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Monitor Your Home On-Site or Remotely With This Wireless Security System
Smarthome Remote-Access Security Kit
Smarthome SecureLinc Remote-Access Wireless Home Security System
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Smarthome Remote-Access Security Kit Panel Smarthome Remote-Access Security Kit Panel Hard-wired Contact Diagram
Hard-wired Temperature Sensor Diagram Proper Line Seizure Wiring PowerMax + Contact
PowerMax + PIR
Smarthome SecureLinc Remote-Access Wireless Home Security System
Item# 73903WP
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  • Safeguard your family without installing wires and cables
  • System automatically calls you with a recorded message if alarm is activated
  • Arm or disarm using a keychain remote or over the phone
  • Connects to the Internet for remote access and control of system and any optional cameras

Essential Info

You don't need to spend thousands of dollars on a professionally installed and maintained security system in order to keep your family safe. Smarthome's SecureLinc Remote-Access Wireless Home Security System is a full-featured, customizable security alarm system that connects in a fraction of the time of hardwired systems and includes everything you'll need to get your home security started. No complicated wiring or cabling is required! Just plug the main unit in, mount the wireless sensors in the zones you want to protect, and you're ready to program the system. You can even control and monitor your home remotely over a secure Internet connection, thanks to the included PowerLink Web Interface Controller.

Keep your family even safer by adding live monitoring to your security or alarm system for only $8.95/month.


What's Included

  • SecureLinc panel
  • SecureLinc panel backing
  • SecureLinc panel mounting hardware
  • 3 magnetic contact transmitter (2 pieces each)
  • 3 magnetic contact transmitter installation hardware
  • 3 magnetic contact transmitter instructions
  • 2 miniature keyfob transmitters with 12V alkaline battery
  • 2 miniature keyfob transmitter instructions
  • AC adapter
  • Ni-MH battery backup pack
  • 2 85-lb. pet-immune PIR motion sensors
  • 2 wireless PIR detector instructions
  • End-of-line resistors
  • Instructions

  • PowerLink
  • Interface Module
  • Cat. 5 cable
  • RS-232 cable
  • Mounting kit
  • Quick install guide
  • Installation form
  • Resources CD
  • More Info

    Programming is easy, using the large, backlit buttons and the LCD screen. You have the option of testing or arming the system at a predefined time, and the siren can squawk when armed or disarmed if you so choose. The Web-Enabled SecureLinc Family Kit supports 29 wireless zones and one hardwired zone and a 100-event log. Additional features include a silent/audible panic alarm, two-way voice/listen in enabling options, and even voice response.

    Verify the status of lighting devices, reprogram security functions, and even control their home appliances and lighting anywhere and any time. Whether you're at work or on vacation, you can easily access the Smarthome SecureLinc Remote-Access Wireless Home Security System via SMS, e-mail, mobile and regular phones, or a secure web application.

    The included PowerLink interface has a built-in secure web server, which ensures that all private information is fully secured. Log in on site or remotely using a secure user name and password. Once connected, you'll be able to view cameras or control home automation devices. You'll also be able to view device status, save images, adjust the system's mode and add users (up to eight). The PowerLink connects to four wired or wireless cameras, so you'll have a whole-house surveillance system available for viewing from anywhere in the world. Each Hardwired Ethernet Camera, Hardwired RS-485 Camera and Wireless Color Camera is sold separately.

    When it detects an alarm signal from one of the wireless sensors, the alarm system blasts an 85dB siren that not only alerts your family, but also sends would-be thieves fleeing. In addition, you can program it to call any private phone number (i.e.: a friend or neighbor, your office, your wireless phone, etc.) and play a pre-recorded message in your own voice. It doesn't even need its own dedicated phone line! It also supports 24-hour monitoring by commercial alarm monitoring personnel, who can dispatch police, fire or medical response (depending on the type of alert it receives). It can even call you for non-alarm events. For example, want to know that your kids arrived home safely from school? The security system can call you at the office to let you know that your child successfully disarmed the alarm. In case of an event, PowerLink immediately informs you via e-mail, text message and on-screen alerts. It also includes quick access buttons to view video cameras, mute the system siren, turn all lights on or off, or disarm the system.

    The Smarthome SecureLinc Remote-Access Wireless Home Security System supports up to 8 individual user codes, so each member of your household can have an independent code ID. It also doubles as a message center, so you can hear and leave messages up to 20 seconds for other family members. User names for codes 5-8 can be recorded and will be played during a Latchkey report.

    For maximum convenience, the Smarthome SecureLinc Remote-Access Wireless Home Security System can even operate 15 X10-controlled lights or appliances (or 15 groups of lights or appliances), including 2-way appliances and those with dim/bright features. In addition to scheduling your X10 appliances to prepare your home for your arrival at night or from a vacation, you can also use the X10 timer function to make your home look occupied when you're away. Or you can have it turn the X10-controlled porch light on for four minutes when you arm or disarm the system, so that you'll never have to enter or leave your house in the dark. Note: To access these features, you'll need the optional X10 Cable & Interface, sold separately.

    The Smarthome SecureLinc Remote-Access Wireless Home Security System comes with two four-button wireless keyfobs, three wireless magnetic window/door contacts, and two 85-Pound Pet Immune Wireless Motion Detector, but additional contacts, detectors and keyfobs may be purchased separately. Transmit signals to your Smarthome SecureLinc Remote-Access Wireless Home Security System using a Keyfob Transmitter. Upon pressing any of the four recessed buttons, this keyfob transmits a CodeSecure™ digital sequence along with a 4-bit function code associated with the button that was pressed. Different digital sequences are transmitted each time, so that malicious code grabbing is almost impossible. The included Wireless PIR Detectors are compact, animal-immune detectors, so pets up to 85 pounds won't set off the alarm. With a coverage area of 30 by 30 feet, this fully supervised detector will keep an eye on your home when you're not around.

    Be sure to replace the backup battery in your SecureLinc system as soon as you receive a low battery indication. The SecureLinc Rechargeable Battery Pack will power your system for up to 24 hours during a power failure.

    In addition to this Smarthome SecureLinc Web-Enabled Home Security System for the Elderly, Smarthome's best-selling security system is available in two similar kits: The Smarthome SecureLinc Wireless Home Security System and the Smarthome SecureLinc Web-Enabled Home Security System for the Elderly.

    NOTE: It's important to note that while "Voice Over IP" can work with a home alarm system, we do not recommend it. If for any reason you lose your Internet connectivity - due to a power outage or problem with your Internet service provider, for example - "Voice Over IP" will not work, and your alarm system will not be able to make an emergency call if it's triggered. For this reason we recommend you keep a basic traditional landline dedicated to your home alarm system and use "Voice Over IP" for the rest of your calling needs.


    SecureLinc Specifications

    Product No.:SecureLinc Plus #7
    Dimensions:10 13/16" x 8" x 2 1/8" (275mm x 203mm x 55mm)
    Weight:990g (2.2 pounds) without batteries
    Zones:28 wireless, 2 hardwired
    Hardwired Zone Requirements:2.2 k. E.O.L. resistance (max. resistance of wires 220)
    Zone Types:Interior follower, perimeter, perimeter follower, delay 1, delay 2, 24h silent, 24h audible, fire, non-alarm, emergency, gas and flood
    User Codes:8 codes, 4 digits each
    Control Facilities: Integral keypad, PowerCode hand-held transmitters, wireless commander, MCM-140+, remote telephone, local or remote computer
    Display:Single line, back lighted 16-character LCD and 4 LED indicators
    Alarm Types:Silent alarm, siren alarm or sounder (internal) alarm, in accordance with zone attributes
    Siren Signals:Continuous (intrusion / 24 hours / panic); triple pulse - pause - triple pulse (fire)
    Siren Timeout:Programmable (4 min. by default)
    Internal Sounder Output:At least 85 dBA at 10 ft. (3m)
    Supervision:Programmable time frame for inactivity alert
    Data Retrieval:Status, alarm memory, trouble, event log
    Operating Frequencies:315 MHz (in USA & Canada) or other UHF channels per local requirement in the country of use
    Receiver Type:Super-heterodyne, fixed frequency
    Receiver Range:600 ft. (180m) in open space
    Antenna Type:Spatial diversity
    Coding:PowerCode and/or CodeSecure™
    Power Supply:Plug-in transformer 120 VAC, 60 Hz / 9 VAC, 1A (in the U.S.A.); 230 VAC, 50 Hz / 9 VAC, 1A
    Current Drain:Approx. 65 mA standby, 800 mA at full load and in alarm
    Site External Siren Current (EXT):450 mA max @ 10.5 VDC when powered by AC & DC (battery)
    Site Internal Siren Current (INT):450 mA max. @ 10.5 VDC when powered by AC & DC (battery)
    PGM Output Current:100 mA max.
    Detector 1 & 2 Total (Sum) Current:100 mA max.
    High Current / Short Circuit Protection:All outputs are protected (current limited)
    Battery Test:Once every 10 seconds
    Built-in Modem:300 baud, Bell 103 protocol
    Data Transfer to Local Computer:Via RS232 serial port
    Report Destinations:2 central stations, 4 private telephones, 1 pager
    Reporting Format Options:SIA, Pulse 4/2 1900/1400 Hz, Pulse 4/2 1800/2300 Hz, Contact ID, Scancom
    Pulse Rate:10, 20, 33 and 40 pps - programmable
    Message to Private Phones:Tone or voice
    Message to Pager:PIN No. Alarm Type, Zone No.
    Operating Temperature Range:32°F to 120°F (0°C to 49°C)
    Storage Temperature Range:-4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C)
    Humidity:85% relative humidity, @ 30°C (86°F)
    Approvals:FCC compliant
    Warranty:1 year, limited

    Magnetic Contact Transmitters

    Dimensions:3 3/16" x 7/8" x 15/16" (81mm x 22mm x 23.5mm)
    Weight:1.2 oz. (34g), excluding battery
    Battery Weight:0.45 oz. (13g)
    Frequency:315, 433.92, 868.95
    Transmitter's ID Code:24-bit digital word, over 16 million combinations, pulse width modulation
    Overall Message Length:36 bits
    Alarm Inputs:2: one internal, one external, each with a separate 24-bit transmitter
    Auxiliary Input Circuit Type:N.C. / E.O.L., selected with DIP switch
    E.O.L. Resister Required:47 kilo ohms
    Message Repetition:Once every 3 minutes or one-shot, selectable via on-board DIP switch
    Supervision:Signaling at 60-minute intervals via reed switch or aux. input, including battery supervision
    Tamper Reporting:Every 3 minutes until restored
    Power Source:3V Lithium CR-2-type battery, Panasonic or Sanyo only
    Battery Life Expectancy:3 years (typical use)
    Operating Temperature:32° F to 120° F (0° C to 49° C)
    Standards:FCC compliant


    Visonic Product No.:K-980MCW
    Dimensions:4.1" x 2.4" x 1.3" (104mm x 60mm x 32mm)
    Weight:2.5 oz. (71g)
    Maximum Coverage Range:30' x 30' (9m x 9m), 90°
    Pet Immunity:Up to 40 lbs. (18kg)
    Vertical Adjustment:3-position adjustment scale: 6 ft., 7 ft., and 8 ft. (1.8m, 2.1m, and 2.4m)
    Battery Type:3.6 Volt lithium thionyl chloride (LiSOCl2) battery, size 1/2AA, Tadiran TL-2150
    Nominal Battery Capacity:1 Ah
    Standby Current:0.015mA
    Transmit Current:12 mA (including LED)
    Battery Life Expectancy:3 years (typical use)
    Detector: Dual-element low-noise pyroelectric sensor
    Pulse Counter:Programmable to 1,3 or 5 pulses
    Rearm Timer:2 minutes after last alarm
    Frequencies:315, 433.92, 868.95, 869.2625 MHz
    Transmission Sequence:3 data bursts at variable intervals within 3 seconds
    ID:24-bit factory-selected code, >16 million possible combinations
    Total Message Length:36 bits
    Operating Temperature:14° F to 120° F (-10° C to 49° C)
    Storage Temperature:-4° F to 140° F (-20° C to 60° C)
    FRI Protection:>20 V/m up to 1000 MHz
    Standards:FCC and Directive 1999/5/EC compliant

    Miniature Keyfob Transmitters

    Dimensions:2 1/8" x 1 1/4" x 1/2" (53.5mm x 31.5mm x 12.5mm)
    Weight:3/4 oz./21g (including battery)
    Frequency:315, 433.92, 868.95 MHz
    Modulation:ASK (ON-OFF keying)
    Coding:28-bit ID, 4-bit function code and 32-bit rolling code
    Transmission Duration:Up to 2 seconds
    Power Supply:12V alkaline battery, type GP 23A or equivalent
    Current Consumption:11 mA (during transmission)
    Battery Life Expectancy:1 year (typical use)
    Operating Temperature:32° F to 120° F (0° C to 49° C)
    Standards:FCC compliant

    PowerLink Specifications

    Visonic Product No.:PowerLink
    Dimensions:7.9" x 4.5" x 1 7/8"
    Camera Ports:4
    Connections:4 camera ports, RS-232, cat. 5
    System Requirements:SecureLinc;
    cable or DSL Internet connection enabled via an Ethernet-based router;
    IE 6.0; PC running Windows 2000 or X10;
    Wi-Fi 802.11b or 802.11g access point (optional)
    Approvals:FCC compliant


    Smarthome Remote-Access Security Kit Panel  Smarthome Remote-Access Security Kit Panel  Hard-wired Contact Diagram  Hard-wired Temperature Sensor Diagram 
    Smarthome Remote-Access Security Kit Panel  Smarthome Remote-Access Security Kit Panel  Hard-wired Contact Diagram  Hard-wired Temperature Sensor Diagram 
    Proper Line Seizure Wiring  PowerMax + Contact  PowerMax + PIR   
    Proper Line Seizure Wiring  PowerMax + Contact  PowerMax + PIR   


    24 Ratings
    5 star: 33%  (8)
    4 star: 29%  (7)
    3 star: 25%  (6)
    2 star: 8%  (2)
    1 star: 4%  (1)
    Average Customer Rating
    (24 customer ratings)
    Share your thoughts with other customers
    RAY -- brodheadsville, PA   1/13/2011
    My first system. I was able to configure from default relatively easily. I expect it will be easy to add onto. My only con is that the key FOB doesn't always work. A two way FOB would be beneficial.
    ANDRES -- bogota, XX   1/11/2011
    excellent works as expected.
    RICK -- decatur, GA   12/9/2010
    Easy to install and set up. WAY lots more options that the 'average joe' would need.
    CLIFF -- mansfield, OH   10/15/2010
    The system is now up & running and I've very happy. It's everything it says it is. However, the set up manual & DVD do not give detail on how you send alert text messages to your phone, which is why I bought the system. Smarthome tech support was excellent in figuring this out for first call they didn't know how to do it either, but they worked with the manufacturer and called me back, stepped me through set up and waited patiently on the phone until it worked right. Bravo!
    EDWARD -- sicamous, BC   9/19/2010
    Quite complex to install. Not for anyone with no electronic experience. Is a rock solid unit and has every option, if you know how to program it.
    BEVERLY -- hayfield, MN   8/4/2010
    Difficult setting up, but the unit seems to be good quality and stable.
    LFNJR -- cleve, Ohio   4/11/2010
    This is an update. Visonic eventually upgraded the firmware on the webserver. It took about 1.5 to 2 weeks. After the update I am very happy with the system. If you're a programmer or been in the military, the manuals will be easy to understand. If not, find a friend. I added a CO detector and have a smoke detector on order. I haven't had much success with the x10 controls, but I believe the problem is in the wiring. In short, after the update, I move the rating from 3 to 5 stars. If the Visonic 3200 camera becomes available, I intend to try one of those.
    LFNJR -- cleve, Ohio   3/28/2010
    Alarm setup easily, but the powerlink came with extremely outdated firmware. Most of the functions, including alerts, didn't work. Visonic promised to download a firmware upgrade, that should fix the issues I've been having with it. If that occurs, I'll update this review. If it works, I'd give the product 5 stars. If not, I'd go to two. I put it at three as a wait and see.
    BRIAN -- orlando, FL   5/15/2009
    Easy to install, although it does take some time to program the main unit and all the sensors.
    ALFRED -- dartmouth, NS   1/20/2008
    Setup manual is poorly written and way to complicated for the average beginner to setup his own system. Many items/descriptions/questions that automatically come up during the course of setup are not included or not answered.
    WILLIAM -- westlake village, CA   7/13/2007
    Give yourself plenty of time to install this thing.
    CHRISTOPHER -- new york, NY   7/5/2007
    I have installed it this weekend. It took longer than advertised to install it. One of the door sensors did not work properly and was giving the system a wrong indication that it was open. I believe it is working properly now. Also, door sensors could not be mounted because there was not enough clearance. The product itself has met my expectations for the most part.
    BRUCE -- milwaukee, WI   4/18/2007
    It took some work to get this system up and running. But it now appears my efforts were well worth it. This system should also be able to expand upon to meet any future needs I might have.
    ERIC -- racine, WI   2/12/2007
    The first kit had problems, 2 PIR sensors not functioning and the PowerMax not functioning with the Main unit which was suspect because of its reduced range. Smarthome sent a new kit and everything worked flawlessly. Now we expanded the system with x-10 lights, key fobs, more motion sensors for greater coverage, and smoke detectors. Happy through and through with the second kit, working great.
    GEORGE -- douglasville, GA   11/14/2006
    I like the fact that the system is very exapndeable and there a ton of features available. It did take much longer than I anticipated setting up the system, and the installation and users manuals could be a little more user friendly to follow along during the initial setup of the system. i had to download supplimental information about the product fromthe website in order to understand some of the nuances of the wireless system. Overall, this is an excellent product, especially for the price.


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