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Mail Alert
Sensor Type
Radio Frequency (RF)
RF Receiver
RF Transmission
Audible Indicator
Battery Operated
Visual Indicator
433 MHz
Ease of Installation
Beginner (Installs < 10 minutes)
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Get an Instant Audible and Visual Alert when Your Mailbox Door is Opened
Smarthome SELECT Wireless Mailbox Reminder and Mail Alert System
Smarthome SELECT Wireless Mailbox Reminder and Mail Alert System
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Receiver Module - Front View Receiver Module - Rear View (with Mounting Tape) Sensor (Transmitter w/ Antenna) Module - Front View
Sensor (Transmitter w/ Antenna) Module - Rear View (with Mounting Tape/Velcro Strips) Power Adapter for Receiver Module
Smarthome SELECT Wireless Mailbox Reminder and Mail Alert System
Item# 74771
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  • Audible alert
  • Visual alert
  • Wireless communication up to 300 feet
  • Easy installation - sensor comes with double-sided high temperature 3M adhesive strips
  • Works on almost all standard mailboxes*

Essential Info

Unless you make several trips to and from your mailbox every day, or sit by the window watching for the delivery person to arrive, it is next to impossible to know when you have mail...until now! The Smarthome SELECT Wireless Mailbox Reminder and Mail Alert System is an easy to install sensor (transmitter) and receiver that lets you know the instant your mailbox has been opened. This simple alert system will free you up from wasted trips to the mailbox and time spent looking outside, and allows you to get on with your daily routine. It is also a great solution for those with health problems or physical limitations and as security notification device to avoid stolen mail and possible identity theft if the mailbox is accessed during non-delivery hours.

No Tools Required - Double-sided high temperature 3M adhesive strips with Velcro are pre-installed on the sensor. Simply install two AAA batteries (sold separately) into the sensor and stick it to the inside of your mailbox according to the directions and turn the sensor on. Then connect the power adapter to the receiver, plug it in, and you're ready. A screw and nut is provided if you wish to attach the sensor to your mailbox with hardware.

Wireless Communication - The sensor and the receiver communicate wirelessly via radio frequency. The sensor identifies when the door has opened from its normal position and sends a wireless signal to the receiver, which then emits and audible and visual alert. Under typical conditions this communication will reliably work on distances up to 300 feet. Please keep in mind that several factors can bring this distance down including a high number of walls, outside radio interference, trees, thickness of metal used on mailbox, etc.

Audible Indicator - When the sensor transmits a signal to the receiver that the mailbox door has been opened, a distinct audible beep will go off a few times letting you know that the mail has arrived. This can also be a great security tool if you are having problems with people tampering with your mailbox, as you will know the instant it is opened.

Visual Indicator - Along with an audible indicator, the receiver will also display a flashing blue LED light when the mailbox is opened. If you happen to be outside or miss the audible Indicator or if you are hearing impaired, this light is an easy way to see that you have mail or that your mailbox has been accessed. A convenient reset button is located on the receiver to turn the LED light off.

* Important Note: This product works on almost all curbside, wall mounted, and slot type standard mailboxes with horizontal hinges that allow the mailbox to open up or open down. It WILL NOT work on mailboxes with vertical hinges that allow a mailbox to open from side to side like a door on your home. Heavy metal mailboxes will also affect performance of this product (as it would most any wireless device) and it is not recommended for use in this instance.


What's Included

  • 1x - Sensor Unit with Pre-installed Adhesive Mounting Velcro
  • 1x - Receiver Unit with Pre-Installed Adhesive Mounting Tape
  • 1x - 6V DC Power Adapter
  • 1x - Optional Mounting Screw and Nut
  • 1x - Owner's Manual
  • More Info

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Question: Is the Mailbox Reminder compatible with any home automation system such as INSTEON or Z-Wave?
  • Answer: No. The Mailbox Reminder is not intended to be a home automation device, rather it is a convenient, simple, reliable solution for letting you know when your mailbox has been opened.

  • Question: Does each Mailbox Reminder have a unique ID so that I don't get my signals crossed with my neighbor's?
  • Answer: Yes. Each Mailbox Reminder has been pre-programmed with different codes to prevent this issue.

  • Question: Will the antenna on the sensor stick out of my mailbox?
  • Answer: No. The antenna is only 3 inches in length so you can position your sensor accordingly and/or the antenna can be bent very easily to fit inside the mailbox.

  • Question: How do does the sensor mount in the mailbox?
  • Answer: The sensor comes with a pre-installed Velcro strip. Simply clean the door of the mailbox well, dry it thoroughly, peel back the protective strip on the adhesive and securely fasten it to the mailbox door according to the instructions. The Velcro Strip now attaches with double-sided high temperature 3M adhesive strips to withstand extended exposure to heat.

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer Product No.74771
    UPC Code813922016116
    Power Requirements
  • Receiver - 6V DC Power Supply (included)
  • Sensor - 2x AAA batteries (sold separately)
  • WaterproofNo - the Sensor must be mounted inside of a mailbox and the Receiver should be located indoors
    Radio Frequency433 MHz
    Wireless RangeUp to 300 feet


    Receiver Module - Front View  Receiver Module - Rear View (with Mounting Tape)  Sensor (Transmitter w/ Antenna) Module - Front View  Sensor (Transmitter w/ Antenna) Module - Rear View (with Mounting Tape/Velcro Strips) 
    Receiver Module - Front View  Receiver Module - Rear View (with Mounting Tape)  Sensor (Transmitter w/ Antenna) Module - Front View  Sensor (Transmitter w/ Antenna) Module - Rear View (with Mounting Tape/Velcro Strips) 
    Power Adapter for Receiver Module       
    Power Adapter for Receiver Module       


    51 Ratings
    5 star: 51%  (26)
    4 star: 18%  (9)
    3 star: 12%  (6)
    2 star: 4%  (2)
    1 star: 16%  (8)
    Average Customer Rating
    (51 customer ratings)
    Share your thoughts with other customers
    Leo -- huntsville, AL   7/2/2014
    After a few weeks the mail alert worked intermittently. I solved this problem by taping the remote batteries securely in place. It has worked well for over a year with no sign of the original barreries weakening.
    TWINKLE -- pasadena, CA   6/28/2014
    I needed one with the door that open side hinge....or a motion detector for when the mail is delivered into the box a light goes off up in my home.....
    BETTY -- belmont, OH   6/21/2014
    Very easy to install; works as described; very happy with it.
    WAYNE -- lake havasu city, AZ   5/28/2014
    Absolutely love this item. Works as advertized and simple to install. Should have done this many years ago. Thanks for a great product.
    SHARON -- tuttle, OK   5/8/2014
    Love my wireless mailbox reminder. Has a loud alarm which can be heard all over my house. Since I live on an acre it's a pretty long walk to the mail box...this sure makes the trip worthwhile.
    HARRY -- deerfield beach, FL   5/8/2014
    Great place to make purchase!
    GERARD -- reinholds, PA   4/11/2014
    Mine works perfectly so I bought this 2nd unit as a gift for a widow friend of ours who can't see her mailbox from her house. she loves it. Jerry
    JULIA -- huntington, WV   3/27/2014
    This alarm was to be used in my mailbox which is about 80 feet from the house, it does not work. I tried for hours to get it to work to no avail.
    ROBERT -- cincinnati, OH   3/24/2014
    Product is mounted in a light gauge metal mailbox located 135' from receiver. System works great!
    ROBERT -- trappe, MD   3/23/2014
    Does some false alarms, as I am on a major highway and tractor trailers will sometimes set this off, it does work when mail person drops off mail always. Cool idea. Still worth it.
    BOBBY -- durant, OK   2/22/2014
    loved it great buy
    BYRON -- federal way, WA   2/17/2014
    works everyday & just this morning I was alerted to opening of my mailbox at 6AM & I saw the car at the next set of mailboxes looking for something to take. I am able to empty my mailbox everyday at the same time the mailman puts mail in so I don't worry about theft anymore.
    DONALD -- shalimar, FL   2/16/2014
    Arrived quickly, installed easily, and works well.
    Gary -- arlington, TX   2/16/2014
    This device does exactly what is says it’s but oy vey the way the battery compartment on the transmitter is designed in a way I have never seen in a battery operated device. In just about every device I’ve encountered the batteries are inserted with the negative end of the battery towards a spring and the positive end towards a flat metal surface and the connectors are staggered. On this device the springs are on one side of the transmitter battery compartment with the flat connectors at the other end. Rather than inserting the batteries as would be suggested by the placement of the springs and flat metal connector, the label inside the battery compartment clearly shows that one of batteries has to be installed with the positive end facing the spring. Since most batteries have just a “nub” on the positive end it is very difficult to keep the battery from being pushed out by the spring which happened to me several times. With some considerable effort on my part I was finally able to get the batteries installed. The device works very well. The transmitter has an “on” “off” switch which is a nice feature if you know you’re not going to need to be alerted to a mail delivery for an extended period of time. That being said I think someone needs to revisit the design to make the placement of the battery connectors consistent with industry norms.
    C. MAXINE -- atlanta, GA   2/8/2014
    This product never worked correctly at all. I would never buy another one.
    EDWARD G. -- springfield, VA   1/31/2014
    Works perfectly. Does exactly what it was advertised to do and whenever the sound goes off and the light flashes, I have mail! Main unit is in a back room and signal goes through several walls without any problems.
    DAVE -- westville, NJ   1/30/2014
    The transmitter case only has screws holding it together on one end so when the mailbox door is closed, it causes the batteries to pop out of the holder and stop working. I had to glue the case together to prevent this from happening. Other than that it works OK.
    ROBERT J. -- longwood, FL   1/30/2014
    This was a replacement for a mailbox reminder that kept giving false indication. I'm pleased to say this one does indicate mail delivery much better, in fact, its working well. It has a small problem that I'm trying to resolve and that is that the battery compartment door keeps popping off where it doesn't function. It does work and that is a big improvement. Quality of the product could be better. Construction is rather poor and the battery springs are screwed up on both my reminders. I still have the bad one. The springs for the battery should be for the negative pole. On the reminder the springs are negative on one battery position and positive on the other battery position. The positive battery against the spring wants to pop out of position because it doesn't seat well in the compartment.
    ROBERT J. -- berwick, ME   1/23/2014
    Works well under most conditions except at freezing (or below) weather. I wish the buzzer was louder. Overall, I would recommend this product.
    CHARLES -- chester, VA   1/20/2014
    I use this product as an alarm when newspaper is delivered. It works great. All I did was make a flap for the front of the paper box so that when the paper is inserted inside the box it lifts the flap and sets off the alarm.


    Sony Alkaline AAA batteries       
    Sony Alkaline AAA batteries       

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