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The Perfect Choice as a Smart Investment for a Renewable Energy Solution
WindMax HY-1000-24 HYenergy 1000W 24V 5 Blade Residential Wind Turbine for Low Wind
WindMax HY-1000-24 HYenergy 1000W 24V 5 Blade Residential Wind Turbine for Low Wind
WindMax HY-1000-24 HYenergy 1000W 24V 5 Blade Residential Wind Turbine for Low Wind
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  • Higher Power Output Small Wind turbine system
  • Great for cabins, backup power, battery charging, RV and remote power
  • Can be used as either wind turbine only or wind/solar hybrid system
  • Perfect Wind turbine system to compliment existing solar systems
  • No vibrations, nearly silent operations

Essential Info

A small home wind turbine is a long term investment. Before you purchase a wind turbine, the first factor to consider is if the energy produced by a wind turbine can pay for itself in 10 years or less. In order to achieve this, the wind turbine must be a high quality, reliable, maintenance free wind turbine with excellent performance. The second factor to consider is installation and ownership cost. Poor reliability, low quality and high maintenance will greatly increase ownership cost and make the wind turbine impossible to pay for itself. The third factor is environment and safety. A small home wind turbine should be safe for high winds, quiet and have no vibrations to make it residential/home friendly. WindMax HYenergy® wind turbines can meet the above requirements and do much more:
  • Designed and built by an experienced wind turbine technology R&D team that are committed to innovation and quality
  • CE certified for "Small Wind Turbine with High Reliability"
  • ISO certified for "Design, Development and Manufacture of Small Wind Turbines"
  • Amazingly quiet operation with little or no vibration
  • Reliable two-moving-part maintenance free design. No problematic furling
  • Fully automatic with blade aerodynamic braking and controller electromagnetic braking
  • High efficiency is achieved by matching design of the generator and blades
  • Patented Blades with twisted aerodynamic design and high efficiency are made using the latest advanced thermoplastic engineering and precision injection molding technology for highest strength, consistency of quality, performance and durability
  • Easy installation, no welding needed. Pole connector provided for standard Schedule 40 2" pipe pole.
  • Brushless Generator: NO motor brushes in our generator and a maintenance-free design with strong neodymium magnets
  • Old style generators have motor brushes that require regular maintenance. Brushes are high failure items and need replacements regularly.
  • The blades are made of high-strength Nylon-fiberglass materials. They are not the hollow fiberglass blades which are dangerous in high wind and need to be replaced in a couple of years
The H series wind turbine is designed to provide higher actual energy output in variable wind conditions and high wind conditions, It has maintenance-free design, all major parts are built with stainless steel for long term reliability and patented blades with efficient twisted aerodynamic design are made with Nylon-fiber materials which last much longer than fiber glass blades.

With a 1200 watt maximum wind/solar hybrid output (1000 wat tmaximum wind only, solar panel sold separatly), this turbine performs more consistently and is much more efficient than the side furling wind turbines and has additional solar/wind hybrid output capability.

The highest output in low wind in its class, superior performance and maintenance free design make this wind turbine the most efficient and most reliable wind turbine in it class.

Professional Installation Recommended

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More Info

The Windmax H series Wind turbine system is the perfect choice in a smart investment for a renewable energy solution built on advanced technologies. The Windmax H series defines a new level of superior performance and reliability by using:
1. Strong Neodymium magnet PMA, the unique winding and multi pole design reduces the start-up torque of the alternator that assures the WINDMAX-H series can generate more electricity.
2. Advanced aerodynamic braking by patented nylon/reinforced fiber glass blades.
3. Electromagnetic over-speed control, no more problematic mechanical furling.
4. Integrated solar-wind hybrid power generation.
5. Innovative low maintenance two-moving-part system design.
6. Easy to Install, Light Weight and highly reliable.
7. Generator: The generator is built using high-performance rare earth neodymium permanent magnets, so the alternator is compact and light weight with a high power generating efficiency. Generator housing is made using precision cast technology from high strength aluminum to assure a high quality finish. It is designed for various working conditions such as severe climate, sand and salt corrosive environments.
8. Rotor Blades: Advanced airfoil design to capture maximum wind energy. Made of mixed nylon and reinforced fiber glass materials using the latest advanced thermoplastic engineering and precision injection molding technology for high strength, flexibility and aerodynamic braking. The blades have exceptional consistency and aerodynamic outline with a mass distribution that ensures the rotors operate with minimal vibration.
In summary, Windmax H series are the most well built, reliable, most efficient and cost-effective small wind turbines available on the market today.
The result: greater energy production yield and lowest ownership cost.

Benefit of 5-blade vs. 3-blade wind turbines
Designed to maximize energy output at low wind conditions
Higher maximum power output (500W with wind only, 650W with wind/solar)
Higher energy output at low wind speed
Lower cut-in speed
Lower start-up speed

Advantages of 5-blade wind turbines over 3-blade wind turbines
1) 5-blade wind turbines will greatly improve annual energy production in low wind conditions. For areas with average wind speeds of 11 MPH (5m/s). If you compare annual energy output to conventional 3-blade wind turbine, there is an increase of annual energy output of more than 60%.
2) 5-blade wind turbines will dramatically improve the reliability and safety of the wind turbine. The blade rotation speed of a 5-blade turbine is 60% of the rotational speed for a 3-blade wind turbine. 5-blade wind turbines will greatly reduce the chance of overspeed control malfunction. This will ensure operational reliability from a long term perspective.
3) The lower blade rotation speed of a 5-blade wind turbine will lower wind turbine noise and make 5-blade wind turbines more community friendly than 3-blade wind turbines.

Controllers are for battery charging only. Controllers for HYenergy wind turbines can only directly connect to battery. You should never connect controller directly to any other devices such as inverters. Connecting controller to inverters or other devices may pose risk of fire hazard and have wind turbine/electrical failure. A wind/solar hybrid controller (sold separately) can support combined wind generator load and solar load

Patented, ISO/CE certified WindMax HYenergy® H series with 5 blades is the next generation system built with advanced technology, it is light weight and easy to install. It performs much better and is much more reliable than older style wind turbines using furling which is outdated technology.

Note: The wind turbine test data and other data provided for this product is based on the factory's testing using factory specific off-grid battery charging configuration only. Grid tie configuration is not tested by factory, results may vary.

Important Note: The manufacturer does not provide a warranty for self installed wind turbines. All sales final and sold as it is for self installed wind turbines.


Model: WINDMAX-H12 [HY-1000-24]
Blade diameter: 5.9 Feet (1.8M)
Blade material & design: Strengthened nylon, glass-fiber. Patented Blades with twisted aerodynamic design and high efficiency are made using the latest advanced thermoplastic engineering and precision injection molding technology for highest strength, consistency of quality, performance and durability.
Number of Blades: 5 blades, variable section aerofoil
Speed-limitation mechanism: Electromagnetic speed limitation and blade over-speed braking
Survival speed: 50 mph
Rated speed: 12.5 m/s or 28 mph
Start-up Speed: <= 4.47 mph (2 m/s)
Cut-in Speed: <= 6.7 mph (3 m/s) At cut-in wind speed, it produces power, At cut-in wind speed, it produces power, but it requires higher wind speed to charge 24V battery
Maximum & Rated power(W): 1015W rated with wind only (1200w maximum with wind and solar hybrid)
Rated voltage(v): DC24V
Alternator: Brushless 3 phase PMA with high performance Neodymium Magnets
Tower-top Weight: 53 LBs
Required Tower Height: 27 Feet minimum
Important notes:
Only merchandise credit for defective items returned within 30 days of purchase. No other returns allowed on this item.


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