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Manage up to 255 Cao Gadget Motion and Water Sensors from a Web-Enabled Device
Cao Gadgets Wireless Sensor Tag Manager Controller
Cao Gadgets Wireless Sensor Tag Manager Controller
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Slim Design Rear View Product Diagram
Cao Gadgets Wireless Sensor Tag Manager Controller
Item# 69532
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  • Controllable from iOS, Android, PC and Mac devices
  • Communicates with up to 255 wireless sensor tags
  • Receive text, tweet or email notifications
  • Connects to network via Ethernet cable
  • 700 foot range (line of sight)
  • Activate beep function on tags to locate missing sensors

Essential Info

Keep tabs on all of the doors, drawers, gates, and more in your home or office with Cao Gadgets' Wireless Sensor Tag Manager Controller. Acting as the systems brain, the Tag Manager connects to your home router via an Ethernet cable (included) and is powered by a standard household AC outlet. The Tag Manager Controller is controllable from web-enabled devices through a free app for iOS and Android as well as from a PC or Mac computer. After setup users can now enroll up to 255 Cao Gadget sensor tags (sold separately) to the Tag Manager which can communicate with one-another from up to 700 feet away. Through the Ethernet Tag Manager's app or web browser, users can now view the status of all connected tags while also setting up email, text, tweet, audible, and push notifications. The alerts can be used to notify users in the event doors are left opened or closed, objects are moved, items leave the monitoring range, or if a leak has sprung. The Tag Manager also gives the option to activate a "beep" function on sensors allowing them to also serve as item location devices for things such as keys or remotes which seem to typically get misplaced.
Product Demonstration


What's Included

  • 1x - Wireless Sensor Tag Manager Controller
  • 1x - AC Adapter Power Supply
  • 1x - Ethernet Cable

  • More Info

    Indicator Lights
  • Error: Flashes when trying to configure itself to connect to the Internet (when acquiring IP address through DHCP). Rapidly flashes when trying to connect to web service.

  • Connected: Lights up when connected to the cloud based web service.

  • Update: Flashes when forwarding a Wireless Sensor Tag reading to the web service.

  • Login: Lights up when connection is temporarily interrupted (when trying to re-connect to the web service).

  • Radio: Gradually ramps up and down when radio is ready to receive sensor tag readings; becomes solid when radio is transmitting a command to Wireless sensor tags.

  • ISY compatibility
    Open the detail pane of a tag in the Cao Gadget Wireless Sensor Tag Manager Controller interface, then select "options" and choose "URL Calling." Locate the event, or events, you wish to enable URL calling for and then click on them and enter your REST web service URL. With an ISY web service home automation controller you can now set scenes using the Cao Gadget sensor tags. For example, program a garage light to turn on when a door is opened leading into the garage.


    ManufacturerCao Gadgets
    Manufacturer Product No.2
    DimensionsD 1.88 inches x W 2.15 inches x H 0.89 inches
    Max Sensors255
    ControliOS and Android devices through free app, PC and Mac through web browser
    NotificationsText, email, push notification and audible alert
    Ethernet Port10Base-T
    PowerAC adaptor
    100-240V, 50/60Hz
    5V output
    RangeUp to 700 feet line of sight with sensors


    Slim Design  Rear View  Product Diagram   
    Slim Design  Rear View  Product Diagram   


    54 Ratings
    5 star: 56%  (30)
    4 star: 35%  (19)
    3 star: 7%  (4)
    2 star: 0%  (0)
    1 star: 2%  (1)
    Average Customer Rating
    (54 customer ratings)
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    Dan -- chico, Ca   5/1/2014
    The tag manager has worked exceedingly well. I was most impressed by the option it has to do http get commands when a sensor trips. It makes it very easy to tie into other automation systems. The only thing I'd like them to fix is to add the ability to send an alert on open and then another on if something has been open too long. So far I can only do one or the other and not both for the same sensor.
    RvanV -- fairfield, CT   3/29/2014
    As a non-tech and minimally gadget oriented type, this kit has been a breeze to set-up. What may be light in the way of instruction and reference material is soon overcome by just doing - i.e. letting your intuition run with it. My primary application has to do with water detection. The tag has exceeded expectations for its sensitivity and has capabilities well beyond the need. And so, I'm excited to expand on this one horse as I'm now open to and finding many other uses for the technology.
    Marcis -- riga, Latvia   3/14/2014
    Super easy to set up and works as advertised. Ability to check it on my iPhone is great !
    Raymond Johansson CCNA Instructor -- helsingborg, Sweden   3/13/2014
    I imported the controller and motion sensor to Sweden. It arrived quickly with no problems. A quick glance at the documentation, and the device was up and running i no time. It would be nice if you could get at the controller with some API if you are an expert.
    John -- irvine, CA   3/13/2014
    The Tag Manager itself is really small, but has really good range. My Tag Manager is on the top floor, at the back of a 3 story apartment building, and the furthest Tag I have is on the first floor/ground level in front of the building, monitoring my garage door. There is one unit directly in front of me on the same top/third floor, two units directly below me on the second floor, and one unit at the back of the bottom floor behind my garage. I must pick up at least 20+ different wifi signals when I scan my phone for wifi, and I have had no problems with signal interference. You can also change the frequency of the Tag Manager if it does interfere with your Tags. You can also setup the Tag Manager through your phone/tablet have an iPhone 5s and Nexus 7 or set it on online. I had no problems just using the kumostat app on iOS to initially setup my Tag Manager. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the Tag and Tag manager. Easy to setup, app is well designed, and alerts me every time my garage door opens or closes.
    Burns99 -- chicago, IL   3/13/2014
    Great product!
    S C -- anc, AK   3/13/2014
    I received my Tag Manager and two tags, it took about 30 minutes to setup the Tag manager and tags on an Ipad, Mac air, PC and Itouch. Tag manager failed but was replaced very quickly at no cost including shipping, very good support. The interface is easiest on the Mac air because of the full screen, but once you have completed it on one device it all falls in line. I am using the tags to monitor the house while away for the day or week we can make sure the temp. Is within the limits we set and the doors if some one enters. If any anomaly occurs it messages our phones and computers. I am very satisfied with this product it does what it is suppose to at a reasonable price, I am considering adding the thermostat control next. Thank you,
    HomeControl -- olympia, Washington   3/12/2014
    I have been looking for a low cost introduction to home automation that has the ability to grow. My main concern currently is to know if one of the doors or windows has moved and this system will do this and more. The Tag Manager is the central part of the system allowing you to connect to the internet and monitor your tags/sensors. It was easy to set-up and get it going. I wasn't sure if it would actually reach where I had mounted my tag but it does. I have it monitoring my mailbox door which is about 220 feet away. It is all line of sight and haven't tried it any place else yet.
    chris b -- phoenix, Arizona   3/12/2014
    Lots of fun. The URL calls in the API make it so you can pretty much create anything you want with the tags. Good customer support as well.
    John -- glasgow , scotland   3/11/2014
    Very good product, works very well, using for home security, a good way of monitoring you if you've got pets
    Jason_Aus -- Gold Coast Australia   3/11/2014
    Great product, simple to get started, and now able to monitor the temperature of my house during our hot Australian summers.
    Dave E -- austin, TX   3/10/2014
    Due to help-yourself transients in my area, I've looked for ways to monitor my garage door for years. Wireless sensor tags proved to be a great solution. I set the tag to notify me if the garage door has been open too long, and haven't forgotten it since. As a bonus, I'm informed on my smart phone whenever someone comes home no matter where I am in the world. These things are great!
    Eric from France -- France   3/10/2014
    I have order 1 reader and 2 tags for personal use. Good products with friendly look. I don't regret my choice but two problem for me : I would prefer use my own server instead CAO'server and this products hanve'n CE Europe certificates...
    Alex -- Finland   3/10/2014
    Very easy to set up. Battery level on the motion and moisture sensors drops quite fast at first, which makes you think they are not going to last that long, but now having used them very frequently for about 4 months the battery levels are still at 91%-94%. Looks like they will last for years. I have motion sensor at the front door and on the fridge door, so they are in very frequent use. I have the system set up so that I receive a quick banner on my iPhone whenever there is movement. Great to see when the kids get home after school. Just wondering why the fridge door always opens a few times while the cleaning woman is around... Some small improvements would be great, but I am sure the guys at Cao Gadgets are working at this. Great system, absolutely recommened.
    Eric -- toronto, Ontario   3/10/2014
    Excellent product. Very easy to install and configure. I would highly recommend this product to anyone.
    Yonas -- orange county, CA   3/10/2014
    Works good and installation was reasonably easy. I ordered two motion sensors and one tag manager. Range is good and no trouble accessing the wireless sensors. Unfortunately, one of the sensors came defected and their tech support offered to replace at no cost. I haven’t received it yet but I’m hoping it will arrive shortly.
    John 547 -- camarillo, Ca   3/10/2014
    Purchased the controller a week ago along with two motion sensors. The installation was simple and I had the system installed and working in less than an hour with the sensors. on my garage doors. Now when I leave the house I don't have to wonder whether I closed the doors. I plan to install more sensors on all my exterior door.
    Larry -- ventura, California   3/10/2014
    The Cao Gadgets Wireless Sensor Tag Manager Controller was easy to install even without instructions, I believe there are instructions on the website if you need them. Anyone with home network experience shouldn't have any problem. The Ethernet connection works well, but a wifi connection would eliminate a wire and allow more location options. When adding a Motion Sensor to the Controller in the IOS app there was no indication that it had been added successfully, after a couple of attempts I found all I had to do was scroll up on the sensor list to see it had been added. Hope to see an app software update to automatically display the added sensor soon. So far I'm happy with the device, use it to monitor our garage door, no more circling back to make sure that it is closed after we leave. Review wouldn't let me select 4 star rating.
    DadoT -- washington, DC   3/10/2014
    I bought 8 sensor tags and the base unit. The installation is very simple and the units reliable. Connecting to the sensor units is very easy and takes no time. I have more to learn about the system and how best to use it, but for now I'm very happy. They are going to release a thermostat that's what the dude - Gadgetearlyadopter - couldn't figure out and I'm going to look hard at that. These tags have temperature sensors so with the thermostat I think I can tell the thermostat to turn the heat/AC on or off based on any of the sensors. So, I want my bedroom cool at night; so instead of setting the thermostat on the main level, I will be able to base it on the bedroom. I would recommend this system - it is a very economical monitoring system that will grow with sophistication for an automated house.
    AHouriet -- doylestown, PA   3/9/2014
    I was able to get this up and running and capturing temperature data in about 5 minutes. It doesn't get much easier than that. Excellent!


    Cao Gadgets Wireless Motion and Temperature Sensor Tag  Cao Gadgets Wireless Water Sensor     
    Cao Gadgets Wireless Motion and Temperature Sensor Tag  Cao Gadgets Wireless Water Sensor     

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