCA 10 Standard.

    Try before you buy
    A 30 day trial of HCA Plus is available for download so you can evaluate HCA before you purchase. With a time limited trial, you get a copy of the software that is fully functional - no program actions are disabled.

    After you download and install you can use the evaluation for 30 days. At the end of that time you will be unable to run the program. The software used to time limit the executable is very sensitive to attempts to bypass its security. If you change the date on your computer after you install HCA you may not get the full 30 day trial period.

    On Windows Vista or Windows 7, the first time you execute HCA after you complete the install you must do it as an administrator in order to set the time lock. Right-click on "HCA" after you browse to it from the Start button and select "Run as Administrator".

    A good way to start with HCA is to look at the sample file "MyHome.HCA" installed in the Samples sub-folder of the HCA folder in your Documents area.

    A fully functional version of HCA 10 can be downloaded here.
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    Review of 126810 Review by RICK
    Review of 126810

    This has the best insteon link management system

    Posted on 1/27/2012

    Review of 126810 Review by TomT
    Review of 126810

    This is one of the best automation products that I have used. I find it to be well written and dependable. I am using the software in client/server mode running a HCA server and linking to it from two desktop and two laptop computers. Every function that I have tried has worked flawlessly as described by HCATech. I did send one question to their tech support and was answered almost immediately with the information I needed. This is a top notch program at a bargain price.

    Posted on 1/3/2012

    Review of 126810 Review by SHANNON
    Review of 126810

    Overall a good program. There are a few things that don't work as I'd like, such as a good 40% of the time it fails in the programming of the Insteon devices. Love the Android interface.

    Posted on 5/31/2011

    Review of 126810 Review by Paul
    Review of 126810

    Best Automation Software out there

    Posted on 4/13/2011

    Review of 126810 Review by DOOGLEDB
    Review of 126810

    Extremely powerful application. Lots of thought has been put into this product for controlling a multitude of devices from Insteon to Global Cache to weather sensors (even from web). Very robust with ability to to control with TUI and Web that adjusts for smartphones. It is endless on what this will do. If you can think it, it appears this will do it. Only con is the documentation is a little rough because of the endless capabilities.

    Posted on 1/3/2011

    Review of 126810 Review by fewiley
    Review of 126810

    We've used HCA for almost 10 years - it is a well-supported reliable product with an excellent and improving user interface. Most usefully it provides a dependable and easy 2-way bridge between X10, Insteon and several other protocols. We use to control many aspects of our house and our 3 sprinkler controllers - covering a half acre of complicated landscaping in a seasonally arid climate. I'd recommend installing it on a small computer a reliable old laptop would work fine that you can leave running. You'll get used to having it available when you want it......

    Posted on 11/27/2010

    Review of 126810 Review by Terry
    Review of 126810

    After using HCA 10 for some time now I can assure you that the positive comments were all made by the company self promoting their product. Please take the time to find some truthful reviews about this software. If I had taken the time I would have never bought it after what I found.

    Posted on 11/21/2010

    Review of 126810 Review by Eric
    Review of 126810

    WOW! I think that sums up HCA10. I've been using HCA since v7 and with the latest release they've outdone themselves again. I think the biggest new feature for me is the Client - Server functionality. Sure you can run HCA like you used to, but now you also can run HCA as a server which allows you to have a client on any PC and have the FULL HCA User Interface!!! We're not talking about a limited user interface, the new client app can do everything. Now I can update programs right from my desktop instead of having to remote connect to my server in my basement. I think I've almost double the number of programs that run in my house in the last month! I'm constantly fine tuning existing programs that I used to live with as I didn't feel like going through the hassle of connecting to the server.

    This has definitely made me use HCA even more... my automation scheme before was something where I never had to actually interact with HCA. Things just were done automatically, but now I find myself loading up the client and running programs and checking on devices all the time now. So glad this was added!

    Posted on 8/20/2010

    Review of 126810 Review by John
    Review of 126810

    I've been using HCA since version 1.0 and it still amazes me that it keeps getting better with each release. The capabilities of HCA have now far outstripped my own home automation needs, but it clearly has something for everyone regardless of what hardware or automation protocols you prefer. Client-server has been a long time coming, but it's here and it is solid.

    But this release of HCA is unique; It is the first release that has actually caused me to go out and buy something just because HCA supports it - a Droid. Android that is. HCA 10 provides a free, simple to use client for any Android smartphone.

    Not only have I become an Android convert as a result, I actually make use of the capability to view and manage the automation state of my home - from anywhere. Visitors are amazed when I stand in the driveway, pop out the Droid and turn the outside light on. While on vacation recently, it was nice to periodically inject a few random lighting changes to make the house look occupied.

    Hats off to folks at Advanced Quonset Technology!

    Posted on 8/13/2010

    Review of 126810 Review by C. Odgers
    Review of 126810

    I just upgraded to Version 10 of HCA Plus, and there are a lot of great new features, the most important being the client/server feature. Now, multiple Windows XP/Vista/Win 7 PCs can be clients and have access to the full HCA user interface. I have a Mac at work running Parallels and Win XP, and use it to access the HCA server running on my PC at home.

    In addition, there is now a configurable touch screen interface. Combined with the client capability, this allows multiple touch screens to be installed around the house. I also can control HCA using Safari on my iPhone and iPad via the built-in web server in HCA.

    When I first started automating my house with HCA, I used X-10 devices, but found reliability less than perfect. With HCA, I was able to seamlessly migrate from X-10 to ultra reliable UPB devices. HCA can also do protocol conversions between X-10, UPB, and Insteon, so you can mix device types if that fits your needs.

    The graphical programming interface makes it very easy for the novice to start, but the sophisticated capabilities built in, including scripting, allow an advanced user to create complex automation systems.

    Posted on 8/9/2010

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