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Track and Reduce Energy Consumption to Lower your Electricity Bill and Conserve Power
Blue Line PowerCost Monitor and Energy Meter
Blue Line PowerCost Monitor and Energy Meter II
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Monitor Side and Top Mount with the Display Unit Rear View of the Display Sensor
Blue Line PowerCost Monitor and Energy Meter II
Item# 90411
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  • Includes a wireless energy meter sensor unit and a wireless LCD display unit
  • Informs you in real time of the amount of electricity your household is consuming
  • Works with electromechanical meters and electronic meters with an optical port
  • Programmable with various electricity rates for accuracy
  • Displays current and total electricity usage in dollars and cents and kilowatt hours

Essential Info

The Blue Line PowerCost Monitor and Energy Meter II provides real-time information of how much electricity your house consumes. A wireless sensor clamps to your energy meter and transmits information to a portable, wireless receiver that displays your energy usage on a large LCD screen. Various electrical rates can be programmed for accuracy, including single (flat) rates, tiered rates, and time-based rates. The sensor measures the speed of the wheel and the display unit converts that information into current, cumulative dollars and cents, and kilowatt hours. By monitoring your energy costs you can decide when to cut back on your energy use and save money; validated third party research puts actual savings at 6% to 18%. The PowerCost Monitor uses smart technology that calculates your home's electricity use and displays that information in a universal language: dollars and cents.

Update: as of August 29, 2011 the PowerCost Monitor now works with Plotwatt, People Power iPhone and Android app, and Microsoft Hohm to help users better manage their energy usage and save money.

Updated/Added Features from the BLI25100 to the BLI28000:

  • Appliance Tab: Designed to allow the user to easily interpret the cost of a specific energy user/appliance in the home or the impact of an action

  • Predictive Feature: A quick press on the "total/est" toggle will provide the user, based on actual energy consumption from the last reset, with an estimate of the 30 Day energy consumption totals in $'s or kW's

  • Sleep function: Addresses the risk of premature battery rundown. Should the monitor and the sensor lose connectivity, the monitor will go into sleep mode (pressing any button on the monitor will bring the monitor back to ready mode)

  • Expanded kH Factor Capability: The unit can now accommodate kH factors of 0.1 to 99 and thus insure compatibility with high load service homes in North America today. This unit will work with 14.4 type meters

  • Packaging: Package size and material has been reduced by 33%, a small step forward to reduce the overall footprint and contribute to a more sustainable planet.

  • To prevent the accumulation of standing water, the seal has been changed to a softer rubber compound to ensure a more positive fit and seal between the harness and the sensor unit main body. A modification has been of the body of plastic, and silicone grease has been around the battery lid seal in final phase of manufacturing.

  • People Power 1.0 App Overview


    What's Included

  • 1x - Display Unit
  • 1x - Sensor Unit with Clamping Strap
  • 1x - Rubber Shim
  • 1x - Clear Alignment Template
  • 4x - AA Batteries
  • 1x - Installation Guide and User Guide
  • More Info

    The PowerCost Monitor Includes Two Main Components
    • An easy to install Sensor Unit simply attaches to the outside of your electric utility meter. The sensor reads the amount of electricity the household is consuming in real-time and transmits the information wirelessly to the Power Monitor, located inside the home.

    • A wireless, durable Display Unit that resembles a small digital clock which is portable and can be carried almost anywhere in your home. With a range of up to 100 feet from the sensor unit, you can place it in the kitchen, on your nightstand or conveniently placed on the wall in your hallway. Anytime of the day, you can look at your Power Monitor to see how much electricity your home is using in real time and how much money you are spending on electricity as you consume it. Additionally, you will be able to monitor the highest amount you spent on your energy usage in a 24 hour period, the time and temperature at the meter location, signal strength, and the battery strength of both the display and sensor units.

    People Power 1.0
    People Power 1.0 is the intelligent iPhone and Android Smartphone application that’s free and helps manage your personal energy use to save money. Compatible with Blue Line’s PowerCost Monitor™ WiFi Gateway and connected to People Power’s analysis software, People Power 1.0 delivers useful energy information to your Smartphone at home or anywhere, anytime. Save money with actionable recommendations and key insights to energy use. Engage friends & family and go green with People Power 1.0 online games and social media.

    • Up to the minute monitoring of energy use in the home

    • With current tariff rate look-up, see energy use in dollars or kWh

    • Energy use by day, month, and year

    • Intuitive and graphically-pleasing dashboards

    • Set goals and get actionable recommendations for success

    • Track progress toward goals in real time with simple red-, yellow-, green-light indicators or more detailed information

    • Get recommendations for energy-saving devices, appliances

    • Compare current usage against typical households in your state & country, or in other states & countries

    • See how your savings add up over time compared to others

    • Engage and compete with friends and family

    • Play games & win eco-points

    • Post scores on Facebook to encourage others to join you in saving energy with People Power 1.0

    Privacy and Security: People Power keeps all individual household energy data private and we are committed to the highest level of server and internet security protocols.

    Set-up: Simple set-up for porting data from your Blue Line device to the People Power app.

    People Power 1.0 App Download Link

    Meter Compatibility
    To setup the Blue Line PowerCost Monitor, simply determine your meter type and power factor:
    • Type 1 Meter: Electromechanical

    • Type 2 Meter: Electronic with optical port on the face, 1.5 inches or more from the outer rim

    • Type 3 Meter: Electronic with optical port on the face, less than 1.5 inches from the outer rim

    • Type 4 Meter: Electronic with optical port on the top

    Working with Various Electricity Rates
    Blue Line PowerCost Monitor works with different billing rates to provide you with the most accurate charges for your energy consumption.
    • Billing Mode 1: Single (Flat) Rate and Tiered Rates - Your bill shows a single value in cents per kilowatt-hour (¢/kWh) or more than one value in ¢/kWh for increasingly higher consumption thresholds.

    • Billing Mode 2: Time-based (ON PEAK / OFF PEAK) - Your bill shows TWO time-based rates in cents per kilowatt-hour (¢/kWh). Your base rate is a low OFF PEAK rate, and the higher ON PEAK rate only applies between certain hours on given days of the week.

    • Billing Mode 3: Time-based (ON PEAK / MID PEAK / OFF PEAK) - Your bill shows THREE time-based rates that are applied at different periods of the day on given days. Your base rate is a low OFF PEAK rate, the MID PEAK rate is higher and the ON PEAK rate is the highest.

    Important Note for Southern California Edison (SCE) Customers:
    SCE is no longer automatically requiring the removal of devices attached to SCE's meters. SCE will require a device to be removed if it interferes with SCE operations or maintenance, or presents a safety hazard.

    For the most up to date meter compatibility list for the PowerCoast Monitor, please see the manufacturer's site.

    In an effort to bring awareness to energy consumption, industry giants such as Google, Whirlpool, GE, Verizon, Intel, Honeywell, AT&T and others wrote a letter to the President in early April 2010 regarding providing all consumers with open access to energy usage information. The message was simple:

    "Studies and experience show that when people have access to direct feedback on their electricity use, they can achieve significant savings through simple behavioral changes. Investments in home energy efficiency, along with automating appliances and other devices, can lead to even greater savings. These savings could be substantial when added up: if all U.S. households saved 15% on their energy use by 2020, for example, the greenhouse gas savings would be equivalent to taking 35 million cars off the road and would save consumers $46 billion on their energy bills, or $360 per customer each year."As a proven solution, the PowerCost Monitor is in a prime position to meet these needs and opportunities, today."


    Manufacturer Blue Line Innovations
    Manufacturer Product No. BLI 28000
    UPC 094922157157
    Manufacturer Warranty1-year limited warranty
    Power Specifications
    Display Unit2 AA Alkaline Batteries (LR6 or equivalent)
    Sensor Unit2AA Alkaline Batteries (LR6 or equivalent)

    2 AA Lithium Batteries for temperatures consistently below -20°C
    Wireless Communications Specifications
    Frequency433.92 MHz
    Update RateApproximately every 30 seconds
    RangeUp to 100 feet (30 meters) line-of-sight (Subtract 5 meters or 15 feet from each wall between Display and Sensor Units
    Operating Temperature Range Specifications
    Display Unit50°F to 104°F (10°C to 40°C). For indoor use only.
    Sensor Unit-40°F to 140°F (-40°C to 60°C)
    Altitude Specifications
    Display Unit2,000 meters maximum
    Relative Humidity Specifications
    Display Unit80% for temperatures up to 87.8°F (31°C) decreasing linearly to 50% at 104°F (40°C)
    Pollution Specifications
    Display UnitsPollution Degree 2

    Important notes:
    Defective exchanges for identical item within 30 days of purchase. After 30 days, please contact the manufacturer.
    Manufacturer contact information: Blue Line Innovations Inc, Tel: (709) 579-3502 Ext 205


    Monitor Side and Top Mount with the Display Unit  Rear View of the Display Sensor     
    Monitor Side and Top Mount with the Display Unit  Rear View of the Display Sensor     


    48 Ratings
    5 star: 40%  (19)
    4 star: 27%  (13)
    3 star: 15%  (7)
    2 star: 8%  (4)
    1 star: 10%  (5)
    Average Customer Rating
    (48 customer ratings)
    Share your thoughts with other customers
    JOHN -- canyon lake, CA   10/10/2013
    Giving 5 stars for the support I received from the manufacturer. The phone support was very helpful and followed up with the right answers. I did end up returning this as I found a much simpler solution for my needs. But if you have a non-smart meter I highly recommend this product to track your energy demand.
    JAMES -- reno, NV   5/8/2013
    Worked good with no problems.
    Ron -- North Las Vegas Nevada   8/1/2012
    Note for you guys trying to monitor your electric cost... If you have a digal meter already set up on your main panel? The one that gives the reading to the meter guy. Check to see if your electric company offers website access? Here in las vegas we can go on the website our own meter page on our online billing and see every 15 min and the running cost. Many power companies in most major cities offer this free!
    WARD -- belmont, MA   12/11/2010
    I bought 2 of them. One worked fine, the other stopped working after about 2 days. I haven't had time to try to reinstall it, bit it was disappointing.
    CLIFFORD -- marina del rey, CA   10/3/2010
    I had to return this item because it did not work with my electric meter. There was a recent update to your site describing which meters it worked with. The old text indicated that it would work with my meter. I had confirmed compatibility based on the old text, several months before placing my order, and had not noticed that the text describing compatibility had changed in the meantime.
    BRENDA -- highlands ranch, CO   7/29/2010
    This is a useful item to have in the house. We like to keep an eye on the hourly rate and try to get it down as low as we can, like a game, which will in theory start helping us save money! It's made us keenly aware of the appliances around the house that take up tons of electricity and just how much they take up. While it's nice, the interface can be a little confusing and could probably use a little improvement in places. It works quite fine as it is now though, just possible room for improvement. The other thing we found was that this conflicted frequencies with our weather center remote sensor - it would have been nice if either one of them had the option of switching to different frequencies to avoid the conflict!
    CHAS -- nescopeck, PA   6/24/2010
    Purchased this unit, do not recommend it, I had a hard time getting it adjusted, even after several calls to the MFG! Many days it is not working but is getting the signal from the transmitter, also should have an automatic reset for the time of the month when the meter is read to start over, this was a large waste of money as I cannot even verify it's accuaracy as it is always at random time saying I am not using any electricity. Save your money do not buy this unit!!!!
    CHRIS -- crystal lake, IL   3/7/2010
    Pretty simple installation considering how it works. Not sure how accurate the readings are, as there were a few times the reading didn't make any sense. Has never lost communictations though.
    AWEstun -- austin, Texas, USA   2/22/2010
    While the product does work, the problem that we ran into was that our meter has an out-ward facing lip, kind of like an up-side-down lid and the meter face glass is slightly lower. So, with the remote sensor mounted on the meter, the meter lip prevented the sensor arm from making direct contact with the meter glass. It would only work if the sensor arm was held directly against the meter glass. I have sense contacted Blue Line and returned the product. Also, something to note is that the product only gives a reading update on the monitor every 30 seconds. I'm deducting 1 star.
    SALLIE K -- edisto island, SC   2/7/2010
    Unit did not work with my electric meter. My meter is digital with a rather shallow depth. Unit could not get close enough to sensor to read it.
    AGATHA C -- ashburn, VA   1/11/2010
    Very easy to set up and install. It's also very easy to read and understand. The only problem we had was downloading the rates from the power company.
    ALAN -- grand rapids, MI   1/9/2010
    The product does not work with the type of meter I have. Either I totally missed it or you need to make it more evident that it only works with certain meter types. I returned the product.
    KAREN -- zeeland, MI   1/7/2010
    Unit is simple to set-up and provides decent demand and consumption information. It tries to cover most electrical rates for pricing information but does not have anything for summer/winter rates (in addition to the tiered rates). I'd also like it if it would show demand to a couple of decimal places instead of just one. If it had provision ofr summer/winter rates and more demand info, I'd give it a higher rating.
    RICHARD -- lynchburg, VA   1/5/2010
    An Excellent Experience !!
    DAVID -- miami, FL   1/4/2010
    Excellaant Item, prompt shipping , good communications, no problems.
    KENNETH -- marshalltown, IA   12/25/2009
    The unit is very easy to install and does everything that it says it will. The only problem I have found with it is that it will not keep up with high KW used buy a tankless water heater. It seems that the meter spins to fast for the sensor to keep up. Other than that it works fine. Would recommend this product.
    DONALD -- winter haven, FL   12/21/2009
    ROBERT -- wakefield, RI   12/20/2009
    Fast shipping. Thank you
    JOHN -- el paso, TX   11/29/2009
    Excellent service! I had a problem on my end tracking a package. It had arrived and was placed in one of those new larger mail boxes for big packages. Your CS folks helped me trsack it down. I had it along! Thanks JM El Paso, TX
    SHERRY -- plano, TX   11/22/2009
    I'm finally able to isolate the cost of each of my appliances, pool pump and air conditioner.


    AA Batteries       
    AA Batteries       

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