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Get Hot Water Quicker from your Existing Water Heater Regardless of Style
Chilipepper Sales Inc CP6000 Hot Water Demand Pump
Chilipepper Sales Inc CP6000 Hot Water Demand Pump
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Chilipepper Sales Inc CP6000 Hot Water Demand Pump
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  • Receive hot water quicker from your existing water heater
  • Works with all water heaters including tankless heaters
  • Most powerful pump for any residential system
  • Powerful enough to work with pipes as long as 400 feet
  • Less than $2.00 a year to operate
  • INSTEON and X10 compatible

Essential Info

The Chilipepper is a little yet powerful hot water pump which mounts under your sink. Once installed hot water is pumped rapidly from your hot water heater to either your sink or shower with just the push of a button. It will work with any and all water heaters from traditional to tankless to even solar heaters. The small but powerful device operates at 1/3 of a horsepower which makes it the most powerful pump for any residential hot water system. The increased power means less wait time for you while you wait for your hot water regardless of how long your pipes are. Installation of the Chilipepper is done without the need of additional plumbing because all connections are done with hoses.

Less than $2.00 a year is all that it will cost you in electricity to operate the Chilipepper making this a green product. When you push the Chilipepper button the pump will extract hot water from the hot water line and will push the cold water back to the cold water line leaving no wasted water.

Note: if you are installing this item under a sink with a garbage disposal with a large plug, you may need to use a power liberator to power both items in the same outlet.

Convenient INSTEON Control
The Chilipepper is capable of being remotely operated using INSTEON home control. Simply wire the control cable on the Chilipepper to an I/O Linc which plugs into the nearest outlet. The I/O Lin can then be triggered locally by changing out a nearby wall switch for a 6-Button KeypadLinc. Or, to remotely activate the Chilipepper, use a RemoteLinc to trigger the I/O Linc to turn your Chilipepper on.

Learn how to install your Chillipepper with INSTEON


What's Included

  • 1x - Chilipepper CP6000
  • 1x - Push button
  • 1x - 6 foot control wire

  • More Info

    Also X10 Compatible
    The Chilipepper is also compatible with X10. For X10 control, consider using the following devices:
    Mini Controller
    Plug-In RF Receiver Base
    Keychain Remote

  • Install a 110 volt outlet under the sink if there isn't one there
  • Turn of the supply valves under the sink
  • Place the Chilipepper on the floor of the cabinet (it has rubber feet)
  • Using two new hoses and the two original hoses, connect " T " fittings between your sink fixtures and the water lines to your supply valves. Use two more new hoses to the T's to the fittings on the Chilipepper as shown in the figure below.
  • Mount the push button and attach the control cable to the button
  • Turn on the supply valves, momentarily run the faucets to remove any air
  • Plug the Chilipepper power cord into the 110 volt outlet. Done!

  • Specifications

    ManufacturerChilipepper Sales Inc
    Manufacturer Product No.CP6000
    Dimensions8.25 Inches X 5.71 Inches X 3.83 Inches
    Manufacturer Warranty5 Year Warranty - 1 year full and 4 years pro-rated

    The Chilipepper is ETL listed as complying with UL 778 standard for motor operated pumps in the U.S. and Canada.
    Important notes:
    Smarthome does not accept any returns for this product. If defective, you will need to contact the manufacturer directly for all warranty issues.
    Manufacturer contact information: ChilliPepper Sales Inc, Tel: (775) 359-1223 Ext


    Picture with Accessories  Diagram     
    Picture with Accessories  Diagram     


    20 Ratings
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    4 star: 25%  (5)
    3 star: 0%  (0)
    2 star: 5%  (1)
    1 star: 20%  (4)
    Average Customer Rating
    (20 customer ratings)
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    MARK S -- colchester, VT   5/28/2012
    After replacing the first one that leaked I returned the second one because it woke everyone in the house when used at night. It is Very LOUD! I work in plumbing and there is no reason for this to be so loud. I will replace it with a heating circulator pump that is so quiet I ca not even hear it when running. I would give it no stars if I could
    DALE -- otis orchards, WA   5/28/2012
    I replaced an older Chilipepper and they have gotten quieter but is still noisy. For the price though it's a good buy.
    CHUCK -- havana, FL   3/18/2012
    The Chilipepper hot water pump works great! The reason for the 4 rating is that the manufacture is making people buy 2 lines they do not need. If Chilipepper added a T fitting that screwed directly to the shutoff (like I used), it would save buyers from having to buy 2 lines.
    BRUCE D -- anahuac, TX   3/16/2012
    The pump was shipped and delivered very fast. The installation was easy. Everything worked as advertised and my wife was pleased with it. I cant speak for how durable it is because it's only been in service a few weeks. The price was right and it appears to be the low cost solution for water recirculation. If you are tired of running water down the drain, then this can solve your problem.
    Chuck -- tallahassee, FL   3/2/2012
    The Chilipepper hot water pump works great! I spent some time searching for a solution on the web. The Chilipepper is half the price of anything out there and very easy to install. It is a little noisy, the sink cabinet sits against the same wall as the bed headboard but on the bedroom side it's more like a dull hum. I have an Rinnai 8gpm tankless hot water heater in my new home. Chili Pepper runs less 40sec than I use to have to run water 60-90sec to get hot water. HEADS UP USERS of Chilipepper, you do NOT have to buy 4 ss water lines nor use the T's supplied. Lowes has a T same price as the water line that connects directly to the water shut-off. Connect the water faucet line to the new T, connect the new line to the new T and the Chilipepper and you are done except for plugging in and mounting the button. This eliminates a gaggle of lines under the sink. I recommend this product to everyone whether you have a tank or tankless water heater. The specs are correct, you will save thousands of gallons of water going down the drain.
    CHAS -- sarasota, FL   2/2/2012
    Installation was well understood & conducted based on specific instructions. Works exactly as described; value will be determined if it outlasts others!
    JOYCE -- la mesa, CA   12/22/2011
    Does exactly what is claimed, and it is relatively easy to install
    JEFFREY -- san diego, CA   12/15/2011
    Works exactly as described.
    Edward -- spokane, Wa   12/14/2011
    These pumps are extremely noisey and undependable. I have been thru six of them. They try to blame the failures on installation problems, which are not even addressed in the installation manual. I would not recomend this unit to anybody, unless you are in the process of selling your home.
    JOHN -- athens, GA   12/6/2011
    This is a great product! Yes it is noisy, but it performs as advertised. In our application it runs for one minute after being activated by remote control and we have hot water instantly in our bathroom that is very distant from the hot water heater. John in GA
    Not Concerned -- san antonio, TX   12/5/2011
    Concerned from New Jersey suggests this item will not work. Mine works fine. I would hope she actually has one and is commenting from experiencce. I hope the comments are not just speculation. Look for demand pumps on green sites or the Chilipepper site or its competitors for explanations on how it works. Its a pump in a closed system - similar to the way our heart works.
    David Wilson -- New Orleans   11/12/2011
    Chili Pepper hot water pump works great - I have on-demand tankless hot water heater in my new home - water pressure to home is not the best, Chili Pepper pumps the water at a higher rate/pressue which causes tankless heater to fire at full burn rate. Hot water reaches tap in 45 seconds wasting no water down drain where it took over 2.5 minutes before installing pump. I just ordered my second pump to install in upstairs bath. I recommend this product to everyone - should be standard in all new homes to conserve what little water we have left.
    Chris -- NorCal   11/6/2011
    Concerned user: Check your connections. If installed as shown, water is drawn from the hot water side i.e. draw from the water heater there will be a subsequent request from the cold water side to replace the water being drawn from the water heater. The increased cold water pressure locally at the sink from this device adds increased pressure to push water back into the lowest pressure point i.e. the water heater. So while yes, it is a closed system, water will move bringing hot water that would have otherwise gone down the drain waiting for hot water. As for noise, you can build a sound box around it. Maybe try putting a mouse pad under the feet.
    Joseph -- Virginia   9/28/2011
    We bought an older house which had previously had an addition. The shower in the bathroom of this additional was unusuable in the winter as the hot water just never arrived. I had an electrician put an outlet in the bathroom and installed the Chilipepper myself under the sink. The differece is remarkable. The pump runs for approx 2 mins and then we turn on the shower and within a minute we have hot water . Great product, definitely recommeded!
    Concerned User -- New Jersey   9/23/2011
    It disappoints me that SmartHome would even offer a product like this on their website, forget about promoting it. There is no way this thing can do anything, it has no water outlet, it doesn't recirculate water, it just pumps water nowhere. There is no way this device, following the instructions, can do anything to increase the speed you get hot water into your sink. If it pumped water into your faucet had an intake and an exhaust port for water, maybe you can say it increases your water pressure and water volume I wouldn't call using more water green though, but it doesn't even do that. This product does nothing other than waste electricity, money, and time. SmartHome should more carefully evaluate what products they sell, I don't typically view SmartHome as an as seen on TV site.
    Scott -- seattle, WA   9/5/2011
    It works as advertised. I chose to hook it up next to the washing machine in our master bath using garden hose Y adaptors with hose to 1/2 adaptors and two stainless steel riser hoses. The unit rests on the front-loading washer on its rubber feet. It is loud, but I wouldn't equate it to a 747 taking off. The wife is very happy as we were wasting about 5 gallons of water to get hot water from our tankless water heater to the bathroom.
    RAYMOND -- scottsdale, AZ   7/11/2011
    The Chilipepper works great, I love the temp control. Only prob I had was installation. I had to remove the two brass adaptors and hook up directly.
    JOHN -- norcross, GA   6/27/2011
    A great water saving device, my wife loves it. Easy to install. A little louder than I thought it would be. The bottom of the cabinet makes a great sounding board. Actually it's OK to hear it running - that way you know when it has "done its thing".
    Jeff -- tucson, AZ   6/17/2011
    This unit does pump fast but it is EXTREMELY LOUD. Not just noisy but truly obnoxious. I have another home with a unit that had to be connected with copper plumbing. It is very quiet. If you don't mind a 747 taking off under your sink, it works fine.


    I/O Linc - INSTEON Low Voltage / Contact Closure Interface ( 1 In / 1 Out )  IINSTEON Keypad Dimmer (Dual-Band), 6-Button  X10 Universal Module  X10 Mini Controller 
    I/O Linc - INSTEON Low Voltage / Contact Closure Interface ( 1 In / 1 Out )  IINSTEON Keypad Dimmer (Dual-Band), 6-Button  X10 Universal Module  X10 Mini Controller 
    X10 Tm751 Compact X10 Plug-in Rf Receiver Base  Keychain Remote For 2 Devices with Bright and Dim Buttons     
    X10 Tm751 Compact X10 Plug-in Rf Receiver Base  Keychain Remote For 2 Devices with Bright and Dim Buttons     

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