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WindyNation WGN-CWTK-75 WindTura 750 Complete Wind Turbine Kit
WindyNation WGN-CWTK-75 WindTura 750 Complete Wind Turbine Kit
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Permanent Magnet Alternator Yaw Mount Mounting Hardware
WindyNation WGN-CWTK-75 WindTura 750 Complete Wind Turbine Kit
Item# 68301
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  • Comes with everything needed to assemble the wind turbine
  • Produces up to 800W of power in 29mph wind
  • Produces up to 1100W of power in 35mph wind
  • Works with both 12 Volt and 24 Volt battery banks
  • Furling allows turbine to withstand high wind speeds

Essential Info

The WGN-CWTK-75 WindTura 750 Complete Wind Turbine Kit from Windy Nation allows its user to capture the kinetic energy of the wind to generate electricity. The WindTura 750 is capable of producing 800 Watts of power in 29mph wind speeds and as much as 1100 Watts of power in 35mph wind speeds. This generated electricity can be used for applications such as to feed a grid tie inverter, off grid power or to charge 12 Volt or 24 Volt battery banks. The electricity is captured by three, 35 inch blades which use the kinetic energy of the wind to rotate its 3 phase AC permanent magnet alternator. Electrical power is produced by the rotation of the permanent magnet alternator and is then transferred by 3 electrical wires to ground level.

To protect itself from damage and failure in high wind conditions the WindTura 750 uses a method referred to as furling. The assembled tail is attached to the yaw mount which is on a 20 degree angled pivot bar. This pivot bar is what allows the yaw mount and generator to rotate away from the wind as speeds gust over 30mph. Once wind speeds exceed roughly 30mph the generator and blades will begin to rotate out of the wind as a result of the rotational inertia of the spinning blades. As wind speed continues to increase the generator and blades will continue to rotate out of the wind until they reach nearly 90 degrees to ensure they are protected. When the wind speed returns to a speed of 30mph or lower the generator and blades will begin to unfurl and face the wind directly again to ensure optimum performance. Without this rotation away from the wind the turbines generator would begin rotating at such high rpms that the current (amps) produced would be too much heat for the generator to handle causing it to overheat and breakdown. To ensure that the furling mechanism works correctly it is important to make sure the tower is installed vertically and it is recommended that a level be used to confirm this. If the WindTura is not mounted vertically then the generator and blades can begin to furl at undesignated wind speeds. For optimum performance it is recommended that the turbine be mounted 20 feet above all nearby objects.

Please Note:Your Windy Nation WindTura 750 Wind Turbine is designed with your personal safety as the first priority. However, there are still some inherent dangers involved with any electrical and/or mechanical equipment. Safety must be the primary concern as you plan the location, installation and operation of the turbine.


What's Included

  • 1x - Generator / Yaw Mount
  • 1x - Permanent Magnet Alternator or PMA (pre-attached to generator/yaw mount)
  • 1x - 3 phase slip ring + strain relief (pre-attached to generator/yaw mount)
  • 1x - Yaw bushing
  • 1x - Tail boom
  • 1x - Tail mounting bracket
  • 1x - Directional Tail
  • 3x - 35 inch WindGrabber Blades
  • 1x - Stainless steel 3-blade hub
  • 1x - All necessary bolts, nuts and washers to make connections to assemble
  • 1x - Owner's manual

  • More Info

    For detailed installation instructions please refer to the owner's manual in the overview section and/or installation videos below. Make sure to review installation warnings before installation to ensure a safe setup.

    Please note the following setup videos are interchangeable and used for both the WindTura 500 and WindTura 750

    Step 1:

    Step 2:

    Step 3:

    Step 4:

    Step 5:

    Step 6:

    Step 7:

    Demonstration and explanation of the furling


    ManufacturerWindy Nation Inc
    Manufacturer Product No.WGN-CWTK-75
    DimensionsL 36in x W 36in x H 12in
    Weight56 lbs
    Rotor Diameter79in / 200.7 cm
    Survival Wind Speed105mph or 47 m/s or 169 kph
    Initial Power Generator Wind Speed6-8 mph
    Rated Power800 Watts at 29 mph wind speed
    Battery Bank SpecificationsSuitable for 12 and 24 volt battery banks
    Recommended Fuse for 12 Volt System
    Recommended Fuse for 24 Volt System
    60 amp slow blow
    60 amp slow blow
    Speed at which Furling begins30-32 mph
    Warranty2 year limited

    Maintenance Instructions
    Required MaintenanceFrequencyNotes
    Grease Pivot BarOnce a yearRefer to steps 1 & 2 of figure 6 in owner’s manual
    Grease Tower PipeOnce a yearRefer to step 1a of figure 3 in owner’s manual
    Inspect blades for dents, chips & cracks. Clean blades of any dirt or debrisOnce a yearReplace blade(s) if structural integrity is compromised
    Inspect all fastener connections Once a year Tighten fasteners if loose. Replace fasteners if corrosion is present
    Inspect all electrical connections Once a year Fix or replace as needed if connection is bad or corrosion is present
    Recommended to replace 750 Watt generator bearingsFor optimal performance, we suggest to replace bearings every 7-10 yearsCar mechanic shops are capable of replacing bearings
    Check tower angle is verticalTwice a yearRe-align tower angle when necessary
    Important notes:
    Only defective exchanges for identical item within 30 days of purchase. No other returns allowed on this item. For defective returns after 30 days, please contact the manufacturer.
    Manufacturer contact information: Windy Nation Inc, Tel: (805) 323-6445 Ext


    Permanent Magnet Alternator  Yaw Mount  Mounting Hardware   
    Permanent Magnet Alternator  Yaw Mount  Mounting Hardware   


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    Average Customer Rating
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    Billy Jackson -- clara city, Minnesota   7/25/2013
    I just love the turbine and the production is as claims. I also ha Hy-Energy 600watt turbine that came with the 3 stocked blades. So I bought the Blue Hyper Spin P series blades and the reason I bought them cause the blades are rated at 600rpms and the 600watt turbine is rated at 600rpms so this is a match! So I replaced the 3 stocked blades and got the 3 Hyper Spins and now I make some power1! Start up is a 2.0 wind now cool!!! All that Windy Nation sells are good quality and stand behind their product's!!
    David Wilson -- Idaho   2/3/2013
    I have been running my Windtura 750 for 3.5 years in northern Idaho. I can tell you with 100% confidence that the negative reviews on this webpage are nothing but BS. The Windtura 750 is ridiculously well built and reliable for the price. Here is my data on the wind turbine with over 3 years of data logging into a 24V battery bank: 10 mph wind = 2 amps, 15 mph wind = 7 amps, 20 mph wind = 12 amps, 25 mph wind = 23 amps, 30 mph wind = 33 amps. The turbine has never failed me and has never been out of operation in 3.5 years. I have spoken to the company and they are very honest about where the wind turbine is manufactured. They told me the generator head is made in China and that the frame/mount, blades, hub, slip ring and bushings are 100% manufactured and assembled in the USA. Shoot, I don't really care where it is made as long as it works. My advice is that if you are considering getting a wind turbine in the 500-100 Watt range, you should STRONGLY consider the Windtura 750. Call the company and ask them to provide you the phone numbers of a couple of customers who have purchased the Windtura 750. Call the customers and ask them some questions. Get the truth from actual customers. Don't rely on internet reviews that could be true or completely false. Call or contact REAL customers and get the truth. $1000 is a lot of money and you really should make the effort to get the truth.
    Tom Rent -- lakeville, Minnesota   11/11/2012
    When I made the purchase from Windy Nation. They where very helpful on installion. But now that it's been two years and the stator burned up from shorting out, becuase of rust on the inside. Now they don't want to help me and won't reply back. I was very happy in the beging. Now I realized it didn't evan have a chance to pay itself off. what a waste of money.
    Rick -- Illinois   11/11/2012
    Windy Nation fails to explain that the Windtura pma that is used on there wind turbines is made in China and is no more than an electric motor made for conveyer belts. They rust out quite quickly and are not sealed at all, that's what happened to mine after a few months. When i contacted Al the owner he said i must have done it myself?? Really, i made it rust out inside? Al was rude and basically told me to bad. Stay away from this company unless you want to flush your money down the toilet. Scam and bad reviews is all i find except the GOOD rating they have wrote themselves on this review page. The Windtura 750 and there Rover wind turbine is a scam with plenty of complaints on there blades also. Windy Nation shows videos of there Windtura putting out power but you never see the wind turbine running in those videos, Scam? Go somewhere else.
    Dave B. -- carson, WA   8/17/2012
    I Purchased a Windtura Kit and a few other assorted products and I'm very pleased with the quality of the product and the excellent service. Windy Nation has a nice forum for follow-up questions and excellent technical advice. They have been very helpful and quick to respond to any of my questions or comments. This is a very solidly built, well made wind turbine. Materials used are Stainless Steel for shaft and end casings and main housing is high grade aluminum. Sealed bearings, N42 neodymium magnets and 14 gauge stator wire make this a very good choice for low to medium wind speeds in a harsh environment. The heavy duty aluminum blades and rotor are precision cut either laser or water jet, not sure and are a great match for the Windtura Permanent Magnet Alternator PMA. These turbines are highly superior to any of the car alternator types and produce very impressive real world results at realistic RPMs ... very unlike the wild claims of many other manufacturers of small wind turbines which only produce good results when run at unrealistic, very high RPMs. I'm impressed with both the well made products at Windynation and the excellent ongoing service they provide. I really like the way they stand behind their products and have lots of real world testing with realistic results. I'm glad I purchased these products from Windynation and will continue to shop there. I highly recommend them.
    The Truth About The 750 -- Ventura county CA   8/15/2012
    I am the Steve lott in the post above....i did not write this review. I DO HAVE A WINDY NATION 750 and it has been on my pole for over a year and has worked flawlessly ...super quit....HIGHLY RECOMEND THIS TURBINE. I WOULD GO BACK IN SECONDS TO BUY ANOTHER ONE IF I NEEDED IT....Again to post above is from WN competitor MWS and has made the false report before using my name..PLEASE IGNORE ..IT IS ALL LIES... You can watch my video of my 750 on will see it making 42 amps in less than 30MPH WIND...
    Steve Lott -- oxnard, California   6/3/2012
    After a year on the pole I decided to take it apart I noticed right away the stator was rusting. That's not suppose to happen, because they claim it's a seal motor. I could amagine if I left it up for a couple of year's. It would short out and start a fire. I highly recommend not to purchase this turbine.
    nader -- maui   11/10/2011
    Here are real watts you can expect from this turbine running on a 12 volt batterry bank. 8 mph = 24. 12 mph=61 13=57 watts 14=71 16=100 17 =111watts 20 mph = 200 watts 19= 167watts 18=141 28= 374 to 413 30mph=474 32mph = 527 34mph=547. I did a lot of reseach and you can check for yourself on their own honest video showing reading with wind. This turbine and sunforce 600 have simillar curve...sunforce works great for me..a bit noisy but feels good!

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