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The Easiest Way to Increase INSTEON and X10 Signal Reliability!
SignaLinc™ Plug-In Phase Coupler (for 3-Wire 220V Dryers)
SignaLinc™ Plug-In Phase Coupler
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Installation Diagram Home Automation Top 50 Editors' Pick 2002
SignaLinc Plug-In Phase Coupler (For 3-Wire 220v Dryers)
Item# 4816B2
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  • Bridges INSTEON and X10 power line signals
  • Plugs right into a 220V outlet - no electrician required
  • Built-in receptacle - you won't tie up the outlet
  • Stays hidden behind your dryer

Essential Info

Having trouble getting INSTEON and X10 receivers in one area of your home to operate from transmitters in another area of your home? Solve the problem in seconds with the SignaLinc™ Plug-In Phase Coupler!

Because most homes have 2-phase 220V power that splits into two separate 110V legs, sometimes INSTEON/X10 signals have a hard time making the transition from one leg to the other. But plug a SignaLinc™ into one of your home's 220V receptacles (like the one powering your electric dryer) and it will pass INSTEON/X10 signals between the two power lines in your home.

Unlike previous solutions, which could involve hiring an electrician to hardwire a signal bridge or jury-rigging a capacitor inside the breaker box, the SignaLinc™ can be installed just by plugging it in! Plus, with its built-in receptacle, you'll be able to do this without blocking other appliances from plugging into it.


What's Included

  • SignaLinc Plug-In Phase Coupler (for 3-Wire 220V Dryers)
  • Owner's Manual
  • More Info

    Note: The SignaLinc™ is a passive coupler and does not amplify the signal. This means the signal coupled onto the receiving phase will be no stronger than the original signal on the transmitting phase. How well the SignaLinc™ works in your home is dependent on many factors, including signal strength for the transmission phase. For homes larger than 3,000 sq. ft., we recommend installing an amplified coupler repeater, such as the 4826a.

    Safety Tested and Factory Certification
    All SignaLinc products are safety approved. The assembly line for Smarthome Design Products is ISO9001 certified. In order to meet the ISO 9001 standards, the entire factory underwent rigorous inspections of procedures and policies before being thoroughly audited. The certification received was based on its dedication to high quality management systems and strict adherence of quality systems and guidelines

    The SignaLinc for 3-wire dryers remain easily hidden behind the dryer (measures 3.13" wide, 4.31" high, 2.92" deep [4.34" deep with AC prongs]).



    Brand INSTEON
    Product No.:4816B2
    Dimensions:3.13" W x 4.31" H x 2.92" D (4.34" deep with AC prongs)
    Warranty:2 years


    Installation Diagram  Home Automation Top 50 Editors' Pick 2002     
    Installation Diagram  Home Automation Top 50 Editors' Pick 2002     


    227 Ratings
    5 star: 45%  (103)
    4 star: 13%  (30)
    3 star: 16%  (36)
    2 star: 6%  (13)
    1 star: 20%  (45)
    Average Customer Rating
    (227 customer ratings)
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    THOMAS L. -- hermiston, OR   8/18/2012
    doesn't work for me.. returned
    ROBERT -- poughquag, NY   8/18/2012
    Didn't solve my problem. For whatever reason my 2 phases are still not linked & even universal commands like "all lights off" don't work for some modules.
    TIMOTHY -- north liberty, IA   8/16/2012
    Seems to work well. My major X10 issue turned out to be SURGE SUPRESSORS that were sucking up the signal. Try unplugging all your surge supressors before you buy a phase coupler, and see if this helps. There are some surge supressors (specifically some Leviton supressors, I've read) that do NOT interfere with X10 signals nearly as much. Still researching this. BEST OF LUCK to everyone!
    JOEL -- austin, TX   6/16/2012
    Not only did this product not solve my problem, it actually made it worse! It used to be that the lights turned on, but not off. Now, they don't even turn on. Waste of money!
    DAVID -- new orleans, LA   6/9/2012
    One section of house does not respond to X10 commands. This device did not help.
    FENTON -- melbourne, FL   5/13/2012
    Fixed all my X10 problems. However, it does not solve phase coupling for Insteon signals. I'm not sure why Insteon is mentioned in the features of this device.
    VITALY LYSENKO -- doral, FL   5/13/2012
    Works as described
    JOHN -- poway, CA   4/30/2012
    I find them a mixed blessing. They are more reliable than the Leviton HCA02 active repeater, but they do not link all the signals across the two phases, which the older 4632B units did, but are no longer available.
    Jim -- jupiter, FL   4/29/2012
    The phase coupler worked quite well and is easy to install. However, as of a few weeks ago, it stopped working. I don't know if they go bad or I have another problem.
    JEFF -- colorado springs, CO   4/20/2012
    For me, the product didn't work. It's easy to install, but didn't work. I opted to rewire my circuit breaker panel to put my X10 devices all on the same phase.
    RICHARD -- jupiter, FL   4/16/2012
    I was hoping this would improve communications with X-10 devices so they operate consistently but it did not improve communication. I will have to buy a signal booster.
    MICHAEL -- north potomac, MD   4/14/2012
    This was easy to install, and did the job for me, allowing my X10 controller to reach devices in a room that it hadn't reached before. One thing to note: it adds about 3 inches of depth, so if you're installing it behind a dryer for example, the dryer might end up sitting a little farther from the wall.
    THOMAS -- syracuse, NY   4/5/2012
    You plug it in. It works. Total no-brainer!
    JEREMY -- portland, OR   3/23/2012
    Turned out to be the wrong plug for my application and the right plug for me is much more expensive, so using access points instead. Make sure this is your dryer plug configuration before ordering.
    TIMOTHY J -- spokane, WA   3/17/2012
    I bought this because I was having trouble with my X10 controls. It helped, but with the CFLs and the UPSs in the house, I had to give up X10 and go to Z-Wave.
    DEVIN -- oakley, CA   2/15/2012
    Easy install
    JEFF -- pleasanton, CA   2/15/2012
    I have been using X10 for many years, going back to CP290 and a Mac LCIII. A few years ago I got a CM15A, and was hoping that I could use it and add additional modules, but could never get reliable operation from the CM15A. As it turns out, the CM15A has much lower signal levels, and my wiring would not pass the signals across the phases. I found the phase coupler that had to be hard-wired, but was not looking forward to all the installation work required, not knowing if that would even solve he issue. About a month ago I saw this unit, and since it was relatively inexpensive and required no installation, I ordered it. Plugged it in to a 220v outlet near (within 15 feet) the breaker panel, and now everything works. Signals pass across the phases and every module responds. It does exactly what I need it to do, and I couldn't be happier.
    BURTON E. -- richland, WA   1/22/2012
    I already had a signal bridge repeater amplifier located at considerable distance from my main utility breaker box, but X10 reliability was still poor in several regions of my 3500 sq ft house. I then installed the SignalLinc Plug-In Phase Coupler (for 3-wire) in the dryer outlet, which is adjacent to my main breaker box. Now, every X10 unit in the house works perfectly.
    STEPHEN -- wrentham, MA   1/20/2012
    It has helped but it does not seem to be a complete solution.
    ROBERT S. -- pittsford, NY   1/19/2012
    Plug in installation was easy. This unit improved the reliability of the X10 system communications. Fair price and quick delivery, too.

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