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Control Your INSTEON and X10 Devices Remotely Without a Dedicated Computer
Smartenit EZSrve INSTEON / X10 Home Automation Gateway
Smartenit EZSrve INSTEON / X10 Home Automation Gateway
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Smartenit EZSrve INSTEON / X10 Home Automation Gateway
Item# 31279
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  • Built-in web server for local and remote control
  • INSTEON and X10 compatible
  • No PC required for schedules and monitored events
  • Built-in INSTEON PLM
  • User upgradeable via Ethernet connection for future enhancements

Essential Info

The EZSrve Home Automation Gateway provides a convenient means to monitor and control your Insteon and X10 home automation devices through an Ethernet network. Using any web browser, the unit can be set up to manage and control a home automation network allowing you to monitor and control lighting, irrigation, home theaters, drapes, etc. Once configured the EZSrve does not require a PC for operation. The unit will maintain schedules and send commands to devices at specific times of the day. Event triggered actions are possible with the EZSrve which can receive INSTEON and X10 commands and act according to user defined parameters.


What's Included

  • Smartenit EZSrve INSTEON / X10 Home Automation Gateway
  • Quickstart Guide
  • More Info

    EZSrve is a stand-alone appliance that lets you access your INSTEON and X10 home automation devices through an Ethernet connection. A built-in web server lets you organize and control the devices in a logical and intuitive way. In addition to direct control, EZSrve provides the ability to act on scheduled events and to take actions based on device conditions. EZSrve can also be used with other web and PC based applications by allowing client connections through an IP socket. The unit is self-contained and interfaces to the power line network through a built-in INSTEON PLM.

    MiCasa - Native iPhone App for Use with EZSrve Now Available
    Using EZSrve, MiCasa allows for remote control of all switches, outlets and dimmers on your INSTEON network. Control dimming and On/Off device operation using your iPhone or iPod touch (currently does not support advanced control with thermostats, I/O controllers, sprinkler controllers, scenes, or timers).
    • Note: MiCasa does not currently support the more advanced INSTEON devices such as Thermostats, I/O controllers, sprinkler controllers, scenes or timers. Future releases may add functionality for these devices.
    • Available through iTunes: $.99 for each device you wish to control - after 30 devices it supports unlmited number of devices)

    PC Free Operation
    The EZSrve does not require a PC for operation and maintains schedules to control devices at specific times of the day on particular days of the week. Schedules can even be based on sunrise and sunset times which are automatically calculated based on geographic location. As long as it is plugged in and connected to the Internet, the EZSrve will engage your home automation network at appropriate times, activate your macros when triggered, search the internet for time servers to make sure the current time is accurate, and obtain the most accurate times for sunrise and sunset based on your zip code. The EZSrve can easily be set up to take action on events from your home automation network acting as triggers.

    X10 to INSTEON Translation
    Increase the reliability of your INSTEON / X10 hybrid network by utilizing the EZSrve to translate your X10 commands into INSTEON commands via macros. Define the X10 commands that you wish to have translated into INSTEON commands and store them in the memory of the EZSrve

    Initial Setup
    Initial setup of the EZSrve is very simple and only requires the setting of the geographical location, time zone, and time (if not connected to the Internet). By default, the unit gets an IP address from your router or server to which it is connected allowing you to communicate with it remotely.

    Managing Devices
    EZSrve recognizes and can communicate with INSTEON and X10 enabled devices. Devices are manageable as soon as they are added to the EZSrve through the "Devices" screen.

    A logical grouping of devices that can be activated simultaneously to a preset level. Similar to a "superdevice" that consists of all devices in the group. Once set up, a group/scene enables a single action to set, for example, a group of lights at different brightness levels (scene) such as for viewing a movie or reading. A single command could also turn off all devices in the group.

    Defining Areas of Control
    Name physical or logical places where devices reside such as a living room, a back yard, a kitchen, etc. The EZSrve allows for the naming of an area, and the addition/deletion of available devices. The area does not have to be physical and the user can simply define a grouping for the convenience of having devices in a logical location.

    Timers and Schedules
    Schedules for a given device to perform a certain action, such as turning on or off at the same time several days of the week.

    Macro Capable
    Events for a given device to perform a certain action such as turning on or off, in response to another device performing a certain action such as the motion detected by a motion sensor, or the water level in a pool reaching a certain point, etc. The condition triggering the event can also be time-bound, thus providing scheduling flexibility.

    EZSrve Operate with Third Party Software
    EZSrve works in bridge mode through an IP XML socket and allows up to 20 client applications to be concurrently connected. This makes possible the availability of third-party web and PC applications to effectively use the EZSrve. Once support is added by a software manufacturer, your EZSrve can be used in conjunction with home automation programs including Smartenit's free downloadable Utility Suite.

    Voltage: 120 Volts AC +/- 10%, 60 Hertz, single phase
    INSTEON Minimum Transmit Level 3.2 Vppinto 5 Ohms
    INSTEON Minimum Receive Level 10 mVppnominal
    X10 Powerline Frequency 121 KHz
    X10 Minimum Transmit Level 3.2 Vppinto 5 Ohms
    X10 Minimum Receive Level 20 mVppnominal
    X10 Messages Repeated No



    Manufacturer Product No.:EZSrve 5010L
    Patent No.:U.S. Patent No. 7,345,998, International patents pending
    Dimensions:4.0" H x 2.5" W x 1.5" D
    Weight:9.5 oz.
    INSTEON Address:1 hard-coded out of 16,777,216 possible
    INSTEON Links:1024
    INSTEON Messages Repeated:Yes
    X10 Primary Address:1 optional (comes unassigned)
    X10 Messages Repeated:No
    Operating Temperature Range:Indoors, 32 to 104°F
    Operating Humidity Range:0% - 85% relative humidity
    Status LED (on the PLM):White or Blue
    Memory:Non-volatile EEPROM and Flash
    Supply Voltage:120 Volts AC +/- 10%, 60 Hertz, single phase
    Surge Protection:MOV rated for 150 Volts
    Power Plug:3-pin grounded
    Pass-through Outlet:3-pin grounded
    Safety Certification:USA and Canada (ETL #3101636)
    Warranty:1 year, limited

    Important notes:
    Defective exchanges for identical item within 30 days of purchase. After 30 days, please contact the manufacturer.
    Manufacturer contact information: Compacta International Ltd, Tel: (949) 429-3303


    View/Manage Areas  Add/Modify/Delete Devices & Scenes  Add/Modify/Delete Areas  Add/Modify/Delete Timers 
    View/Manage Areas  Add/Modify/Delete Devices & Scenes  Add/Modify/Delete Areas  Add/Modify/Delete Timers 
    Add/Modify/Delete Events  Set Date/Time or Reset Server     
    Add/Modify/Delete Events  Set Date/Time or Reset Server     


    49 Ratings
    5 star: 22%  (11)
    4 star: 14%  (7)
    3 star: 12%  (6)
    2 star: 16%  (8)
    1 star: 35%  (17)
    Average Customer Rating
    (49 customer ratings)
    Share your thoughts with other customers
    Robototom3000 -- florida, USA   1/25/2013
    Is this still this bad? I seen the last responses almost a year old so not sure if a sw/fw update fixed anything. Can some reply if this thing is still this flakey?
    JC-PVAZ -- scottsdale, AZ   9/4/2012
    When I saw the 2414U being phased out, I felt something like this was coming. I think the problems many are having are related to expectations that are created by the sales materials. This is really designed to be a simple controller for a small, uncomplicated home network rather than a full-featured networked controller. In time it could be built out to handle more functions but right now it's a simple device that can do some pretty impressive things with basic control. I helped a neighbor setup one of these and found the interface to be pretty easy to follow and we got things around his house working. Hopefully it will be a lot more reliable long term than the 2414U was. Those would start to die after a few months and become unusable after a year. So far, so good with this new unit and it's nice not to have to buy a $100 software package. I would not in any way compare this to an ISY unless I called it an ISY-LITE. If you don't try to push this into complicated programming, you should be happy with it and up and running quickly. They can do a lot to make it easier to use and I am sure in time that will happen. That said, this is a HUGE step up from an X10 controller and far simpler than one which needs special software in order to configure it.
    DAVID -- leander, TX   5/31/2012
    No more having to walk back down to the shop when I notice I left the lights on from my bedroom window. Just grab browser, click and shut the whole place down.
    ERIC -- san francisco, CA   2/2/2012
    So far, so good. I'm only using it with (ancient) X10 devices right now, but it does what it says. The built-in web interface is ugly and awkward, but the new "cloud-based" one they offer isn't bad, and I bought it to build my own frontend for anyway. The XML API seems well documented, and the response speed is pretty good, too.
    Wdw -- Arkansas   7/11/2010
    Purchased May 2010 version 02.06.10. It works. I have programs for evening lighting, circulating water pump, and underground sprinklers. Both x10 and Insteon devices. Tried using Harmony GUI, but it messes up the datafiles. Need to save datafiles for backup to computer. Still need a bridge to get x10 signals other side of 220 volt service. Many Insteon devices are compatible with this controller.
    FrayAdjacent -- Austin TX   2/20/2010
    Device has potential, but is hamstrung by the interface and it's lack of easy use. Had to dig around in forums to find simple answers - like how to set thermostats using Actions. I had to map out the hex codes manually. Timers actions based on time sometimes inexplicably do not function. Some actions based on button presses from devices randomly activate. Overall, I would not recommend this device simply because the interface sucks, and documentation is weak. Simplehomenet is slow and secretive about updates. With a good, easy to use interface, this device could own the market.
    D ROLAND -- riverdale, MD   11/9/2009
    built-in webserver config program would lock up, crash, and just generally not work at all. I eventually decided to keep this b/c I am a programmer & I wrote my own software to open the control socket and send raw xml from my PC. If I wasn't a programmer, I would call it worthless.
    George -- holly springs, NC   8/4/2009
    I would have to agree with the comments. This unit is very limited and unreliable even with the latest firmware update2.03. I have added events, and the devices disappear. I have used both the direct Web and flash interfaces. The unit locks up and needs repeated rebooting to clear the interface. The upgrade to the latest firmware was a problem and this unit was returned for repairs. Still having problems with lockups and devices disappearing from events.
    KYLE -- arlington, WA   5/1/2009
    Very limited in the kinds of programs you can do. After 2 days of running, the device would lock up and not run any of the scheduled programs. I returned it in exchange for an ISY-99i Pro.
    PETER -- del mar, CA   11/30/2008
    The device has great potential. However, there are too many deficiencies in the current FW/SW. There are undocumented limitations as well as undocumented features. The biggest problem is an undocumented limitation of 64 links. That's a very serious limitation. I explained this to Simplehome but they haven't fixed it yet. Using the EzServe is a project at least, a hobby if you really want to make it work well. Get ready to spend lots of hours with it. (Note, I am an electrical engineer).
    CHRIS -- wellington, FL   8/20/2008
    Functionality is not 100% reliable. Some timers work, some don't. Hopefully with the promised improvements coming for the firmware this will get better.
    JOHN -- leawood, KS   8/18/2008
    The scripting functionality was very lame making the device almost worthless. Plus, its X10 support was limited.
    Wookieinheat -- Vancouver   8/12/2008
    Advertising article does not mention, that, in order to gain remote access if you use a cable internet connection, you must add an additional service to your account. - PJM -- Massachussetts Completely untrue, let me guess... you called the cable company? This device is allowed on the internet the same way as any other server, port forwarding with a router.
    RICHARD -- plantation, FL   8/8/2008
    Misses the mark as all devices must have unique names. e.g. Table lamp in Bedroom must be named differntly as table lamp in Living room. Can't set ramp rates and clumsy interface.
    PHILLIP -- wake forest, NC   8/5/2008
    Very Dissatisfied with Produce and Customer Service. I doubt this message will get through because I've tried 4 e-mails to Customer Service and all I get is a message "Your reply did not process correctly. Please REPLY to this message and enter the text between the specified lines. Your message has been attached.". I ordered this product originally on 5/11, item did not work in my setup. Got a replacement through a RMA which also did not work, then was told I couldn't get a refund. Also, when I returned the item, I've received no confirmation it has been received (FedEx delivery confirmation on 7/18). I also see no credit in my account online. If this item is not automatically discarded because I entered a "1" rating I immediately expect a e-mail with the status of my return!!!
    BILL -- king city, CA   7/18/2008
    Didn't work. I sent it back for an exchange. The second unit didn't work. I sent it back for refund and bought ISY99i. The ISY works great.
    CHARLES -- pacific palisades, CA   7/17/2008
    It works, but loses track of sunrise/sunset if not connected to internet, so if it loses internet connection around midnight then your lights are staying on all day.
    MICHAEL -- syracuse, NY   7/13/2008
    Can not get it to work. I will have to call in to manufacturer to get instructions
    Peter Vaughan -- san jose, CA   6/24/2008
    I''''ve been using EZServe for 6 months now and I''''m extremely happy. I''''m using it only with Insteon devices - having ditched X10 due to poor reliability. Comparing the web interface to my DSL modem and router it''''s surprisingly fast. I''''ve got a variety of timers and macros setup and it''''s never failed to execute on time - extremely important for my wife as it controlled a space heater in my son''''s room over the winter! I have a fan in my network closet ie shelf in the closet in the guest room that turns off at 11 pm - just as the clock widget on my PC bings to say it''''s 11pm the fan turns off as scheduled. I''''ve upgraded the firmware twice and seen continuous improvement, in fact the Simplehomenet forum response is fantastic. Those guys reply in almost real time to questions. In my mind this is where this product stands out - the excellent support from the manufacturer. I''''ve been happy enough to subsequently also buy the EZRain and EZX10RF bridge products. Now can control my sprinkler remotely via the EZServe and EZRain - very cool. Once last comment - the look of wonder on friends and co-workers faces as I log on from work and turn on my outside lights or front sprinkers both which you can see on my web cameras is priceless! Easy to do just forwarded a port on my router to make the EZServe accessible externally. Cheers Peter
    Lee -- raleigh, North Carolina   6/22/2008
    I’ve had my EZSrve for nearly 4 months. The hardware has been solid. Its timers and macros run without the need for a PC to be connected to it. The firmware is field upgradeable, a major plus, eliminating the frustration some folks have expressed about the lack of that ability in other Insteon devices. Support from Simplehomenet has been excellent. I had a macro screen display problem which they fixed and provided an updated firmware image within days of reporting the problem. The product itself is evolving. Needed functional improvements have been added and more are on the way. The base product user interface does not compete with HA packages like PowerHome or even the dated HouseLinc. The TCP XML interface is rich making it a prime candidate for 3rd party software and users who have an interest in creating their own software interface. The documentation is sparse in some areas. Having knowledge of Insteon device operation is helpful. Examples of how to fully utilize the macro features are needed. EZSrve is not a LampLinc, where you plug it in and forget about it. For those who enjoy an evolving product with great potential, EZSrve is a fun product.

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