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Easy Remote Home Monitoring and Temperature Control!
Sensaphone 800
Sensaphone® 800 - Remote Monitoring and Control System
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Remote Lighting Control
Sensaphone 800 - Remote Monitoring and Control System
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  • Fully-programmable system offers extensive remote monitoring and control capability via telephone
  • Calls out up to eight phone numbers to notify you of abnormal conditions
  • Built-in temperature, noise and power failure sensors, along with a microphone for listen-in monitoring
  • Eight hardwired inputs available for other home security and environmental sensors
  • One hardwired relay output for controlling a thermostat, lights, appliances or other low-voltage relay

Essential Info

Protect and monitor your vacation home, cabin or cottage, even when you can't be there! Doing so is made easy and convenient with the use of a Sensaphone 800. It is a monitoring system for your residence that is managed via your telephone. It will detect potential disastrous problems and monitor environmental conditions, calling out up to eight different numbers when there is a change or abnormal condition; it also allows you to remotely control devices via your telephone or cell phone. It is simple to install, program and operate; no changes to standard electrical or telephone service is required.

There are three sensors built-in to the Sensaphone 800; these sensors detect temperature, loud noise and when there is a power failure. With eight hardwired inputs available, additional sensors can be added to monitor such things as a water leak, changes in humidity, outdoor temperature, glass breaking, motion detection and opening windows or doors; you can even monitor environmental conditions such as wind, rain and freezing outdoor temperatures. The Sensaphone offers the added ability to customize the voice message you will receive to describe each alarm. For further peace of mind, if a phone was accidentally left off the hook, the Sensaphone has a line-seize feature which will automatically re-establish a dial tone to make an outgoing alarm call. You also have the ability to use a unique listen-in feature; a built-in a microphone allows you to call in and listen for live activity at any time.

The Sensaphone 800 takes remote monitoring a giant leap forward with the ability to control devices remotely using the built-in relay output. By connecting your thermostat, you can call in and set the temperature hours before you arrive, ensuring that the house is comfortable and cozy from the moment you walk in the door. You can also use INSTEON devices with your Sensaphone and periodically call in to turn on lights and appliances, giving your home that lived in look while you're away. If you want to grant entry access to trusted neighbors when you aren't around, connect and electronic door strike to remotely lock and unlock your front door. While the Sensaphone 800 comes with a plug-in AC power supply, six C batteries are required for calling out in event of power failure, sold separately. If you prefer having the option to receive notifications via email/text message, consider the Sensaphone Web 600.


What's Included

  • Sensaphone 800 - Remote Monitoring and Control
  • AC Power Adapter
  • Owner's Manual
  • More Info

    Optional Input Sensors for the Sensaphone
    Out of the box, the Sensaphone 800 has built-in sensors for temperature, noise and power failure. You can expand the monitoring capabilities of the Sensaphone by using any of the eight inputs for sensors, so long as the sensors use normally-open or normally-closed contacts. Examples of compatible sensors include:
  • Water Sensor: detect flooding in areas such as a basement, laundry room, bathroom or garage
  • Humidity Sensor: ensure that moisture levels remain safe for all critical equipment
  • Indoor Temperature Sensor: monitor additional temperature-sensitive areas of your property
  • Outdoor Temperature Sensor: weatherproof temperature probe monitors outdoor temperature
  • Glass Break Sensor: triggers the Sensaphone system upon the sound of breaking glass
  • Indoor Motion Sensor: uses infrared to monitor the movement of warm bodies in a specific area
  • Door and Window Magnetic Contact: ideal for monitoring normally closed doors, windows, and sliding doors
  • Smoke Detector: for an instant alert in the event of a fire
  • Wind Sensor: to get an idea of what the surfing conditions are at the beach house
  • Rain Sensor: in case you want to postpone the trip until a dryer weekend
  • Freeze Sensor: in case you want an idea of what the snow conditions are like for your snowboarding trip

    Thermostat Control for the Sensaphone
    The Sensaphone 400 has a built-in relay output that gives you the option of remotely controlling a thermostat via your telephone. For basic thermostat control, you can connect from the Sensaphone’s output relay to the Aube 7-day programmable thermostat. Just add a 12-Volt adapter to the loop for the low voltage trigger. For advanced thermostat control using INSTEON, simply connect the output relay from the Sensaphone to an I/O Linc and link the I/O Linc to an INSTEON-compatible thermostat.

    Controlling Lights or Appliance with the Sensaphone
    The built-in relay on the Sensaphone can also be used to remotely control lights or appliances using INSTEON or X10 home automation devices. For basic INSTEON control, connect an I/O Linc to the Sensaphone relay output and link the I/O Linc with an INSTEON LampLinc and/or an ApplianceLinc. For basic X10 control, connect a Powerflash Module to the Sensaphone relay output and Linc the Powerflash Module with a Lamp Module and or Appliance Module. All INSTEON and X10 devices sold separately.

    Access Control with the Sensaphone
    Using the relay output, you also have the option to increase home security by remotely granting visitors entry access with the use of an electric door strike (also requires a power supply), each sold separately. This Schlage compatible door strike replaces your existing strike plate with an electro-mechanical release mechanism, when connected with the Sensaphone, you remotely call in and lock or unlock your door. This gives you the ability to have friends or neighbors check on your home if you are notified of an emergency while you are away.

    Other Built-In Features of the Sensaphone
  • 8 user-selectable inputs, temperature or dry-contact
  • Microphone monitors high sound alarms and enables remote listen-in
  • AC power failure sensing with variable recognition time
  • Battery condition monitor (uses 6 "C" alkaline batteries)
  • Clock

    Advanced Capabilities
  • User Programmable: alarm recognition time, call delay, inter-call delay, message repetitions
  • Temperature sensing in Fahrenheit (-20°F to 150°F), or Celsius (-29°C to 65°C)
  • Individual temperature input calibration
  • Non-volatile memory for all programmed parameters
  • The relay outputs are controlled by a low-voltage relay that can handle 30V AC/DC up to 1 Amp (maximum)

    Versatile Dial-Out Capabilities
  • Alert sensors trigger pulse or tone dial-out automatically
  • Dials 8 phone numbers, up to 32 digits each
  • Continues dialing numbers in sequence, until acknowledged
  • Call Progress: Intelligently detects ringing or busy signal
  • Intelligent dial out to beepers and pagers

    Easy Control Access
  • Keypad for local programming and status report
  • Unit can be called from any phone to verify status of all monitored conditions
  • Local or remote enabling/disabling of all dial-out conditions
  • Can share a single phone line with an answering machine, allowing full operation of both units
  • Programmable security code access

  • Specifications


    Sensaphone Product No.:FGD-0800
    Battery:Uses 6 "C" alkaline batteries (not included), providing up to 24 hours of back-up time
    Power Supply:120 VAC / 9VDC 60Hz 6W wall plug-in transformer w/ 6' cord
    Inputs:8 phone numbers, up to 32 digits each
    Temperature sensing range:Fahrenheit (-20°F to 150°F) or Celsius (-29°C to 65°C)
    Weight:2.0 lbs
    Dimensions:2.1" x 7.8" x 8.8"
    Enclosure:Indoor-rated plastic housing suitable for wall or desktop installation

    Important notes:
    Only merchandise credit for defective items returned within 30 days of purchase. No other returns allowed on this item.
    Manufacturer contact information: Sensaphone Inc, Tel: (877) 373-2700 Ext 260


    Input/Output Wiring Connections  Dual Remote Thermostat Control  Remote Thermostat Control  Remote Lighting Control 
    Input/Output Wiring Connections  Dual Remote Thermostat Control  Remote Thermostat Control  Remote Lighting Control 
    Listen to a Sample Status Report       
    Listen to a Sample Status Report       


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    LARRY -- lancaster, MA   11/1/2010
    An enhanced version of the model 1108, which this unit replaced in our application. It is working well and we are pleased with it. Our sound recorded messages were good, but included a noticeable background hum. Our recordings were certainly understandable, but not as good as the sound quality of the canned messages.
    NATHAN -- des moines, IA   3/9/2009
    Does what it is supposed to. Fairly hackable too!
    Tom -- Vermont   1/25/2009
    We have the older version of the Sensaphone 800 installed. It has been up and running in our home continuously for seven years, now, and has prevented major freezing damage on several occasions. We have it connected directly to our oil burner's fault terminals. If the heating system goes into lockup, if the power goes off, if the temp in the house goes too high or low, if the smoke alarm goes off in our boiler room the unit has a noise sensor we know it within minutes -- regardless of where are -- since the Sensaphone dials out to all of our numbers. In a word, this unit is awesome. It's easy to configure, too. Anyone who has a home that they are away from for more than a day or two at a time should definitely consider getting one.
    Ben -- baton rouge, Louisiana   2/25/2008
    Gives us the peace of mind we need to leave or 2nd home unattended. We now know when someone is entering the home or if the systems are working in the house. We use to pay someone hundreds of dollars per month to monitor the home, now we don''t need to and I feel just as secure. Good service from Smarthome too.
    Connie -- chicago, IL   7/4/2007
    This saved us literally thousands of $$$ at our vacation home. Last winter, the temperature dropped below freezing and the heater went off, if it hadn't been for the sensaphone, our entire wood floors though-out the home would have been ruined.
    C M -- austin, TX   4/21/2007
    This is a wonderful device for us. 6a 1000 gal salt-water aquarium. We have two cats that like to unhook tubes and pipes. The combination creates spewing water when we are not around. Now we get a call so that we can come home and fix the problem before it gets too big. If it would just clean the litter box it would be perfect.


    Sensaphone 24V Power Supply for 4-20mA Sensors  Water Sensor  Glass Break Sensor  Door and Window Magnetic Contact 
    Sensaphone 24V Power Supply for 4-20mA Sensors  Water Sensor  Glass Break Sensor  Door and Window Magnetic Contact 
    I/O Linc - INSTEON Low Voltage / Contact Closure Interface ( 1 In / 1 Out )  X10 Powerflash Interface  Electric Door Strike For Schlage Locks (8-12vdc)   
    I/O Linc - INSTEON Low Voltage / Contact Closure Interface ( 1 In / 1 Out )  X10 Powerflash Interface  Electric Door Strike For Schlage Locks (8-12vdc)   

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