8 Channel RS-485 Active Hub
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8 Channel RS-485 Active Hub

Distrubute RS-485 Signals and Power Up to 4000 Feet Away
  • Dual inputs, designed for RS232 or RS485 half duplex Input
  • Eight individual RS-485 half duplex output
  • 4000 foot line length per channel
  • Can be daisy-chained for up to 64 channels

Item #: 30048


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  • If you have devices requiring signal or power that are located up to 4,000 feet away from your CommStar Network Controller (sold separately), there is an answer. Using a new unified host Interface, the 8 Channel RS-485 Hub allows for both an RS-230 and an RS-485 input connection and then distributes signal or power over long runs out to eight separate devices. The advantage of having this product is that the RS-485 signal travels farther, meaning you won't have to spend more money on repeaters couplers or amplifiers. Additionally, the RS-485 line can be daisy chained, instead of being home run wires, so you can cut down on wiring costs.

    Important Note: Only 1 RS-232 or RS-485 interface input port can be used at a time; selectable by adjusting the jumper.

    Other Features
    • Two-wire half-duplex operation
    • Two-wire power screw terminal strips
    • Two-wire data screw terminal strips
    • Two-way RS-232/485 converter
    • 16-device configuration

      Active Hub Channels
      Each channel on the hub is driven by a separate RS485 driver. Each channel can support 128 devices and a maximum line length of 4000 ft. Active transmission control is provided by the hub for outbound messages from the Master input. All channels transmit simultaneously.

      Star Wiring Topology
      The hubs are designed to allow trouble free point to point star wiring topologies, without regard for line length or termination. However, each hub channel can support single device or multi-drop configurations with proper network considerations.

      Network Power
      Network devices may be powered from the hub's 12VDC @ 200mA max. Each channel is protected by a re-settable 200mA fuse. Do not exceed maximum power draw for all devices of 1000mA. Power input to the hub is protected by a re-settable fuse.

      Channel Termination
      Termination resistors (120 Ohm) are generally recommended on line lengths over 100 ft. Each channel has a termination resistor on board. For SINGLE device connection to a channel, a terminating resistor should be on the device end also. For MULTI-DROP connection to a channel, a terminating resistor should be installed on the last device on the line.

      HomeSeer Connection
      Converts RS485 signals to RS232 for use in connecting TR16, TR40, and ZCVX controllers to a HomeSeer system. Only one controller is needed. All thermostats and zone controllers are wired to this hub. The hub then connects to a single RS232 serial port on the HomeSeer computer.

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer: Residential Control Systems
    Manufacturer Product No.: 8AH485D
    Inputs: One RS-485 or one RS-232
    Outputs: Eight RS-485
    Power Supply: 12VDC, 1A
    Dimensions: 6" x 4" x 1.5"
    Output Voltage Restrictions: 200ma; 1000ma total for all channels
    Chanell Line Length: Up to 4000 feet on each channel

  • 7 Reviews

    Review of 30048 Review by SCOTT
    Review of 30048

    We have been using these for alarm systems for years. They are rock solid and simplify our installs. They are 100% invaluable.

    Posted on 7/11/2014

    Review of 30048 Review by Scott
    Review of 30048

    We use this for some large scale alarm systems and it is a fantastic piece of hardware. It is rock solid reliable and saves us a ton of headaches from what we were previously using.

    Posted on 6/10/2014

    Review of 30048 Review by GERARD
    Review of 30048

    Smarthome delivered very quickly. The RS-485 Hub worked as advertised with my RCS TRS-60. Highly recommended.

    Posted on 8/30/2012

    Review of 30048 Review by JASON
    Review of 30048

    Works as expected

    Posted on 7/9/2012

    Review of 30048 Review by MARK
    Review of 30048

    This device allows us to eliminate 7 other devices when used in it's full capacity. A real money saver.

    Posted on 2/20/2012

    Review of 30048 Review by ROBERT
    Review of 30048

    I used this product for multiple security cameras. It worked perfectly. Smarthome was very attentive to my order, and questions.

    Posted on 6/20/2009

    Review of 30048 Review by LOUIS
    Review of 30048

    RCS Products are great.
    Everything works perfert.

    Posted on 1/21/2009

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    • 1x - 12VDC, 1A. Transformer
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