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Deluxe Ultrasonic System Stops Your Dog's Annoying Barking
Bark Smart Deluxe
Bark Smart Deluxe
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Components Audible and Ultrasonic Sound Settings Microphone Sensitivity Settings - Low, Medium & High
LCD Control Panel Bark Smart Deluxe
Bark Smart Deluxe
Item# 61392
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  • Stop annoying dog barking with this automatic, silent ultrasonic bark control (for outdoor use only)
  • Timed control lets you set the device to work only when you're not home or at night
  • Built-in counter shows how many times device has been activated

Essential Info

Stop your dog's excessive barking in a humane way that actually teaches him not to bark. The Bark Smart Deluxe system uses an ultrasonic tone triggered by yours or your neighbors dog's barking that helps correct & stop the barking. This bark deterrent is safe and effective and has a speaker range of 50 feet, ideal for dogs in large yards. You'll even be able to set it to function only at specific times of day, if desired. Please note: The Bark Smart will not be effective with all dogs. We have found it to help curb most dog's barking much of the time but there are situations when it may not work. You may need to try it in different locations to improve effectiveness. The Bark Smart runs on the included adapter or on four D batteries (sold separately).


What's Included

  • Bark Smart Deluxe
  • Power adapter
  • Mounting materials
  • Instructions
  • More Info

    The Bark Smart Deluxe works by sending out an ultrasonic signal that only dogs can hear when activated by the barking. Dogs quickly learn that their barking causes this irritating sound and stop barking to stop the noise. Choose from two modes: audible and ultrasonic. Both modes signal your dog ultrasonically to stop barking, but the audible mode also emits a tone that you can hear, so you'll know when it's working. An LED also shows when the Bark Smart Deluxe is active.

    Note: Due to the Bark Smart Deluxe's powerful ultrasonic signals, people -- especially children -- should avoid close proximity to the device to avoid potential hearing damage. Do not use indoors.

    Many pet owners prefer to correct their pet's bad behavior themselves. The Bark Smart Deluxe is ideal for this scenario, as it has a special timer feature: Set the Bark Smart Deluxe to correct your dog only when you're away, such as during work hours or while you're sleeping. The Bark Smart Deluxe has a built-in counter that shows exactly how many times the device has been activated.

    You can select the device's microphone sensitivity. Choose from three levels that indicate what barking level activates the Bark Smart Deluxe. A test button lets you verify that the unit is working when you set it up. The Bark Smart Deluxe is for outdoor use only.



    Manufacturer Product No.:61392
    Dimensions:5.3" W x 6.5" H x 2.7" D
    Speaker Range:50 feet
    Cable Length:50 feet
    Power Input:120V AC, 60 Hz 100mA or 4 D batteries
    Power Output:6V DC, 400mA
    Modes:2: audible and ultrasonic
    Approvals:UL listed


    Components  Audible and Ultrasonic Sound Settings  Microphone Sensitivity Settings - Low, Medium & High  LCD Control Panel 
    Components  Audible and Ultrasonic Sound Settings  Microphone Sensitivity Settings - Low, Medium & High  LCD Control Panel 
    Bark Smart Deluxe       
    Bark Smart Deluxe       


    264 Ratings
    5 star: 14%  (37)
    4 star: 17%  (46)
    3 star: 14%  (37)
    2 star: 14%  (38)
    1 star: 40%  (106)
    Average Customer Rating
    (264 customer ratings)
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    Robert -- midland,TX   9/16/2012
    i bought one last year to keep a Lab out of the corner area towards the front. Abot a 10'x 10' area. It is about 10' up in the air in the bacl corner and points down to the opposite corner. It worjed flawlessly for about a month, staying plugged in 24x7. Then i would have to reset it by unplugging it every 4 day or so. then after about 6 months it finally quit. This is the second one i am purchasing.
    Laszlo Rajnai -- Budapest Hungary   9/1/2012
    I can absolutely agree with Cathrine. This bark stopper doesn't work !! I can not ship back this item because I live in Hungary and the delivery cost is too expensive. I'm electronical engineer and finally I disassembled this product. There wasn't any surprise. This item is a Chinese product with very poor quality components and technology. The circuit are shows that no any special voice filter for dog barking. This product works like a noise detector which independent from barking dog. The double speakers are only 85dB in stead of 130dB. So I should improve this product. I have to increase the amplifier performance with speakers and should increase the microfon circuit sensitivity as well. I will appear again with some advice if my neighbor's Samoyed dog will go crazy. No mercy!
    CATHERINE E. -- ellicott city, MD   4/12/2012
    Does not work. Waste of money !
    Willard -- llano, California   9/19/2011
    Don't waste your money. Ultasonic dog barking devices only work on very few dogs. It didn't work on any of my three dogs, or the neighbors two dogs,and I followed directions to the letter.
    ROBERT -- blackmans bay, XX   9/11/2011
    Very pleased with delivery from so far away. It does work until the dog really decides he's going to have a good old howl and then nothing except a bucket of cold water will stop him. Cheers.
    Enjoying the peace! -- albuquerque, NM   7/5/2011
    I bought the Bark Smart Deluxe to stop my 2 dogs from so much barking. I found it annoying and I'm sure my neighbors did, too. The results have been rather humerous! One of my dogs has been so frightened by it that now she is afraid to go outside! My other dog seems to totally ignore it and continues barking, although less, since she doesn't have the other dog to egg her on. Actually, the first dog WILL go outside, but no longer rushes out the doggy door, sounding like she wants to kill something. If she is outside when the other dog barks, she just comes back inside. I would say the barking overall has decreased by at least 75%, so I am quite happy! I'm sure the neighbors are, too!
    chad -- Chicago   5/27/2011
    This product did not work as specified. My neighbors dog would bark constantly. I tried first to put this on the table 10 feet from neighbors fence with dog barking right at fence. The unit would not register. Next I moved it closer to fence, still nothing. Meanwhile the large dog with a prominant bark continues. I then place the unit over the 4 foot fence onto the side of the barking dog. It then registers with the dog 2-3 feet from the unit. With the dog barking further than 2-3 feet from the unit, and on the same side of the fence, with sensitivity set at it's highest, it will not register! This unit was an extreme dissapointment because it probably would work if it would recognize a bark further than 3 feet away. Otherwise it was a complete waste of my time and money!!! Plus to top it off, unit did not work with only batteries.
    DAVID -- gilbert, AZ   4/7/2011
    in order to get this to work you have to use the test button. i bought a cheaper one on ebay and it works way better, less features...but the main feature works better than this one.
    JEFF -- w st paul, MN   12/24/2010
    very plastic construction, unit self tests twice when powering on so it scares the dogs for nothing and annoys us. Does function but made in china log comes true here.
    DAVID -- east wenatchee, WA   11/21/2010
    Works well for large dogs that have a resonate bark. Not so good with the little yappers though.
    ELENA -- new orleans, LA   11/4/2010
    Not sure that this item works. The dog next door does not seem to be phased by it.
    BRETT -- las vegas, NV   3/23/2010
    I have a small Shih-tzu who barks only when the neighbor's dog on the other side of the wall barks. I was hoping this would stop the barking of both of the dogs, but ultimately it didn't stop either dog from barking. Unit was installed per the directions, and triggered more from trees rustling from the wind or from me making a sound 2 feet from the microphone, but NEVER triggered from the dogs barking only 5-10 feet from the unit. Very disappointed in the effectiveness of this item.
    JEFF -- rapid city, SD   3/8/2010
    The first one I got didn't audible alert so I returned it. The second one I got didn't audible alert and the display didn't work so I returned it for a refund. Very dissatisfied with this product.
    THOMAS M -- endwell, NY   3/4/2010
    The Bark Smart Deluxe is a big disappointment. The microphone simply is not sensitive enough, even when set at "High", to activate the unit's ultrasonic signal in response to non-stop barking from a dog that is 15 to 20 feet away. And the barking is from a young basset hound, so it is not lacking in volume. Yet he appears to activate the unit only when he is facing it and barking directly at it. Most of the time, the dog is barking in another direction. So long term, I do not expect the Bark Smart Deluxe to be an effective deterrent. I will say this though, when the barking does activate the ultrasonic signal, it is clear from the dog's reaction that he hears it. And clear that he finds it annoying. That part I like. I also like the activation counter feature; it is the reason I chose the deluxe model over the standard model. Without it, I would have had no way of knowing how infrequently the signal was being activated. It was worth a try though, considering the device was reasonably priced. Reasonably priced enough that I am considering buying a second unit and maybe even a third to try to cover more angles; I am that desperate for a solution. But again, I expect that one unit would be enough if the microphone was more sensitive.
    Hub Schrauber -- Colorado   2/13/2010
    Not worth trying. This thing does not work for larger dogs. It does not work at a range of more than about 10 feet, even for smaller dogs. If the small dog happens to be ultra sensitive to sound, it might work temporarily, until the dog becomes accustomed to the noise it emits. If it is placed in a sunny spot, the black plastic enclosure will soon melt and warp. Even on sale, it will most likely end up in your worthless stuff I wish I never bought pile.
    RYAN -- hamlyn heights, XX   1/21/2010
    Seems to be working but will take time.
    JANICE L. -- jacksonville, FL   1/16/2010
    I did not find that this prodect stopped my golden retriever's barking at all.
    JAMES -- honolulu, HI   1/5/2010
    My Barksmart purchase was a complete plop. The problem dog was a beagle. At 15 feet he never turned his head as I leaned over the fence holding the battery powered unit.
    STEPHEN -- scottsdale, AZ   10/21/2009
    I think this would work well if there wasn't a 5' wall between the unit and the dog. It really seems to need an absolute clear path. I had it mounted about 6' up, but will need to try to mount it even higher to see if it works better.
    EILEEN -- bothell, WA   9/6/2009
    I use this one in addition to one I bought about 2 years ago. Our dogs find it annoying and have reduced their barking, but not eliminated. In fact, one of our dogs has figured out it's range and will bark quieter OR just out of it's range.


    D Batteries       
    D Batteries       

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