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Eco-Friendly Addition to Washing Machines that Eliminates the Need for Plastic Detergent, Bleach and Softener Bottles
Wash It Detergentless Laundry System
Wash It Detergentless Laundry System
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Wash It Detergentless Laundry System
Item# 93102
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  • Infuses washing machine water with the 5 most powerful oxidizers known to man
  • Eliminates the need for hot water when doing laundry
  • Eliminates the need for laundry detergent, bleach and fabric softener
  • Saves money and the environment with every load of laundry
  • Eco-friendly product
  • Same cleaning technology used in many top hospitals and hotels
  • "Top Pick" award from SkyMall at National Hardware Show

Essential Info

Think about how much money you spend a year on buying bottles of laundry detergent, bleach and fabric softener. How nice would it be to eliminate those expenditures and replace them with one do-it-all product? Introducing the Wash It Detergentless Laundry System. Wash It is a revolutionary new cleaning product that installs between the water pipe and your washing machine so that incoming cold water passes through the Wash It. When turning on your washing machine to run a cycle, groundbreaking Wash It technology infuses the incoming cold water with the five most effective oxidizers known to man which will then be used in the washing machine ensuring that your laundry gets a deep clean. The technology used in the Wash It System is the same used in many top hospitals and hotels to deep clean dirty laundry.

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What's Included

  • 1x - Wash It

  • More Info

    Pays for Itself
    The Wash It Detergentless Laundry System will also save you money and ultimately pay for itself due to the fact you won't need to go out and purchase chemical laundry cleaners anymore; the more often you do laundry the quicker this product will pay for itself in savings. It has an estimated lifespan of ten years meaning that throughout the life of this product it could save the average family hundreds, and more likely, thousands of dollars due to no longer buying detergent or needing to use hot water for laundry cycles.

    Wash It is also an eco-friendly product that helps to keep our planet healthy. Eliminating your need of detergent, bleach and softener means that the bottles they come in won't end up as litter in landfills because you won't have anything to throw out; the average family throws out approximately 40 of these bottles each year so every little bit helps. This feature also means that there are no chemicals to be discharged into the environment after the cleaning cycle has finished and the water drains from your washing machine.

    Saves Energy and Time
    When using the Wash It you no longer have to use hot water for washing cycles saving you money each cycle because you're system does not need to heat up water to fill your washing machine. If you think about the amount of water it takes to fill your machine you can quickly realize that the energy savings of not having to heat up that much water can become substantial, especially for a large family that frequently does laundry. Wash It only consumes power when the washing machine needs water and it uses about 25W of electricity which is about the same as a standard light bulb ensuring that it doesn't leave a burden on your monthly energy bills. Additional energy savings are also seen in drying. Because the Wash It eliminates the need for sludgy cleaning chemicals clothes will dry faster as a result of there not being any soaps left behind in the fabric.

    Additional Features
  • Due to no longer needing to use hot water you will no longer need to sort clothes by dark and light, white and color for each load.
  • The removal of chemical cleaners means there won't be soap leftover in the fabric of your clothes which will leave them feeling fluffier and softer.
  • Detergents cause the fibers in the fabric of our clothes to shred so without detergents the life of your clothes will last longer.
  • Because the water is infused with the powerful cleaning oxidizers your rinse cycle will actually serve as a second washing cycle.

  • Specifications

    ManufacturerWash It, Inc
    Manufacturer Product No.washit01
    Cleaning AgentsInfuses water with the 5 most effective oxidizers known to man
    Harmful Chemicals DischargedNone
    Micro-OrganismsKills them 3,000 times faster than bleach
    Energy Consumption25 watts (about as much as a light bulb)
    Only consumes when water is passing through system
    Clothes DryingAchieved quicker due to soaps not being left behind in fabrics
    Estimated Lifespan10+ years
    Manufacturer Warranty3 years
    Heating Water Electronically (based on avg. family of 4)
    Average washing machine uses 40 gallons of water per load8 loads per week x 40 gallons per load = 320 gallons per week
    It takes 0.2 kWh to heat one gallon of water from 57 to 110 degrees320 gallons x .2 kWh = 63 kWh
    The average cost of 1 kWh is 11 cents64 kWh x 11 cents = $7.04
    There are 52 weeks per year$7.04 x 52 weeks = $366.08
    Avg. Dollars Spent on Laundry Detergent (based on avg. family of 4)
    The average family of 4 does 8 loads of laundry per week8 loads per week x 52 weeks = 416 loads per year
    You can do 32 loads of laundry per container of the leading brand of laundry detergent (50 ounce size)416 loads / 32 loads per container = 13 containers per year
    The leading brand of laundry detergent costs $14.24 per 50 ounce container13 containers x $14.24 = $185.12
    Avg. Dollars Spent on Bleach (based on avg. family of 4)
    3 of the 8 loads of laundry that a family of four does per week will use bleach8 loads per week x 52 weeks = 156 loads per year
    8 ounces of bleach is recommended per load156 loads x 8 ounces = 1248 ounces
    There are 96 ounces of bleach per container of the leading brand1248 ounces / 96 ounces per container = 13 containers per year
    The leading brand of bleach costs $2.99 per container13 containers x $2.99 per container = $38.87
    Avg. Dollars Spent on Fabric Softener (based on avg. family of 4)
    8 loads of laundry will be done by a family of four each week8 loads x 52 weeks per year = 416 loads per year
    A 32 ounce container of the leading brand of fabric softener does 40 loads416 loads / 40 = 11 containers per year
    The leading brand of fabric softener costs $5.99 per 34 ounce container11 containers x $5.99 = $65.89
    Important notes:
    Only defective exchanges for identical item within 30 days of purchase. No other returns allowed on this item. For defective returns after 30 days, please contact the manufacturer.
    Manufacturer contact information: Wash-It Inc, Tel: (855) 392-7448 Ext


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    Close-Up  Side View     


    15 Ratings
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    1 star: 47%  (7)
    Average Customer Rating
    (15 customer ratings)
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    connie stik -- oregon, WI   5/12/2014
    I was very sceptical, but agreed to use this. I have been using a PureSource that is now being called Wash-It and made in the USA for a year and a half. I have used laundry detergent a handful of times when I want to get my whites really white and use hot water, also. However, I have not used even a small bottle of detergent in the last 18 months. Also, my towels no longer have the occasional sour smell.
    Dr. H. -- tampa, FL   4/22/2014
    I recently read a Customer Reports article indicating that the Wash-It detergent-less system lacked cleaning power. This was rather dismaying, as I had just purchased one. However, in the article they said, we didn’t bust out the microscope. Since I work at a university, I contacted one of our microbiologists and asked him to do just that, so I might know if I had just wasted $400. Since I was still under 30 days, I had every intention of sending it back if the results were not impressive. I was pleased to learn that of the 3 samples tested, the Wash-It system was the best! Three fabric samples were heavily contaminated with E.coli. The first was washed in plain water. The second was washed using only the Wash-it system. The third was washed using dye-free and perfume free liquid detergent and fabric softener. The tests revealed that plain water removed the least amount of bacteria. The traditional laundering method came in second. The Wash-it sample was the cleanest! There was only a slight difference between the traditional method and the Wash-it system, but it empirically proved that the Wash-it system works!
    Adam -- San Diego   2/22/2014
    I just bought this thing and installed it. The first load through was my son's dirty clothes. Urine, dirt, and all of it was cleaned right off and the clothes came out with zero smell. So far the machine is performing as advertised and I'm very pleased. Install was super easy, about 15 minutes to get it mounted on the wall to a stud and connect hoses.
    Cam -- Utah   2/22/2014
    We purchased the Wash It at a home show. We used it maybe two or three times, and then it simply stopped working. I am wondering about the reliability issue of these machines and the expensive price. I would not recommend.
    Patty -- Missouri   2/18/2014
    Everyone needs one, especially if you are concerned about the environment. I noticed one comment on here mentioned ozone concerns. The chemicals in laundry detergents are much more harmful. I think this machine makes my clothes cleaner and softer than when I did use laundry detergent.
    Cassie J -- new freedom, PA   2/12/2014
    I am curious, have the people that rated this product a 1 actually used this product? When I look at product reviews to help me make a decision whether to purchase a product or not, I like to see actual customer reviews. If these are opinions from people who haven't used the unit, I do not find these comments helpful. I have used the product. I have checked into the ozone levels it creates. The amount of ozone it uses is a very very small scale that is not harmful. Hospitals have even used this technology. I love my unit. People are worried about this tiny amount of ozone, what about the chemicals you use everyday in the laundry detergent. These are the chemicals that have been linked to cancer, fabric softeners as well are dangerous. This unit helps our health and the environment. I love the fact I do not have to use laundry detergent. My clothes come out just as clean if not cleaner than before. I suggest you people try the unit before criticizing it, I was skeptical at first, but I am a Works!
    kingkyzr -- kalamazoo, mi   1/31/2014
    I actually bought this product and I like it. I find it funny that the hall monitors who come on here and bash a product without even trying it, also get mad when the company founder trys to defend his product. Whomever says they have a ba in chemistry should be getting a refund on their education if they believe ozone production is impossible???
    Lynne -- omaha, NE   1/30/2014
    I have had a Wash It system for 8 months now. I have found all the claims by the company about their product to be true. I no longer have to use laundry detergent, my clothes are softer and fresher. I have even noticed that the drying time for my clothes does not take as long. My husband works in a shop and his clothes get rather dirty. After about three times washing his clothes with the Wash It he came to me and asked if I did something different with washing his clothes. I asked why. He said they don't stink anymore. I called the company directly after I first got my unit because I had a question about how the unit worked. The lady was very professional and knowledgeable about the product and was very helpful. I was amazed that I actually got to speak to a live rep and did not have to go through a whole bunch of voice automated recordings. I have several family members and friends who have since purchased a unit and they are all equally as satisfied.
    James Miller -- arlington, Virginia   1/16/2014
    This method of using Ozone doesn't sound very safe - has this been tested as to whether it could cause cancer since these type of Ozone molecules have been very much proven to be precursors?
    Dave -- calgary, Alberta   1/16/2014
    I'm inclined to believe the 2 commenters about the validity of such products. Is Smarthome actually testing such things and then putting their endorsement and own guarantee on it? I'll let them step up and answer that. However, if Michael wants to get references from institutions and post them then that would be a start. Better yet run this through a certified lab and then post the results. Or how about a 6 month money back guarantee with full refund including return shipping? I heard a story about a company made book carts for libraries. Try for 6 months and we will invoice you at the end if you don't return it. Their carts were so easy to maneuver even for some of the little old ladies working in those libraries that less than the fingers on one hand were returned. I'm a bit concerned as Smarthome carries products like the scale busters and these have not been proven in a lab to work. As a consumer I need to do my due diligence before I lay out my hard earned money.
    Dale Hanson -- nashville, TN   1/16/2014
    Can bleach only get clothing clean? The product claims suggest ozone generation in air via a corona discharge an alternate technology is ultraviolet lamps, similar to florescent lamps. Of the two the owner/president brief discussion suggests corona discharge in air. Ozone, unstable form of oxygen three atoms of the oxygen is a powerful oxidizer that can replace chlorine as a bleaching and disinfecting agent. Europeans, for taste and odor, use ozone as disinfectant of chose for water and wastewater treated applications. The question remains is bleach only an acceptable method of washing clothing?
    Tucker -- Four Corners   1/10/2014
    Are you serious Smarthome? You let the person selling the product write a review? That's called an advertisement, not a review, and it should be deleted. Big surprise that he gives it 5 stars. Your credibility suffers when you allow this.
    washit inc. -- brookfield, MO   12/20/2013
    Hello, my name is Michael J. Munsterman, I am the president and founder of Wash-It Inc. I would like to use this as an opportunity to be very specific about the technology that powers the Wash-It. I am glad there is someone on this review board that has a degree in chemistry, we wanted to make sure that the technology was substantiated from the beginning, so we had the chemical engineering department at the University of Missouri MU write a white paper report on the Wash-It which can be found on The Wash-It creates concentrated amounts of Ozone, which are then, through the use of a venturi, pulled into the water line. Infusing Ozone or O3 into H2O causes a myriad of chemical reactions that intensify the concentration of said oxidizers. As you mentioned above people could, to some degree, wash their clothes without the use of detergents. However, that does not disinfect your laundry and would result in an unpleasant odor after just 1 or two washes. The Wash-It has been both independently tested and proven in the market place, to not only clean your clothes but also disinfect and sanitize both your machine and your clothes. I encourage you to visit our site and feel free to contact me directly. and other retailers started by doing their due diligence and trying the product. I would love for anyone to do the same, if you are unsatisfied with the results we offer a full money back guarantee.
    John H -- San Jose   11/18/2013
    Sounds like a scam. Like the fraudulent magnetic laundry balls or the highly questionable electronic/magnetic de-scalers that fit on your pipes. Research into the magnetic laundry balls reveals that laundry washes without soap just fine in most cases, and you can routinely wash your clothes without soap or with very little soap and have consistently good results. WashIt's copy deftly avoids actually claiming that their product does anything in particular. All the apparent claims just associate their product name with good outcomes; they never actually say there's a connection. Even the How It Works statement just makes the vague association that Water treated with this... system will have the top five most effective oxidizers... Well, tap water has all these oxidizers in it already, just in small amounts. WashIt never says it actually puts effective concentrations of these ions into the water; they just say the water coming through it happens to have these in it. Does anyone know if there's any actual science behind this? Any actual experiments comparing its use to using detergent and/or comparing it to using just plain water? I strongly suspect this is fraudulent, but I will apologize and change my rating level or just withdraw the review if someone can show me real science. - John
    Timothy Gibbs -- edina, MN   11/18/2013
    I have a BA in Chemistry, and I'm telling you this product cannot work. Similar claims have been made by Tennent Cleaning here in Minnesota, and they eventually were forced to abandon them as false. While there may be some changes in the water while under an electric field, as soon as the water exits the device , it all goes back to being water at the speed of light.

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