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Expand your Sprinkler System Using your Existing Irrigation Controller and Wiring
DuWa 8ZEXT Irrigander 8/2 Pro Irrigation Sprinkler System Zone Expander
DuWa 8ZEXT Irrigander 8/2 Pro Irrigation Sprinkler System Zone Expander
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DuWa 8ZEXT Irrigander 8/2 Pro Irrigation Sprinkler System Zone Expander
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  • Works with any standard irrigation controller and 24 VAC valves
  • Irrigander 2-Wire Technology allows you to use existing irrigation cables
  • Control up to eight zones using just one field wire plus one common wire
  • Decoders are sealed to protect them from moisture
  • Industrial grade components for maximum reliability

Essential Info

The Irrigander 8/2 Pro Irrigation Sprinkler System Zone Expander is an 8-zone expander that allows you to control additional irrigation valves without adding new field wiring. Using a proprietary, state of the art "2-Wire" technology, the Irrigander system allows you to control eight valves using just two field wires, which is especially valuable when expanding an existing sprinkler system or replacing an old one. Included are four 2-zone decoders to drive eight valves in up to four different locations, making it simple to add more zones to any irrigation system with available outputs on an irrigation controller. The Decoders are weatherproof and built to withstand harsh moisture and environmental conditions. The Decoders connect to the included Encoder which installs next to the irrigation controller. The Encoder connects to each Decoder using two wires: a field control wire and the system common wire, so it can drive up to four Decoders (eight total valves). These wires are typically the existing field control wires in the irrigation system to be expanded, so no trenching or pulling of new cable is required. Each Decoder then has two output wires that are attached to the two valves to be controlled.


What's Included

  • Encoder
  • Four (4) 2-zone Decoders
  • Installation Instructions
  • Owner's manual
  • More Info

    Installation Options
    • Daisy Chain - install all Decoders on a single field wire at multiple locations
    • Home Run - separate field wires are used to connect each Decoder location to the Encoder
    • Daisy Chain and Home Run combination - using both installation styles together. Note that each field wire should terminate in a connection to a Decoder in order to maximize the protection from electrical surges
    Surge Protection
    Just like any other field installed electronic device, surge protection is vital to the reliable operation of the Irrigander 8/2 Pro Irrigation Sprinkler System Zone Expander. The Decoder and the Encoders use metal oxide varistor (MOV) surge suppression technology to minimize the potential damage from lightning and other electrical surges.

    Irrigander 2-Wire Technology
    • Overview - "2-wire" irrigation control is a low-voltage irrigation control system that utilizes a two-conductor wire to provide power and control signals to decoders connected to the valves to be controlled. Typical "2-wire" systems are designed for golf courses and commercial installations with large numbers of zones and are too expensive for use in residential or other small installations. The proprietary Irrigander 2-wire Technology solves this problem. It has been designed to meet the needs of cost conscious small to medium sized installations while delivering the reliability demanded by professional installers. Irrigander Pro irrigation expanders using Irrigander 2-wire Technology can easily expand existing systems or reduce the cost of new installations.

    • Theory of Operation - Irrigander Pro expanders using Irrigander 2-wire Technology are comprised of two modules: an Encoder that is installed close to the sprinkler controller; one or more Decoders that are installed close to the valves to be controlled (2-Wire Technology Diagram). The Encoder and the Decoders communicate over a dedicated field wire using a proprietary bidirectional serial protocol. Whenever the irrigation controller activates one of the inputs to the Encoder, the Encoder exchanges commands with the Decoders, including a command to select a Decoder output. Once this protocol is complete the Encoder will switch the output line to 24 VAC which causes the Decoder to turn on the selected output. If the Encoder detects an error in the commands with the Decoder it will indicate the problem by rapidly blinking the LED on the front panel. When the irrigation controller deactivates the input to the Encoder, the Encoder turns off the 24 VAC thus turning off the valve. Unlike other 2-wire systems, the Irrigander 2-wire Technology removes the voltage on the field wires when the system is inactive.

    • Reliability - The Irrigander Pro family of expanders drive each valve with 24 VAC to ensure reliable valve operation. The Irrigander Pro expander Encoders and Decoders use only high grade commercial components for maximum reliability. The circuitry in the Irrigander Pro expander Decoders is encapsulated to provide long life in any environment. The Irrigander Pro expander Decoders and Encoders use metal oxide varistor surge suppression technology and other design techniques to minimize the potential damage from lightning and other electrical surges. Optional Irrigander Surge Suppressors can be installed along the 2-wire path to further enhance protection from lightning. More information on proper installation of the Irrigander Pro expander system to maximize protection from lightning is available in the User Guide for any of the Irrigander Pro expander products.



    Manufacturer:DuWa Products
    Manufacturer Product No.:8ZEXT
    Dimensions (Including Mounting Flanges):Encoder: 5.130" W x 2.845" H x 1.110" D
    Decoder: 3.000" W x 2.056" H x 0.970" D
    Power Requirements:Nominal 24 VAC provided by irrigation controller
    Maximum Irrigation Controller Voltage:30V AC
    Power Consumption While Idling:0.3 Watts maximum
    Power Consumption While Operating:1.2 Watts maximum
    Valves per Zone:Each output from the Irrigander 8/2 Pro expander's Decoders can drive 1 or 2 valves. Connecting more than 2 valves to any single output may cause improper operation and may cause the protection fuse to open in the Encoder.
    Supported Irrigation Valves:Any 24 VAC solenoid activated irrigation valve can be used with the Irrigander 8/2 Pro expander. DC low voltage valves should not be used.
    Supported Irrigation Controllers:Virtually any irrigation controller that uses 24 VAC valves and a common connection on the output can be used.
    Operating Range:The Irrigander 8/2 Pro expander Decoders can be located up to a total of 850 feet from the Encoder using 18 gauge field wiring or 2000 feet using 14 gauge field wiring. The valves to be controlled can be up to 100 feet from each Decoder using 18 gauge wiring.
    Simultaneous Active Zones:The Irrigander 8/2 Pro expander can only have one output active at a time. If more than one input is active, the Irrigander 8/2 Pro expander will only activate one output zone.
    Encoder Environmental Specifications:Operating: 0° F to 120° F
    The Encoder is not waterproof; enclose the Encoder unit in a suitable weather proof enclosure if installed outdoors.
    Decoder Environmental Specifications:Operating: -10° F to 150° F
    Non-Operating: -40° F to +180° F
    The Decoder is designed for harsh environments and is suitable for most outdoor conditions including wet environments. However the decoder should not be placed where it is operated under water.
    Warranty:Manufacturer two (2) year warranty

    Important notes:
    Only merchandise credit for defective items returned within 30 days of purchase. No other returns allowed on this item.
    Manufacturer contact information: DUWA PRODUCTS, LLC, Tel: (866) 984-7744 Ext 702


    Sample Wiring Diagram       
    Sample Wiring Diagram       


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