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Control Type
Internet Controllable
Camera Type
Surveillance Camera Type
IP Camera / Network Camera
Camera Connector Type
RJ45 / Ethernet
Sensor Type
Motion Detection - Visual
IP / Network / Ethernet
Ethernet Compatible
Infrared/Night illumination
Motion Activated
Motion Activated Recording
Outdoor Rated
Water Resistant
# of LED's
30 LED's
Silver Finish
32 GB (Gigabytes)
Maximum Resolution
720 Lines
Minimum Illumination (Lux) Rating
0-1 Lux
Minimum Operating Temperature
< 14 Degrees F
Ease of Installation
Intermediate (Installs < 60 minutes)
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Remotely Monitor and Record Activity Outside Your Home or Office in High Definition 720p Resolution
Smarthome SELECT Vstarcam Wireless Outdoor HD IP Security Camera with Night Vision
Smarthome SELECT Vstarcam Wireless Outdoor HD IP Security Camera with Night Vision
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Pictured with the Included Mounting Bracket Included Power Supply Power, Ethernet and Manual Reset Button
Smarthome SELECT Vstarcam Wireless Outdoor HD IP Security Camera with Night Vision
Item# 75771
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  • For Remote Access and Wireless Network requirements, see notes in red below
  • Captures 720p, High-Definition (HD) video and images
  • Weatherproof outdoor housing
  • Brilliant night vision capabilities - 30 IR LEDs captures images in the dark up to 15 meters away
  • Uses advanced Dual Filter IR-Cut technology for better color video and image capture
  • Motion detection - receive an email with still shots if motion is sensed
  • Remote access from iOS/Android Devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.), from a local computer, or from any computer via the cloud
  • Simple Plug-n-Play installation - no complicated programming or port forwarding required*
  • Supports (up to) 32GB Micro SD Card for recording (read note below regarding this feature)

Essential Info

The Smarthome SELECT Vstarcam Wireless Outdoor HD IP Camera offers the next evolution in video clarity for remotely montioring outdoor areas. It also combines several of the greatest features from previous generations of Outdoor IP cameras with new technology such as plug-n-play installation and Dual FIlter IR-Cut. The Smarthome SELECT Vstarcam Wireless Outdoor Camera delivers them all into a compact wireless IP camera that has a user-friendly installation and remote access to view and record everything that happens inside, or outside, your home or office - all from your smartphone, tablet or PC.

For indoor monitoring, consider using the Smarthome SELECT Vstarcam Wireless HD IP Security Camera with Pan, Tilt and Night Vision. Both cameras can be used and accessed together from the Eye4 suite of products as a whole home solution for monitoring your property both indoors and outdoors.

Remote Access from Anywhere

Using the Eye4 Cloud IP Camera downloads you can remotely monitor your property from:
  • a local PC on your network using the Eye4 For Windows desktop program
  • any PC with Windows Explorer (Active X Download required) connected to the Internet using the Eye4 For Web web browser
  • this product is not compatible with Apple/Mac computers at this time
  • a smartphone or tablet using the Eye4 for iPhone or Eye4 For Android app
  • with so many smartphones and tablets on the market, with various platforms and versions, the Vstarcam also has an alternative app to use if the Eye4 software doesn't work best for your device. This alternative app, VsCam is available for both iOS and Android.

  • Remote Access
    As with most IP / Network cameras, Smarthome SELECT Vstarcam IP cameras are designed to work with a specific suite of software and applications - and will work perfectly with the Eye4 and VsCam suite of products as described above. Smarthome SELECT Vstarcam IP cameras will not work with, nor are they intended to work with INSTEON for Hub, MobiLinc, or any other 3rd party software or application.

    Wireless Networks and IP Cameras
    The strength of any wireless connection between an IP camera and a wireless device such as a smartphone or tablet, especially when transmitting HD 720p resolution, is directly related to the quality of several things:
  • Your wireless networking devices (modem, router, access point, etc.)
  • The bandwidth you have selected from your Internet Service provider where the camera will be located
  • Cellular signal strength or the bandwidth available from the Wi-Fi connection you are remotely connected to
  • For an HD 720p video stream, your wireless device must also be capable of displaying video in HD 720p resolution

  • * see Network Specifications below for notes regarding wireless range

    720p High-Definition Resolution

    Most Outdoor IP cameras under $200 only offer a maximum resolution of 640x480 pixels - standard definition. The Smarthome SELECT Vstarcam Wireless Outdoor HD IP Security Camera comes in at a whopping 1280x720 pixels (720p) High-Definition (HD) for crystal clear video.

    Note: when first installed, the camera may transmit in lowest resolution, don't be alarmed. From the App, simply change the resoltuion to the highest setting for optimal HD viewing.

    Outdoor Rated

    Monitoring your property means being able to see everything going on inside and outside your home. The Smarthome SELECT Vstarcam Wireless Outdoor HD IP Security Camera allows you to do just that - with an Ingress Protection (IP) Rating of 66. The first digit indicates the level of protection that the enclosure provides against access to hazardous parts and the ingress of solid foreign objects. In this case, 6, allows no ingress of dust and complete protection against contact (dust tight). The second digit indicates the level of protection that the enclosure provides against harmful ingress of water or liquids. In this case, 6, identifies that it is protected against water projected in powerful jets against the enclosure from any direction and shall have no harmful effects (comparable to typical bad weather such as rain, snow, etc.). So you can feel completely safe placing this camera outside your home.

    Take Pictures and Capture Video in the Dark

    If you're trying to keep an eye on things while you're away, you'll want to know what's going on day and night. The Smarthome SELECT Vstarcam features 30 infrared (IR) LEDs with IR Cut technology that will capture images in darkness down to 0.3 lux (equivalent to the amount of light from a full moon on a clear night) in full color up to 15 meters away - in other words, you'll have night vision! Images captured in lower than 0.3 lux will be in black and white.

    No Professional Installation Required

    One of the more daunting tasks of installing an IP camera is the installation - that's a thing of the past. No more port forwarding or digging around and adjusting your router settings. It's Plug-n-Play - simply connect the camera to your wireless router, power it up and install the app on your smartphone or tablet. Then just follow a few steps (no programming at all) and in minutes you'll be able to disconnect the camera from the router and take full advantage of the wireless connection.

    Automated Alert Notifcation, Recording and Screenshot

    The Smarthome SELECT Vstarcam Wireless Outdoor HD IP Security Camera has a built-in, motion sensor with adjustable sensitivity. You can manage the settings from your smartphone or tablet via the Eye4 app or from your PC or laptop using the Eye4 For Windows desktop program. Deliver an email notification, capture a screenshot, or record video of activity when motion is detected.

    View 4 Cameras at One Time

    One of the coolest features of the Smarthome SELECT Vstarcam Wireless Outdoor HD IP Security Camera is the multi-camera view. From your smartphone or tablet, you can remotely view 4 cameras simultaneously. This eliminates the need to log in to different cameras from different apps or going back and forth between pages within an app to find a camera. You can see all the activity from a single screen. For advanced systems and users, the desktop software supports remote viewing of up to 81 cameras! When using a wireless system with multiple cameras, greater wireless bandwidth is required - remote access and streaming of four cameras simultaneously will require a wireless router with a minimum bandwidth of 450mbps.

    Additional Storage of Screenshots and Video

    If storing images and videos on your smartphone, tablet or computer isn't enough, the Smarthome SELECT Vstarcam Wireless Outdoor HD IP Security Camera also provides you with the option of local storage. A built-in Micro SD card slot allows you to add up to 32GB of data directly on the camera. With the addition of a Micro SD card (sold separately), you have added piece of mind that your images and video can be backed up, just like a DVR.

    More about Micro SD storage - it was our experience that inserting and removing the SD Card was slightly difficult and impractical. Difficult in the sense that you must remove the camera housing (to keep it sealed and weatherproof) and the location isn't easily accessible. Impractical in the sense that an outdoor camera is typically installed in a location that does not need to be frequently accessed anyway, so the need for a local storage isn't necessary. The Eye4 software is setup to record just like a DVR and we highly recommend using that instead of a Micro SD Card for this device.

    * Important Note: Smarthome recommends that you research your local and state laws related to audio and video surveillance before implementing this product. Also, if your network uses a wireless router provided by your cable or satellite provider this IP Camera (and most other IP camera's that allow remote access to your network) may not be compatible. This is because wireless routers provided by your cable or satellite company often restrict port forwarding and other wireless router configurations. Please contact your cable or satellite provider for information regarding this.


    What's Included

  • 1x - Wireless Outdoor HD IP Security Camera
  • 1x - Antenna
  • 1x - Power Supply
  • 1x - Wall Mount Bracket
  • 1x - Set of Mounting Hardware
  • 1x - User Manual
  • More Info

  • Home Owners / Renters - keep tabs on any activity taking place in your home, at any time, day or night
  • Parents - watch over your little ones as a baby cam - as a nanny cam you can make sure your kids a being cared for properly
  • Business Traveler - see what your loved ones are up to while you are away, you can even communicate with them
  • Business - ensure that your property is safe, customers are being taken care of and that employees are working
  • Pool - avoid disasters by receiving an email alert when motion is detected in around your pool and/or spa area

  • Specifications

    General Specifications
    Manufacturer Product No.T7815WIP
    BrandSmarthome SELECT
    Brand Product No.75771
    View by Phone
  • Supports monitoring via mobile devices on line (such as iOS, Android OS, Symbian OS, Windows Phone 7)
  • Supports Mac and Windows PC
  • Local RecordingYes, Built-in SD Card slot, supports 32G Micro SD Card
    View on PCYes, requires Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher version, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari
    Super ClientYes, 1, 4, 9, 16, 25, 36, 64, 81-channel , no user limited , centralized monitor, remote recording and playback
    Operating SystemEmbedded Linux OS
    System SecuritySupports account, password authority management
    Image sensor1/4inch 720p Progressive Scan CMOS
    SNR>/= 39dB
    Minimum Illumination0.3Lux
    3AAuto White Balance, Auto Exposure, Automatic Gain
    Compression FormatH.264
    Maximum Frame Rate25fps
    Bit Rate32Kbps~4Mbps
    AdjustmentLight intensity, contrast ratio, saturation level
    Night Vision
  • Dual Filter
  • IR-Cut
  • 30pcs 850nm F5mm IR LED
  • IR irradiation distance:15m
  • Network
    SocketRJ-45 10/100Mb self-adaptable Ethernet slot
    Wi-FiWi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
    Visitors OnlineSupport 4 visitors viewing on line at the same time
    RangeMaximum of 30 meters line of sight with a high power router using 2 or more antennas (maximum range may vary and decrease depending on quality of router and objects between camera and router)
    Router RecomendationsRemote access and streaming of four cameras simultaneously will require a wireless router with a minimum bandwidth of 450mbps (additional cameras will require a more powerful router, and Ethernet wired connections are recommended)
    InterfaceSD card record
    Alarm DetectionSupports motion detection
  • DC 12V
  • This product currently does not support PoE (Power over Ethernet)
  • Comsumption< 6W
    Temperature-10° C ~ 50° C
    Outdoor RatedYes, IP66 outdoor rating
    CertificationsISO, FCC, CE, RoHS


    Pictured with the Included Mounting Bracket  Included Power Supply  Power, Ethernet and Manual Reset Button   
    Pictured with the Included Mounting Bracket  Included Power Supply  Power, Ethernet and Manual Reset Button   


    16 Ratings
    5 star: 19%  (3)
    4 star: 19%  (3)
    3 star: 0%  (0)
    2 star: 0%  (0)
    1 star: 62%  (10)
    Average Customer Rating
    (16 customer ratings)
    Share your thoughts with other customers
    Kelly123 -- Virginia   5/20/2014
    This camera worked fine for a few months then started having major problems. The software it uses eye4is horrible. I haven't been able to find an alternate software program to try. First it started losing it's connection to the router every hour 1rst day it had problems. Then every 30 minutes then every 5 minutes then every 4 minutes then every 1 minute. Now it is unable to connect at all. I've tried three different computers and over the luck. So if you want a camera that works great for 3 months then stops working completely this is it. Now I can't even log in...Unable to connect to Server... That is as far as I can get ...the log in screen. I have uninstalled and created new accounts nothing works. I read reviews about vstarcams and thought they were just by people with little computer/network savy... My best advise is run away quickly.
    JONI -- valhalla centre, AB   4/27/2014
    haven't used yet
    STEPHEN -- cedar rapids, IA   4/17/2014
    I am a computer expert with several years of network experience. After spending several hours trying to get the software to display a picture from this camera, I succeeded. It was a very impressive picture. I decided to change my password and that is when the software fell apart. Apparently there is more than one password and changing one caused one of the menu's to reject my attempt to log in to make other changes. There was no error on my part as I was careful to accurately record every password I entered. I then decided to add a new account and start over but it would not let me because my email address was the same as the prior attempt to register the camera. In summary, while the image is impressive, the software is so immature that it will be luck if you can keep the camera running. The instructions are translated poorly from Chinese and very lacking. Smarthome was pleasant to work with but they did not have technical expertise to help with these problems. They were happy to refund the purchase price. You do have to pay to ship the camera back. On another note, my attempt to use their software plugin to my latest web browser did not allow access to the camera. The smartphone software is dedicated to their camera and widely used smartphone camera software doesn't work.
    EDGARDO -- broad channel, NY   4/13/2014
    Easy to install, good quality video, very happy
    Steve -- Discovery Bay   3/14/2014
    The camera works as advertised. I have two issues that keep me from giving it 5 stars. First, the power/ethernet/reset button combo cord will be difficult to keep protected from moisture. It would make more sense to to have a plug that can use just a power connector when in use, but be able to plug in the ethernet/reset button when needed. Second, This is definitely not plug and play. There are settings that need to be adjusted to make the camera useful as advertised. Smarthome technical support was very helpful in this regard. I recommend a call to them when you are setting up the camera the first time.
    Chris -- Florida   2/21/2014
    No PoE? How could you even make a statement such as this camera being the next evolution in home monitoring for outdoor areas without having a basic function of supporting power over Ethernet. The basic Logitech Alert and Dlink cameras have had these for years. Any decent camera should support PoE. Not worth the money having to hassle with log power cables and Ethernet cables.

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