AcousticSheep SS4GM SleepPhones Sleep Aid System, Soft Gray
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AcousticSheep SS4GM SleepPhones Sleep Aid System, Soft Gray

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Fall Into a Deep Sleep Faster Than Ever Before

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    Binaural beats are waves generated by the brain when exposed to slightly different tones in the right and left ears. For example, if the right ear hears a tone of 100Hz (a very deep low sound) and the left ear hears a tone of 110Hz (just a tad higher pitch than the 100Hz), then the brain will combine those tones as one pitch, pulsating at 10Hz. The principle of how this works is just basic the basic interference pattern of sound waves.

    Binaural beats are especially cool because as you listen to the pulsating beats, your brainwaves will slowly conform to the frequency of the binaural beats. So if you wanted your brainwaves to function faster, then just dial up the beats. If you want to go to sleep, then bring the tones closer together for slower brainwaves.

    Most people can hear beats between 1-40Hz. Any more than 40Hz difference between the sounds would likely be heard as different tones, rather than being combined in the brain. That is, if the left ear hears 100Hz, and the right ear hears 150Hz, the sounds would be perceived by the brain as being distinct, and you would not have the binaural beats.
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