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2 Zones Included
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30 Zones
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Complete Wireless Alarm System with Built-in GSM Cellular Communication
Smarthome SELECT SecureLinc 2 Wireless Home Security System with Internal GSM
Smarthome SELECT SecureLinc 2 Wireless Home Security System with Internal GSM
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Wiring Diagram 1 Wiring Diagram 2
Smarthome SELECT SecureLinc 2 Wireless Home Security System with Internal GSM
Item# 73903PG
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  • Professional design with DIY LCD screen user interface
  • Completely wireless installation and RF communication - no hardwiring between devices
  • Supports up to 3 partitions and multiple common areas (optional)
  • Event reporting to: monitoring stations, SMS messages, e-mail, web apps, mobile and landline phones
  • 28 wireless zones with additional 2 hardwired ports, 1 siren port and 1 PGM port
  • Communicates over a land phone line and the GSM cellular network
  • Integrated X10 interface for optional home automation control (requires the use of an X10 PSC04 or PSC05 module, no longer available on

Essential Info

The Smarthome SELECT SecureLinc 2 Wireless Home Security System with Internal GSM is an all-in-one wireless home security system that brings an entirely new level of versatility, connectivity and style to the world of home security. It lets homeowners view and control their homes from anywhere via any web browser or mobile phone, delivering ease of use and reliability, in an elegant, contemporary design.

The Smarthome SELECT SecureLinc 2 Wireless Home Security System's intelligent, professional grade architecture delivers exceptionally robust performance, starting with a fast and easy installation and setup. With its built-in PSTN communicator and X10 home control interface, and the GSM communications module, it offers outstanding flexibility: homeowners can select the home security system that matches their requirements and budget; and service providers gain the perfect platform for offering web-based security solutions. You can control X10 compatible devices in X10 mode; please note however, X10 control requires the use of an X10 PSC04 or PSC05 module, no longer available on

The system is equipped with a partitioning feature that can divide the alarm system into four distinct areas identified as Partition 1 through 4. Partitioning can be used in installations where shared security systems are more practical, such as a home office or warehouse building. When partitioned, each zone, each user code and many of your system's features can be assigned to Partition 1 to 4. Note: Proximity tags are not compatible for use when partition is enabled.

Adding the unique internal PowerLink module turns Smarthome SecureLinc 2 into a fully managed web-based security and home control solution. This solution includes real-time camera surveillance and home control, alarm time image verification, mobile phone and email event notifications, and much more. Homeowners can be logged in to the system via any web browser.

Breeze through installation using intuitive menus, voice prompts, icon-based keypad and status notifications.

This Smarthome SELECT SecureLinc 2 Wireless Home Security System features an internal GSM module that enables the main SecureLinc 2 security system to operate over a cellular network. It provides 2-way voice communication that allows for local and remote programming over Telephone and GSM/GPRS connections and can respond to SMS commands from any cellular telephone. Each of the channels can be separately enabled or disabled in order to allow or prohibit the module from using it for the event reporting and it can be programmed as primary, back-up or dual reporting with either PSTN or Broadband. For the many homes that no longer maintain a landline, the GSM Modem for Web-Enabled Security Kits allows operation over a cellular network instead of a telephone network, providing communication to the central station or private numbers with or without POTS lines.


What's Included

  • 1x - Smarthome SecureLinc 2 Console
  • 1x - Built-In GSM
  • 2x - Door / Window Transmitters
  • 2x - Proximity Tag
  • 1x - Keyfob
  • 1x - Wireless Motion Detector
  • 2x - Lithium Battery
  • 1x - Ni-MH Backup Battery
  • 1x - AC Adapter
  • 1x - Phone Jack
  • 2x - Ribbon Cables

  • More Info

    Want Wireless Surveillance as Well?
    If you'd like to add a wireless surveillance camera to your home as well, we recommend the Smarthome Wireless IP Camera (SKU 75790), sold separately, to provide maximum security. Smarthome also offers an Outdoor Wireless IP Camera (SKU 75791)


  • Manufacturer: Smarthome
  • Brand: SELECT
  • Manufacturer Product No.: 73903PG
  • UPC Code: 813922011661
  • Zones Number: 28 wireless, 2 hardwired (zones 29 & 30)
  • Hardwired Zone Requirements: 2.2 k Ohm E.O.L. resistance (max. resistance of wires 220 Ohms)
  • Zone Types: Interior follower, interior, perimeter, perimeter follower, delay 1, delay 2, 24h silent, 24h audible, fire, non-alarm, emergency, gas, flood, temperature and home / delay
  • User Codes: 8 codes, 4 digits each (9999 different combinations). Code 0000 is not allowed
  • Display: Single line, Backlit 16-character LCD
  • Alarm Types: Silent alarm, siren alarm or sounder (internal) alarm, in accordance with zone attributes
  • Siren (bell) Timeout: Programmable
  • Internal Sounder Output: At least 85 dBA at 10 ft (3 m)
  • Supervision: Programmable time frame for inactivity alert
  • X-10 Compatible - Electronic devices used for home automation (up to fifteen X-10 units)
  • Data Retrieval: Status, alarm memory, trouble, event log
  • Real Time Clock (RTC): The control panel keeps and displays time and date
  • GSM standards: FCC 47 Part 22 (GSM850) and Part 24 (GSM 1900)
  • EMC standard: FCC 47 Part 15
  • SAR standards: FCC rule 2.1093, FCC Docket 96-326 & Supplement C to OET Bulletin 65
  • Programming: Local and Remote Programming over Telephone, GSM /GPRS connections
  • Images/Video

    Wiring Diagram 1  Wiring Diagram 2     
    Wiring Diagram 1  Wiring Diagram 2     


    26 Ratings
    5 star: 35%  (9)
    4 star: 23%  (6)
    3 star: 15%  (4)
    2 star: 8%  (2)
    1 star: 19%  (5)
    Average Customer Rating
    (26 customer ratings)
    Share your thoughts with other customers
    irv -- Everett Washington   2/21/2013
    !BEWARE! If you want to use the X10 feature of this unit you must already be in possession of a PSC05 or TW532 X10 controller as these controllers are now OBSOLETE! Therefore after many hours getting this system up and running, I find that I cannot use this feature. You may want to consider alternate systems if you want external control for lighting etc. Otherwise system is complicated to program but functional. I write PLC software for a living.
    EDGAR -- richmond, VA   11/25/2012
    The system works as expected. It has some features.This was a great buy.I would recommend this this to anyone DIY to purchase and install.
    Mdlujan -- santa fe, nm   9/2/2012
    This product is very difficult to install and very frustrating to say the least. I consider myself fairly competent when it comes to electronics and computers and a higher level of understanding of such. So far, I am at week 2 and am still not done with the instal-- and I had to go on line and order more door/window sensors and felt it necessity to purchase a wireless alarm for outside because I live in the country and want my nieghbors to hear the alarm the one in the unit is fine for surburban living I still have an unresolved error code-- at best this is very frustrating!! Got the T-mobile sim card- that is working!
    KURT -- phoenix, AZ   7/30/2012
    Nice alarm. Easy to setup if you take the time to browse the instructions.
    Sean R -- Las Vegas   7/7/2012
    Note: X10 compatibility is only available with a third party accessory that Smarthome does not sell anymore. You need a TW523 Powerline Interface for this to work properly. The system is pretty good, but don't expect a lot of the advanced features to do much. Camera integration is limited to a number of fairly poor quality cameras. The internet interface uses a server in Israel to send messages to your email and does not have its own built in email server or uses your own server gmail. But, for a basic security system with very good expandability and easy setup, it's not bad.
    RICHARD -- norridgewock, ME   6/25/2012
    Very nice quality components, however, the CPU seems to have some inconsistencies and the manual does little to explain the functioning of some things. As an example. The internal siren will activate immediately upon an alarm but the wire siren has a 30 second delay. Trying to figure out why is frustrating. I have called Smarthome technical support and they are very helpful, but also very busy, so wait times are long. I have been tempted to send it back, but could not find anything else of decent quality at that price, so I will continue to try to understand, what to me are idiosyncrasies.
    rob -- san diego,ca   5/28/2012
    really happy with this system, especially becase we have it set up with alarm relay. our main concern was fire. being that we have dogs, and such. tolk about 3 days of playing with it to get it set up. i would buy this system again and take the 3 days to set it up. i would like to move the main panel and put in a keypad, but the one visionic key pad i found did not get good reviews. does anyone know or use a diffrent brand such as ELK with this visionic control panel?
    skip -- carlisle, MA   5/24/2012
    I have the PowerMax PRO with the PLINK module to allow internet access. I found the setup to be tedious but very straight forward if you followed the instructions carefully and with patience. The best advice was to do the setup on a tabletop and to do the install of the hardware after each of the devices was configured. Take your time and READ the instructions carefully and you can setup this device. HOWEVER, making the internet connection work is not very easy at all. I happened to be able to make mine work, but only after getting tech support. THE BIG PROBLEM nowadays is that Tech Support from Visonic is not available to non-professionals... They've decided their market is the professional installer and now refuse help to home-owners and end users. So, if you are having trouble making the internet connection i.e. you aren't a network guru who understands how to set up the NAT in your cable modem to get specific ports set up in your firewall/router,...then you are SOL. Nice unit, but I won't recommend this to anyone anymore.
    ANDREY -- redmond, WA   5/23/2012
    works the way it should
    LARISSA -- commack, NY   5/12/2012
    The system is plenty advanced. However, the installation is much longer than an hour. Also the installation guide needs to be updated because the flow chart does not match up with the optio.s when provramming. For example.. there is no time and date setup on the main unit ( even though the time setup is in the installation guide... apparently my wireless t-mobile sim card ispulling the time from somewhwere in alaska - its origin - not my residence. Ny.)
    MikeS -- tacoma, WA   3/28/2012
    It'll take a bit of work to get this system up, but it has everything you'll want. Definitely much easier to program than the DSC unit I have in my shop. The instructions are pretty clear, there are a couple of omissions in regard to exiting some of the menus press the lock key, and the terminology could be clarified. They like to use the term zone instead of perhaps sensor. This seemed a bit confusing to me since a zone could be a front room, for instance, which could include a couple of window switches and a motion sensor. When you register zones on the panel, you are really registering individual sensors. The wireless units are very easy to register with the system. Just give it a zone #, hit OK and then activate the sensor. Once you register all the sensors, you just go to the next menu item and let the system know what you want from them, instant, delayed, etc. The box does seem like it could be vulnerable to getting disabled quickly if left out in the open, a separate keypad would solve that problem, and as mentioned, disabling the chirping and noises to help conceal it is a good thought. Bad guys don't think like you and me, they just start grabbing boxes and wires and pull till it stops making noise.
    Tiwari -- New York   3/21/2012
    It has 2 hardwire-zones, how cheap! at least they could have made it 8, besides the 2 hardwired zones seems not to be programmable, reducing their usefulness. Anyway I bought this for a construction site solely because of its GSM, as there's no electricity and no phones there. Might be attractive if more hardwired programmable & other features are put in.
    pvr -- santee, CA   3/17/2012
    You need to spend a few evenings with the manual and do a lot of trial-and-error installation, but in the end you'll have an excellent alarm system that is very configurable. It was easy to set up and operate the GSM module I used T-mobile. One of the sensors fell down and alarmed while I was away, but I was able to surmise that the perimeter had not been breached because no motion detector was tripped in the house. It would be advisable to use a remote siren and disable the chirps and alarm from the central unit that could lead an intruder right to it. Contrary to other posts, SIM card minutes expire so once you're satisfied with the GSM operation, get the T-mobile $100 addition, which lasts for a year or you'll have to be adding money every 90 days.
    Steve F -- New York   3/15/2012
    I've had this system for 4 months now and feel compelled to post this negative review to warn other buyers. First the good. I researched several alarm panels and the Visonic Powermax Pro Securelinc II seemed to fit my needs the best. My needs are a little less on burgler/fire alarm although that should help with my homeowners insurance premiums. I was more concerned with remote telemetry of my vacation home and Visonic has a wide range of detectors freeze, flood, glass break, CO2, cameras etc. Adding more detectors is simple - and they're wireless - so they're easy to retrofit in existing construction. Now the bad. The technology seems a bit 'long in the tooth'. To program the panel via computer, you need either a RS232 serial port with an added cost adapter or an analog telephone modem communicating with the panel at 300 baud. This seems like 20 year old technology. Very few computers have serial ports or telephone modems these days and I had to go out and buy these. To remotely control lights/appliances, you need a host of X-10 modules - also an ancient technology. I also expect this Powermax technology to eventually be replaced by Visonic's own incompatable PowerMaster-G panels with much greater transmitter range - but these panels haven't made it to the States yet. Visonic's documentation is extremely poor - they're rife with mistakes and outdated information even documents on their website. Many of these mistakes cost me countless hours of wasted time. For example, if you buy the powerlink broadband module, you need to enter Visonics IP address so the module can 'register' with Visonic's server so you can see the alarm status over the internet. Nowhere in the printed documentation or online is the IP address. I couldnt get it from Visonic. I called Smarthome Tech support and was given wrong old IP addresses on 2 occasions. I finally found the address on internet forums the most useful resource comprised of other frustrated users. Lastly, Visonic's customer support is abysmal/non-existent. They have an attitude with end-users and won't talk with us only the trade. They dimiss my problems because I'm not a professional installer. Im no rocket scientist but I am a techno-geek who should be able to figure this stuff out -its not that complicated. Just publish current and accurate documentation! Kudos to Alarm Relay and even Smarthome Tech support who was very responsive to the end user - even if they were not adequately supported by the manufacturer.
    Alaska Bob -- anchorage, Alaska   12/11/2011
    I've got an older system without the GSM and it is a great system. It's a bit complicated to set up but once you figure out how the manuals are organized it's not too bad. There are more options that you can possibly imagine. I use one of the features to let me know when the kids are home from school and when they have disarmed the alarm. You really can't go wrong with this system. My house would be almost impossible to wire for a wired system so this fits the bill perfectly.
    ANTHONY -- hickory, NC   12/4/2011
    Easy to install and expand.
    ROBERT -- amarillo, TX   10/30/2011
    Taking my time installing the system and sensors, added more sensors today, and so far so good. I like the new state of the art motion sensors that allow your pets to room without triggering alarms, also like the wireless and gsm capability, and the ability to monitor for less than $10.00 per month. The tech support has been great when needed. Appears to be a great product that will fit my needs much better than other security systems. Thanks SmartHome. Alan
    JOHN -- pleasant hill, CA   9/1/2011
    Enough bugs to fill a museum. This thing will be great if it ever works. My review was delayed because I thought I would wait to review it until I got it working. Beautiful machine but nothing works unless everything works. I'm technically competent (professionally) and I've never been able to make this thing 'ready to arm'.I will be happy if it ever works... I'm not sure that will ever happen.
    MAGNO -- adolfo lopez mateos, XX   8/17/2011
    The description is not clear at all about the Internet connection that is not included
    CURTIS -- chicago, IL   7/14/2011
    This item is great. I was renovating a home I just purchased and was not living at the home. I had a digital lock which I gave contractors the code too. I was able to amr and disarm this system when they were not at the house working, but most importantly after disarming the alarm in the morning i could call the system and *7#, 3 to listen in on the house to see if they were in there working. There is a little learning curve as they're is myriad of options available, but this things beats ADT, or any of those other systems anyway (If you are latest slightly technology literate)


    Visonic Wireless Powercode Digital Mirror Pir Detector  Visonic Wireless and AC-Powered Outdoor Siren  Visonic MCS-720 Two-way Wireless Indoor Siren  Visonic All-in-one Universal PIR, 60ft x 60ft Range 
    Visonic Wireless Powercode Digital Mirror Pir Detector  Visonic Wireless and AC-Powered Outdoor Siren  Visonic MCS-720 Two-way Wireless Indoor Siren  Visonic All-in-one Universal PIR, 60ft x 60ft Range 
    Weatherproof Transmitter For Securelinc Care  4-Button Keyfob Remote  Visonic Wireless Door/Window Transmitter  Visonic Wireless Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector 
    Weatherproof Transmitter For Securelinc Care  4-Button Keyfob Remote  Visonic Wireless Door/Window Transmitter  Visonic Wireless Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector 
    Wireless Glassbreak Sensor  Visonic Wireless Flood And Water Detector  Visonic Wireless Supervised Temperature Detector  Wireless 2-Way Keypad 
    Wireless Glassbreak Sensor  Visonic Wireless Flood And Water Detector  Visonic Wireless Supervised Temperature Detector  Wireless 2-Way Keypad 
    Visonic Outdoor Wireless Octa-Quad Mirror Detector  Visonic Wireless Network Camera  Visonic Wireless Pan/Tilt Network Camera   
    Visonic Outdoor Wireless Octa-Quad Mirror Detector  Visonic Wireless Network Camera  Visonic Wireless Pan/Tilt Network Camera   

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