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Camera Type
Surveillance Camera Type
IP Camera / Network Camera
Camera Connector Type
RJ45 / Ethernet
Infrared (IR)
IP / Network / Ethernet
Infrared/Night illumination
Motion Activated
Outdoor Rated
Water Resistant
Web Access
Web Support
# of LED's
60 LED's
Maximum Resolution
480 Lines
640 x 480
Minimum Illumination (Lux) Rating
0-1 Lux
Ease of Installation
Intermediate (Installs < 60 minutes)
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The Outdoor Security IP Camera that Never Goes to Sleep and is Accessible Worldwide
INSTEON Wireless All Weather IP Security Camera with Night Vision - Silver
INSTEON Wireless Outdoor IP Security Camera with Night Vision - Silver
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HouseLinc Integration
INSTEON Wireless Outdoor IP Security Camera with Night Vision - Silver
Item# 75791
Price: $119.99
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  • Monitor your home or office from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection
  • Compatible with Smartphone/Internet connected devices (iPhone/iPad, Android and Blackberry)
  • Weatherproof outdoor housing
  • Excellent night vision capabilities - 60 Infrared (IR) LEDs provide vision up to 30 meters (98 feet)
  • Incorporates the IR-Cut filter for truer color video and images
  • Motion activated - receive emails with still shots if motion is detected
  • Supported by INSTEON Hub, HouseLinc - INSTEON® Desktop Software and SmartLinc - INSTEON Central Controller

Essential Info

Have you ever wished you could stay connected and vigilant of the security of your home or business? Whether you need another layer of security or just an extra eye, the INSTEON Wireless Outdoor Security IP Camera is your answer. This IP security camera was designed with functionality, simplicity, and affordability in mind.

Functionality - People often put off installing security cameras because it is a hassle to run wires. Sometimes this is due to the location and other times it's because of the work involved. Well, wait no more. This fully featured outdoor IP camera has the flexibility to be placed in almost any location, thanks to its ability to function wirelessly and withstand the elements. With its sleek metallic modern finish, the outdoor wireless IP camera blends with both indoor and outdoor fixtures. With the newly integrated IR-Cut filter, image quality has never been clearer and truer to life. The camera works around the clock to keep you safe and alerts you via an email alert when motion is detected. The 60 built-in IR LEDs offer amazing clarity in total darkness, up to a distance of 98 feet. Most remarkable of all, these videos and images from your camera can be accessed anywhere in the world via the Internet!

Simplicity - The Smarthome Outdoor Wireless IP camera was made for the do-it-yourselfers. The camera mount is simple & effective and the interface is intuitive & user-friendly. You can be up and running in a matter of minutes. The camera also has a full metal unibody design which attributes to its ruggedness and weather-proofing.

Affordability - Priced at under $120, this camera offers versatility of a $500 "big brand" IP camera without compromising quality.

The Smarthome Outdoor IP Security Camera provides a crisp, vivid, and clear pictures around the clock and in all weather conditions. Let this reliable camera keep your home, business, or loved ones safe in an increasingly unpredictable world.

Made for ease of scalability, purchase multiple cameras for increased coverage and security.

The INSTEON Wireless Outdoor IP Security Camera is a great solution for:

  • People who travel - check in on your loved ones, home and possessions from anywhere in the world
  • People who are security conscience - never wonder who is at the front door or if your car is safe in your driveway
  • Business owners and managers - how much "slippage" does your company encounter? With this camera you can watch what leaves your warehouse with your employees each day
  • People with children - use the camera as a child cam to check on them while playing in the backyard, and get an email alert when they are home from school
  • People with multiple homes or vacation property - keep your peace of mind by knowing your investment is safe
  • Farmers and ranch owners - want to see what is happening in your barn, shed or stalls, but don't want to leave your home... now you don't have to
  • Pool/Hot Tub owners - have the neighborhood kids decided to use your pool for their Summer fun? Get an email alert when they hop your fence and stop a potential lawsuit before it happens

Hands On Research
I have tested this product in my back yard for that last 4 weeks and cannot be happier with it. I also have the INSTEON Wireless IP Camera in my home, so set up took no more than 5 minutes. The image quality is spectacular with vibrant color. Though there are no pan/tint functions on this camera, it is perfect for the application for which I was using it - monitoring my back yard. My back yard extends 50 feet so I cannot comment on the 98 ft range; however I can say that in daylight, at 50 feet, I could see the individual leaves on my Palm tree which was really impressive. I did do extensive testing at night. Within 10 feet of the camera in absolute darkness I was able to recognize a person's face. Within 20 feet, you could recognize a person if you already knew them and could definitely recognize approximate height, weight and gender. At 40 feet face recognition was difficult, however approximates for height, weight and gender could definitely be done. One last note - in the last 4 weeks Southern California has had torrential rain. This camera was exposed to the elements during that time without issue.
Mike S. - Marketing

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  7579075790WH 75791
INSTEON Wireless IP Camera
INSTEON Wireless Outdoor IP Camera
WiFi check check
Motion Activated Email Alerts check check
Display Resolution 640x480 pixels 640x480 pixels
Night Vision Capabilities Up to 26 ft Up to 98 ft
Android/iOS Compatible check check
Lens 3.6mm 8.0mm
Viewing Angle 67° 25°
Built-in Microphone
Built-in Speaker
Ext. Microphone Jack
Ext. Speaker Jack
Pan/Tilt Functionality
300° pan, 120° tilt
Enhanced Image w/IR-cut Filter
Weather Resistant Outdoor Housing   check
  $99.99 $119.99
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What's Included

  • 1x - Wireless IP Camera
  • 1x - Wi-Fi Antenna
  • 1x - Quick Start Guide
  • 1x - Mounting Bracket
  • 1x - Network Cable
  • 1x - DC Power Supply 5V
  • More Info

    What Goes Bump in the Night? Whether you're worried about what animals have decided to occupy your yard in the evening or are concerned more about the two-legged variety trying to enter your home, the INSTEON Wireless All Weather IP Camera has you covered. The camera features 60 infrared LEDs that can provide 30 meters (98 feet) of visibility in absolute darkness. It transmits high quality video images at 30 frames per second on your local or wireless network by using MJPEG hardware compression technology. You can also receive digital images via email when motion has been detected at a resolution of 640 x 480 (300k Pixels).

    User Interface
    The camera features an easy to use graphical interface that is accessible from any standard browser anywhere in the world over the Internet. It has password protection as well as the ability for multiple users to view and control up to 9 cameras at one time. The camera is based on the TCP/IP standard and the control, management and maintenance of the camera is done simply by using your web browser to adjust the configurations.

    INSTEON Hub Compatibility
    INSTEON Hub enables you to access the INSTEON Wireless Security IP Camera so you can watch your home while you control it, all from a web-enabled device. Turn on your interior lights or your yard lights; and from the same screen watch it happen.

    HouseLinc Compatibility
    The item has been manufactured to be easy to set up right out of the box. HouseLinc's IP camera support also makes including the INSTEON Wireless Security IP Camera in your events a breeze. With HouseLinc's IP camera support, you can include IP camera images as part of a triggered or conditional event.

  • At work or planning on being away from home? Set up an event that includes an INSTEON Motion Sensor by your front door to turn on a lamp or a radio so your home looks lived in and send an email with a photo so you know who is at the door
  • Do all of your employees show up for work on time? Know which employees are at the office on time by setting up a timed event to email you a photo of a particular area of your business at 9 am every day
  • Who opened the door or window? Use a TriggerLinc - INSTEON Wireless Door Window Sensor to trigger an email with a photo every time a door, window or gate is opened
  • Who is coming and going in your garage? Use the I/O Linc - INSTEON Garage Door Control & Status Kit to not only be alerted that your garage door has been opened or closed, but to also trigger an email with a photo of who is in your garage.

    Note: Smarthome recommends that you research your local and state laws related to audio and video surveillance before implementing this product. Also, if your network uses a router provided by your cable or satellite provider (such as AT&T U-Verse's 2Wire Router), please contact your provider for instructions on port forwarding to insure a smooth installation of this product.

    Learn more about IP Cameras.

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer Product No.75791
    Image SensorColor CMOS Sensor
    Display Resolution640x480 Pixels (300k Pixels)
    Lensf: 8mm
    Minimum Illumination0.5Lux
    Lens TypeGlass Lens
    Visual Angle25 Degrees(8mm lens)
    Image CompressionMJPEG
    Image Frame Rate15fps(VGA), 30fps (QVGA)
    Flip Mirror ImagesVertical / Horizontal
    Light Frequency50Hz, 60Hz or Outdoor
    Video ParametersBrightness, Contrast
    Ethernet1x - 10/100 MBPS RJ-45
    Wireless StandardsIEEE 802.11 b/g
    Data Rate802.11 b/g: 11 MBPS (max), 802.11g: 54MBPS (max)
    Wireless SecurityWEP & WPA WPA2 Encryption
    Infrared Light60 IR LEDs; Night visibility up to 30 meters (98 feet)
    Storage Temperature-10° ~ 60° (14° F ~ 140° F)
    Storage Humidity0% - 90% non-condensing
  • CPU: 2.0GHz or above (suggested 3.0 GHz for optimal use)
  • Memory Size: 256 MB or above (suggested 1.0 GB for optimal use)
  • Display Card: 64M or Above
  • Supported OS: Microsoft Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / Mac
  • Browser: IE 6.0, IE 7.0, Firefox, Safari (no sound), and other standard browser
  • Outdoor RatedApproved for all weather usage
    CertificationCE, FCC
    WarrantyLimited, 90 day warranty

    Tested Apps
    Apple logoiOS DevicesAndroid logoAndroid Devices


    Back Connections  Web Interface 1  Web Interface 2  HouseLinc Integration 
    Back Connections  Web Interface 1  Web Interface 2  HouseLinc Integration 


    74 Ratings
    5 star: 22%  (16)
    4 star: 15%  (11)
    3 star: 16%  (12)
    2 star: 22%  (16)
    1 star: 26%  (19)
    Average Customer Rating
    (74 customer ratings)
    Share your thoughts with other customers
    KILOWATT -- cave creek, AZ   7/1/2014
    Thought I'd wait a while to see how this replacement works. It's doing the same greenish images of nothing and the white "ghosts" the earlier ones did. I guess that's the way they are. At least, this one emails the pictures of anyone at my front door. Maybe someday in the next decade or so, Insteon will fix these issues. Maybe not. I feel bad I recommended these cameras to others. Please try to do better! Kilowatt
    JOHN -- dallas, TX   4/13/2014
    Not so impressed with this camera.
    JOHN -- dallas, TX   4/13/2014
    I had a great deal of problem getting this camera to work continuously for several months. It now works (nine months later). I had much better luck with the PTZ camera.
    DAVID -- san leon, TX   4/8/2014
    Seems to work with hub but perhaps my hub is the issue as it is not always on. I did get it to work all they way through my network to public as I did have to reconfigure a portal. Picture is good for the price
    JAMES -- mount joy, PA   3/9/2014
    if you like to do support via email communication, I would avoid purchasing from Insteon. I've been trying to resolve an issue with a camera purchased on 2/7/2014. As of 3/10 i still have not received a requested WMA to replace a transformer/power supply that stopped functioning. if you have time to sit around wait for their backlog of telephone calls to be answered you might have better luck.
    JOEL -- apopka, FL   3/9/2014
    We didn't even set this up because of the problems setting up the indoor IP camera by Insteon. The other reason why we returned this product was the electrical connection needed. We would have had to purchase an electrical distribution panel to connect the power cables unless we were willing to install outlets at every camera inside and outside of the house. We have decided to go with a dedicated NVR camera system which runs PPOE instead of this all in one Insteon home automation. There is potential for Insteon but they need to redesign the user interface and truly make the system "away from home" functional.
    Matteo -- Milwaukee   2/14/2014
    I really like the other Insteon PTZ IP cameras and their integration with HUB, but this one is beyond useless. Field of view is only 25deg., so at 50' you only see an 7'x10' area. With that field of view, it is only useful to cover a normal entry door, and only if you can mount it 40-60' away from building / door. Don't let the demo image on the device info page on this site fool you, in order to get that view, the camera would had to have been across the street at a neighbors house 200ft away. Add to the fact that you need to mount it at least 50ft away from the building to cover an area the size of a door and the limited WiFi range this thing has, puts it at non-usable for any application you might want to do. Also it's the size of a wine bottle and shiny, so trying to mount it to your house without making the place look like a prison is not an option. Insteon - please fix this thing and put a lens on it that has a normal field of view for an outdoor camera like 70 degrees, also please try to shrink it down a bit too. Better yet, scrap this model and just build an outdoor dome version of the model 75790 cameras you already have.
    Craig -- Illinois   1/8/2014
    camera is junk. company wont help. I didn't believe the reviews that it is junk, but it is. Camera won't stay on. Company says only way to get new one is to buy a new one and then ship old one back. Problem for me is it's 5 hours away. They give 30 day return on junk one, but I'm not going back to house for 45 days. They won't give you any other options and won't let you talk to customer service managers
    MICHAEL -- cincinnati, OH   1/7/2014
    Much better mounting hardware than prior version
    Tom -- payson, Arizon   1/2/2014
    I am not sure if this camera. We purchased it for our home in the mountains where the temps are much cooler than Phoenix. Mounted it on a deck, hooked it to wifi and can access it from in the Valley. HOWEVER, right around 8:30am it crashes -- screen goes black. Looking at the manual, that means we have everything hooked correctly but the wifi may not be strong enough. I am not buying it. It will come back on about 4ish or so and be on all night so it doesn't make sense that the sun would make this camera crash -- BTW, the camera is under a deck and current temps are in the 30s so having it 'heat' up past 120 degrees is unlikely. Going to call tech support and if they don't have an answer, it will be sent back.
    Peter Hawtrey -- natick, MA   12/16/2013
    Judging from the operating specifications and my experience, this is not an outdoor camera in any part of the country north of Dallas. It is also unreliable, in any temperature. My camera keeps disconnecting no matter how I hook it up to my intranet. I tried wireless , powerwire modems and, finally, wired LAN, but the camera disconnects and reconnects 20 times a day and finally, after a few days, gives up. If I power it down and then up again, it starts all over. So, I do not recommend this camera unless you are just out to have fun and learn about IP cameras. You are better off investing in a much more expensive camera from a company like AXIS if your application is serious. I am surprised that Smarthome does not offer a better line of cameras. This one looks like its from Foscam.
    Bmo -- California   11/4/2013
    This one gets two stars from me for 1 reason. The setup was easy, and it stays connected as long as you have a insteon access point nearby to boost the hubs signal. The camera however has such a terrible field of view that I can only see about 6'x6' worth of area from 25 feet away. I have no idea why they chose this type of lens, but unless you are sitting on half an acre of property you aren't going to see much. I am going to return and see if I can fit one of the insteon pan/tilt indoor ip cams into one of those foscam outdoor dome enclosures.
    JAMES -- reno, NV   10/3/2013
    this thing is driving me nuts.. I broke the antenna and then ordered the high gain one offered--it didnt fit. I adapted it and it works sometimes. this may be the only insteon product that I am not impressed witn
    RADU -- mississauga, ON   9/1/2013
    Shipping was very fast. Installation was simple but the support mechanism is too weak for such a big, heavy camera. Software is good. Please add feature to record 3 min video on ftp on alarm. Lens is too narrow for a still camera. Maybe add lens accessories to it. Overall I'm pleased with the purchase. Thank you!
    Thom -- New Mexico   8/28/2013
    I returned one of these because it kept crashing. When the replacement did the same thing, I consulted with SH Tech always helpful. They suggested I bring the camera inside and see what happens. Sure enough, it performed perfectly. It seems the camera can tolerate a temp 120 degrees inside the housing. The camera generates it's own heat. Combine that with the heat of direct sunlight and -- crash. So you must carefully select where the camera is placed. It's narrow field of view is one consideration. The other is finding a spot in the shade -- all day. It starts to become very limiting. Other than that... ok.
    doctorbeermeister -- santa ana, CA   8/22/2013
    Fairly easy to set up - however the instructions provided were not much help - I used the video tutorials from Foscam. The unit appears well made and IP Camera Viewer 3 from the App Store looks great. The bracket is cheaply made, so I will probably replace that.
    KENNETH M. -- acton, ME   8/18/2013
    Worse than junk. 99% unreliable. Returning item.
    DAVID -- state college, PA   8/17/2013
    The camera has a 12 inch cable hanging from the unit into which you plug the ethernet cable to link it to your computer. Very odd. What to do with the cable? Why not a jack in the back of the unit?
    DANIEL P -- lexington, MA   8/6/2013
    TOO BULKY, but a really nice bang for the buck. Very obvious mounted on a home and should have other than silver. Don't want much for 119.00 do we? lol sorry, YOU ASKED!!!
    RODNEY -- mount vernon, NY   8/3/2013
    no problems

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