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RJ11 Connectors
RJ45 Connectors
Radio Frequency (RF)
Visonic (PowerCode)
X10 Compatible
Audible Indicator
LCD Display
LED Feedback
Initial Zone Capacity
2 Zones Included
Maximum Zones
30 Zones
Ease of Installation
Advanced (Installs > 60 minutes)
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Fully Supervised Wireless Alarm Control System with Partitioning
Smarthome SELECT SecureLinc 2 Wireless Home Security System
Smarthome SELECT SecureLinc 2 Wireless Home Security System
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Smarthome SELECT SecureLinc 2 Wireless Home Security System
Item# 73903P
Price: Normally $399.99 
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  • High-end, modular design with LCD-based user interface - Self contained, no need for external boxes
  • Supports up to 3 partitions and multiple common areas (optional)
  • Event reporting to: monitoring stations, SMS messages, e-mail, web apps, mobile and landline phones
  • Two-way PowerCode RF system with diversity antenna enables support for Visonic's two-way sirens and two-way keyfobs for instant feedback from the system
  • Internal or external power supply
  • Elder care application
  • 28 wireless zones with additional 2 hardwired ports, 1 siren port and 1 PGM port
  • Up to 72 hours battery backup
  • Supports 8 user codes
  • Full compliance with most international standards including FCC, EN50131 Grade 2 and more
  • Communicates over a land phone line
  • Integrated X10 interface for optional home automation control (requires the use of an X10 PSC04 or PSC05 module, no longer available on

Essential Info

Smarthome SELECT SecureLinc 2 Wireless Home Security System is an all-in-one wireless home security system that brings an entirely new level of versatility, connectivity and style to the world of home security. It lets homeowners view and control their homes from anywhere via any web browser or mobile phone, delivering ease of use and reliability, in an elegant, contemporary design.

The Smarthome SELECT SecureLinc 2 Wireless Home Security System's intelligent, professional grade architecture delivers exceptionally robust performance, starting with a fast and easy installation and setup. With its built-in PSTN communicator and X-10 home control interface, and the ability to add internal GSM/GPRS or Broadband IP communications modules, it offers users and installers outstanding flexibility: homeowners can select the home security system that matches their requirements and budget; and service providers gain the perfect platform for offering web-based security solutions.

Your system is equipped with a partitioning feature (only in a Smarthome SELECT SecureLinc 2 Partition system) that can divide your alarm system into four distinct areas identified as Partition 1 through 4. Partitioning can be used in installations where shared security systems are more practical, such as a home office or warehouse building. When partitioned, each zone, each user code and many of your system's features can be assigned to Partition 1 to 4. Note that proximity tags are not compatible for use when partition is enabled.

Adding the unique internal PowerLink module turns Smarthome SELECT SecureLinc 2 Wireless Home Security System into a fully managed web-based security and home control solution. This solution includes real-time camera surveillance and home control, alarm time image verification, mobile phone and email event notifications, and much more. Homeowners can be logged in to the system via any web browser.

Breeze through installation using intuitive menus and voice prompts. Reduce training time and customer support with the icon-based keypad and audio/visual system status notifications.

Note: The Visonic MKP-150 Wireless 2-Way Keypad will not function properly when enabling the partitioning feature of this product.

Also available with Internal GSM
Smarthome SELECT SecureLinc 2 Wireless Home Security System with Internal GSM


What's Included

  • One (1) Smarthome SecureLinc 2 Console
  • 2x - Door / Window Transmitters
  • 2x - Proximity Tag
  • 1x - Keyfob
  • 1x - Wireless Motion Detector
  • 2x - Lithium Battery
  • 1x - Ni-MH Backup Battery
  • 1x - AC Adapter
  • 1x - Phone Jack
  • 1x - Ethernet Cable
  • 2x - Ribbon Cables

  • More Info

    The Smarthome SELECT SecureLinc 2 Wireless Home Security System includes an optional partition feature. Partitioning allows you to have up to four independently controllable areas with different user codes assigned to each partition. Partitions provide highly flexible control in premises where multiple areas need to be monitored or secured independently. A partition can be armed or disarmed regardless of the status of the other partitions within the system. For example, you can define the garage as partition 1, the basement as partition 2, the house as partition 3 and a safe as partition 4. Since each partition is independent of other partitions, you can arm or disarm each partition as desired without altering the states of the other partitions. Therefore, while arming or disarming your home this will not interfere with the safe that you desire to arm most of the time. It can also be used in a residential or office building with multiple tenants, as it can be setup to allow each resident or multiple business offices to arm their area separately.

    You can control X10 compatible devices in X10 mode; please note however, X10 control requires the use of an X10 PSC04 or PSC05 module, no longer available on

    Smarthome SecureLinc users: The Smarthome SELECT SecureLinc 2 Wireless Home Security System is a direct replacement for the popular SecureLinc system. This panel works with all accessories that are compatible with SecureLinc.

    Visonic is producing this product for Smarthome under the SecureLinc name. Current inventory has the Visonic logo and PowerMax branding.

    Want Wireless Surveillance as Well?

    Wireless IP CameraIf you'd like to add a wireless surveillance camera to your home as well, we recommend the Smarthome Wireless IP Camera, sold separately, to provide maximum security. Smarthome also offers an Outdoor Wireless IP Camera.


    Manufacturer Smarthome
    Brand SELECT
    Manufacturer Product No.73903P
    Zones Number28 wireless, 2 hardwired (zones 29 & 30)
    Hardwired Zone Requirements2.2 K Ohms E.O.L. resistance (max. resistance of wires 220 Ohms)
    Zone TypesInterior follower, interior, perimeter, perimeter follower, delay 1, delay 2, 24h silent, 24h audible, fire, non-alarm, emergency, gas, flood, temperature and home / delay.
    User Codes8 codes, 4 digits each (9999 different combinations). Code 0000 is not allowed
    DisplaySingle line, Backlit 16-character LCD
    Alarm TypesSilent alarm, siren alarm or sounder (internal) alarm, in accordance with zone attributes
    Siren (bell) TimeoutProgrammable
    Internal Sounder OutputAt least 85 dBA at 10 feet (3 meters)
    SupervisionProgrammable time frame for inactivity alert
    X-10 Compatible Electronic devices used for home automation (up to fifteen X-10 units)
    Data RetrievalStatus, alarm memory, trouble, event log
    ProgrammingLocal and Remote Programming over Telephone, GSM /GPRS connections


    Wiring Diagram 1  Wiring Diagram 2     
    Wiring Diagram 1  Wiring Diagram 2     


    32 Ratings
    5 star: 41%  (13)
    4 star: 19%  (6)
    3 star: 9%  (3)
    2 star: 6%  (2)
    1 star: 25%  (8)
    Average Customer Rating
    (32 customer ratings)
    Share your thoughts with other customers
    Vegas guy -- Henderson nv   7/28/2014
    Most of the sensors that you buy for this lousy product doesn't pair with it : I have tried the visonic 320 and smoke alarm and co2 alarms they all will not pair...... Save your self a lot of money buy elk or 2 gig or any of the more reliable brands
    VIJAY -- bridgewateer, NJ   6/23/2014
    They have made it very complex to set this up.
    J Richmond -- central valley, California   6/10/2014
    I spent over $900 for this system and various components about a year and a half ago. It worked fairly well for a while, but then the system had a complete meltdown. I contacted Visonic for help, but since the system only has a year warranty, they couldn't help me. I then tried contacting Smarthome, and they're taking their time getting back to me. I definitely do not recommend this system. I have a Computer Science degree, so I like to think I'm at least a little technical, but the manual was still extremely confusing and convoluted, and it was missing important information that I ended up having to research on the internet. I never was able to get certain features working.
    PAUL -- flushing, MI   2/24/2014
    This is a great system, HOWEVER, I had a problem when installing it and I called Smarthome. The technical person told me they don't support technical problems on this item. He told me it is meant to be installed by a professional installer. Too bad they don't tell you that before you buy it. I called the company that built it and they only supply technical information to professional installers. Athough this is a nice unit that will do about everything be prepared to figure out technical issuses by yourself.
    Bill -- Minnesota   12/31/2013
    I've had this for just over a year now, and finally have some limited x-10 communication working. regardless of housecode or number selected, this keeps turning on the wrong lights when it turns them on at all. tried different outlets with the new interface I just got, no dice. x-10 issues aside, it has other rather stupid problems, the biggest of which is that this is a Visonic PowerMax Pro panel, rebranded for sale because it is a now discontinued item from Visonic. So now I'm stuck with a system that hardly works doing anything that I bought it for. At least it still beeps.
    Burned twice -- boston, MA   10/30/2013
    I have had the Powermax Pro for about 4 years, I had the Powermax + prior. Just as most other reviewers say, the system setup works but is convoluted, the installation manual has steps out of sequence for example turning the system on is cited prior to completing all the required hardware mechanical steps. This problem, among others, results in better experience for those who read the complete manual end to end prior to actually starting to do anything. The instructions for connecting sensors, setting parameters, etc. arcane, but they do work if you read the instructions carefully and follow/understand the flow charted figures. However, the most serious problem I have had with all Visonic components is fragility. None of the products I've had from Visonic have been reliable. While at first they function as advertised, over time the system exhibits odd behavior won't accept instructions, sporadic alarms, etc. eventually parts fail and are difficult/impossible to replace because they are no longer in production. The weakest part of the Visonic product line are their telephone and internet connections. Once the Ethernet port fails, you are SOL and must purchase a new upgrade to your alarm system. If you enjoy the challenge of assembling security alarms and enjoy being required to upgrade, then a Visonic product is fine for you. But if you expect whatever you set up to last for a long time, you should probably seek another product.
    WILLIAM -- pinckney, MI   4/14/2013
    Unit has a fair amount of features. User interface takes a while to understand when setting up. Manuals are helpful, but this is an area in need of improvement. Unit is quite thick and limits the placement. Functionally everything works well.
    bill -- florida   1/11/2013
    had for a couple of weeks- didnt find installation too difficult- took a 1/2 day to read the manual and sync with the sensors. but i do have an ancient degree in computer engineering. you will have to read the manual on this! there is no such thing as the quick start. Also it programs like a 5-10 year old phone- lots of key clicks to get to the right place. Basic in that you have two steps -1 sync the sensors and then 2 identify them and decide on the arming or type sensor they are. The only issue I had was that you have to close the window sensors after putting in the battery because they have a tamper sensor in them and it will interfere with the in a large house across three stories. I have it on the phone line but have bought the internet connection but have not installed that yet. So far seems to work great. The other issue I have is I bought a keypad panel because the main alarm is in the same box as the included keypad and you dont want that on the main entry wall... so add 100$ I am not trying to use the x10 or any exotic cameras, just want to get connected to an alarm monitor but have been testing myself for a couple of weeks first
    rob -- san diego ca   1/8/2013
    i just set this system up with alarm relay they now have ip monotoring, i got rid of my phone line becasue i thought i had to keep it for the system. the have an arim that wouks of my internet box. have had no problems with this since. great reliable system.
    JAVIER -- mexico, XX   12/24/2012
    Excelent kit
    D Beck -- salt lake city, Utah   6/2/2012
    This isn't worth the hassle. I'd send it back but since I've already installed the sensors and spent several hours trying to get it to work I don't want to spend any more time putting it back together for a return. I bought this with the IP module because it was SUPPOSED to email me security alerts which it doesn't. The documentation is terrible and I was told by Smarthome that it would cost me $25 to talk with a Visonic support rep. I don't want an old security system that uses phone lines for communication, I want one that uses IP since it affords so many more options. THIS CAN'T DO IT. The IP module is absolute crap. I've setup and installed a half dozen security systems and this is by far the worst. I was looking for a cheaper alternative to an ELK system my favorite but the few hundred dollars I saved isn't worth the extra hassle.
    J.Feyt -- Calgary   3/26/2012
    Excellent website, product line and technical data
    spree43 -- san francisco, CA   3/22/2012
    Had the previous version in my previous house, so I was very familiar with it already. This one is even better. Great, stable home alarm system with some nice features.
    EVERETT -- mcdonough, GA   3/12/2012
    Excellent product for wireless systems. Easy to install and program. They don't have a recessed wireless door/window transmitter available from Visonic, only surface mounts. Order shipment was slow. Order sat in Cal for 3 days at FedEx before leaving. Finally arrived after 8 days.
    LYLE -- clio, MI   1/30/2012
    started to hook it up,but had an emergency come up,and havent finished it yet. ill be needing another sensor when i get back to far so good lyle langworthy
    GEORGE -- chesterfield, MO   1/6/2012
    Good security system and REALLY easy to install. Telephone support was outstanding when I encountered a problem initiallizing system and called for help.
    BLAZE -- st. louis, MO   12/3/2011
    Good system, easy install. Only issue is that I am unable to add a * prefix to use my voip system for signalling. Currently, I am monitoring to my cell number but plan to use the cheap monitoring shortly. Head unt a little bigger than expected, but alot going on. Key fobs are great and work well. , alarm loud, chime announecments work well if you want them.
    WILLIAM -- burnsville, MN   10/31/2011
    Difficult to setup as it's hard to remember how to get to things without having the book handy. works though.
    Bill D. -- Minnesota   10/12/2011
    The item description says it comes with one ethernet cable, which leads one to believe that it has IP/network capability built-in. I ordered this system, and it does not come with a ethernet cable, and does not have the IP module. Buyer beware. However, I am overall satisifed with the system. You really need to read the manual once before you install this and enroll sensors and stuff. The built-in alarm is quite loud, the chime functions are nice, and the keyfobs work well even through exterior walls or a couple floors in a house. It was harder to install the sensors than it was to actually enroll and configure them.
    CONSTANTIN -- redmond, WA   7/26/2011
    This is a very flexible security system. Only 3-4W power consumption. Takes some time to install and taking time to read instructions before you start is key. Few learnings that I found important: - when started the device will keep saying MEMORY TRBL which is normal until instalation is final - enroll all the sensors before installing the alarm box on the wall Cons: - only one key fob as part of the kit - the alarm box is way bigger than expected


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    Visonic Wireless Powercode Digital Mirror Pir Detector  Visonic Wireless and AC-Powered Outdoor Siren  Visonic 99-301037 10-Foot GSM Antenna for the Visonic GSM-350  Visonic MCS-720 Two-way Wireless Indoor Siren 
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    Wireless 2-Way Keypad       
    Wireless 2-Way Keypad       

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