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Identify the Breeds that Make up your Mixed Breed Dog
PetSafe PID00-13285 Breed Identification DNA Kit
PetSafe PID00-13285 Breed Identification DNA Kit
PetSafe PID00-13285 Breed Identification DNA Kit
Item# 61401
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  • For use in identifying the breed/ancestry of mixed breed dogs
  • Hassle free, painless to the pet, cell collection
  • Test identifies 92% of U.S. breeds
  • Results used for medical/health information, dietary needs, personality/training insight, and casual curiosity

Essential Info

The PetSafe Breed Identification Kit allows you to easily take a DNA sample from your dog and determine the breed. All you need to do is take a few simple swabs of your dog's cheek to obtain some cell samples and mail the sample to the PetSafe lab for analysis; swabs and return envelope are included. Within approximately two weeks, PetSafe will send you the results of the breeds in your unique dog, identifying potential health risks and personality traits. DNA is found in almost all living organisms and is the means by which hereditary characteristics pass from one generation to the next. In other words, your dog's DNA determines how he looks and, to some degree, how he behaves. Every mixed breed dog is unique! Your dog may carry many of the physical and behavioral traits common in his most prevalent breeds, or he may not look or act anything like you might expect. Features such as coat color and texture, ear and muzzle shape, and tail type are all governed by genetics. Since it is not possible to predict which breed characteristics will show up in a mixed breed dog's appearance or temperament, the only way to determine what breeds are present is through DNA testing. The DNA kit includes enrollment in the DNA World Pet Registry (ID Card and dog tag included).


What's Included

  • 1x - Customer Information Card
  • 2x - Swabs
  • 1x - Pre-paid envelope
  • 1x - Instructions
  • More Info

    How does PetSafe know which breeds are present in my dog?
    When your sample arrives at PetSafe it is processed and analyzed to create a detailed genetic profile of your dog. That profile is then compared to the genetic profile of each of our reference breeds. They have an extensive reference database containing thousands of purebred dogs representing more than 92% of the U.S. dog population (according to breed registration statistics).

    What if there are breeds in my dog that are not in your database?
    All dog breeds are related to each other to varying degrees and go back to a common ancestor-the wolf. If the breeds that make up your dog are not in our database, your result may include a very closely related breed or a combination of breeds that relate to the true breed ancestor of your dog. However, more than 92% of the U.S. dog population is covered by the breeds in our database (according to breed registration statistics) and therefore the true breed ancestors of your dog are likely to be found.

    Can you confirm that my dog is purebred?
    The DNA Breed Identification Test is designed for the purpose of identifying breeds that make up a mixed breed dog. The test can only identify those reference breeds from our database which contribute to your dog's genetic makeup. If only one breed is detected it could be that there are other breeds present that are not in our database, that there is DNA present from another breed in amounts too small to be detected, or that your dog is purebred.

    What is the Ancestry Analysis Certificate?
    The results of the DNA analysis are printed on a certificate that is suitable for framing.

    Why are several breeds listed on my Ancestry Analysis Certificate, and what do the levels mean?
    When comparing your dog's genetic profile to the reference database, all breeds that contribute to your dog's genetic makeup are identified. PetSafe provide you all of the results that we find, even those breeds which contribute less than 10% of your dog's profile. A guide to understanding your results accompanies each certificate. A summary of the level definitions is:
  • Level 1: Over 75% of the DNA found in your dog is from the breed listed.
  • Level 2: Each breed listed represents between 37-74% of your dog's DNA
  • Level 3: Each breed listed represents between 20-36% of your dog's DNA
  • Level 4: Each breed listed represents between 10-19% of your dog's DNA
  • Level 5: Each breed listed represents less than 10% of your dog's DNA

  • PetSafe Validated Breeds
    Afghan Hound
    Airedale Terrier
    Australian Shepherd
    Basset Hound
    Belgian Tervuren
    Bernese Mountain Dog
    Bichon Frise
    Border Collie
    Boston Terrier
    Bull Terrier
    Chinese Shar-Pei
    Chow Chow
    Cocker Spaniel
    Doberman Pinscher
    English Setter
    English Springer Spaniel
    German Shepherd Dog
    German Shorthaired Pointer
    Golden Retriever
    Great Dane
    Great Pyrenees
    Irish Setter
    Italian Greyhound
    Labrador Retriever
    Lhasa Apso
    Miniature Pinscher
    Norwegian Elkhound
    Parson Russell Terrier
    Pembroke Welsh Corgi
    Rhodesian Ridgeback
    Saint Bernard
    Scottish Terrier
    Shetland Sheepdog
    Shih Tzu
    Siberian Husky
    West Highland White Terrier
    Yorkshire Terrier

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    Manufacturer Product No.PID00-13285


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