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High Resolution Digital Thermostat with a Full Color, Customizable Touch Screen Display
Venstar T5800 ColorTouch Multi-Functional Programmable Touch Screen Thermostat
Venstar T5800 ColorTouch Multi-Functional Programmable Touch Screen Thermostat
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Front, Rear and Side View Scheduling Screenshot Heat & Cool Stage Selection Screenshot
Service Contact Information Screenshot SD Card Import Screenshot Service Reminder Screenshot
Test Output Screenshot Energy Usage Screenshot
Venstar T5800 ColorTouch Multi-Functional Programmable Touch Screen Thermostat
Item# 30429
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  • Programmable touch screen thermostat
  • Controls gas/electric or heat pump equipment, with up to 4 heating and 2 cooling stages
  • Use your own digital images to customize the background
  • Scheduler keeps home temperature comfortable
  • Security features for locking thermostat
  • Automatic daylight savings adjustments, multiple languages, and alerts

Essential Info

The Venstar ColorTouch Thermostat is a multi-functional, simple-to-use, programmable touch screen thermostat with customizable display backgrounds. This thermostat is compatible with most heating and air conditioning equipment and controls gas/electric or heat pump equipment, with up to 4 heating and 2 cooling stages. It is also dual-fuel capable. ColorTouch is able to intelligently control your HVAC system and displays the proper equipment status, in terms of heating and cooling stages turned on.

Simple as You Want Operation
"Simple Stat" operation mode provides enlarged display numbers and fewer display items, making it perfect for the most basic users. "Simple as You Want" operation allows ColorTouch to be installed as a programmable or non-programmable thermostat. "Simple as You Want" operation also makes the thermostat easy to use. For example; it allows the user to remove the cooling references for homes without air conditioning.

Time Period Programming has never been so fast and simple to implement on a thermostat. The intuitive "Time Period" Scheduler automatically changes the temperature and mode for up to four periods per day. This allows for comfortable temperatures for sleeping, waking, and daytime, plus an energy savings mode for when no one is home. Customize every aspect of your "Time Period" Schedule with great flexibility.

At-a-Glance Screen
"At-a-Glance" screen shows the user heating and cooling status, as well as the room temperature. Heat and Cool indicators give "at-a-glance" information on heating and cooling, so users can easily see if air conditioning or heating equipment is on. An example of Heat and Cool indicators is on the left. The room temperature is 79 degrees and thermostat is cooling to 75 degrees. Room temperature is blue color to show the equipment is running. The ColorTouch thermostat can be wired with an Outdoor Sensor so that the outside temperature can be displayed right on the screen. The user has the option to display the high and low temperatures for the day.

Nighttime Dimmer
Nighttime dimmer for bedroom thermostats gives the user the ability to adjust the time the dimmer is on. Users can adjust the active brightness and the idle brightness with complete darkness being an option when dimmer is idle. When user touches the screen during nighttime dimmer operation, the screen's backlight temporarily returns to a useable brightness.

Energy Usage Info
Easy access to Energy Usage Information lets you easily see how much energy has been used to heat and cool for the past seven days. Runtime graphs help you evaluate energy conservation options, giving you the opportunity to decrease energy costs. View the heating or cooling runtimes separated by stages. Excessive runtimes indicate that it may be time for equipment maintenance.

With ColorTouch Security you have the ability to enforce temperature set point limits so that the system runs within set temperature parameters. Now no one can run the air conditioning too low or the heat too high. Security settings also give you the option for automatic screen lock. This locks the screen minutes after it has been touched. Unlocking the screen requires a pass code to enable access (eliminates kids or guests from changing the thermostat settings).

Daylight Savings
Daylight Savings mode automatically adjusts ColorTouch clock when necessary.


What's Included

  • 1x - ColorTouch Thermostat Touch Screen
  • 1x - ColorTouch Thermostat Backplate
  • 1x - White Faceplate
  • 1x - Mounting hardware

  • More Info

    SD Card
    Easily choose what settings you want to import into your thermostat from an SD memory card including your Custom Photos, Dealer Info, Schedule, and Thermostat Name. Using the SD card you may save settings from an existing ColorTouch thermostat that can be exported to other thermostats (so you don't have to program each individual thermostat). The SD card is prepared using the ColorTouch Assistant software application.

    (SD memory card, 64Mb minimum, sold separately)

    Customize the look of ColorTouch with faceplates to match your home decor. Options include white(supplied) - black, silver and wood grain each sold separately.

    ColorTouch is multilingual (English, Spanish and French).

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Thermostat firmware version 1.11 and below requires 2GB or larger SD cards for upgrading.


    Manufacturer Product NoT5800

    Important notes:
    Defective exchanges for identical item within 30 days of purchase. After 30 days, please contact the manufacturer.
    Manufacturer contact information: US Air Conditioning Distributors, Tel: (626) 854-4555


    Front, Rear and Side View  Scheduling Screenshot  Heat & Cool Stage Selection Screenshot  Service Contact Information Screenshot 
    Front, Rear and Side View  Scheduling Screenshot  Heat & Cool Stage Selection Screenshot  Service Contact Information Screenshot 
    SD Card Import Screenshot  Service Reminder Screenshot  Test Output Screenshot  Energy Usage Screenshot 
    SD Card Import Screenshot  Service Reminder Screenshot  Test Output Screenshot  Energy Usage Screenshot 


    51 Ratings
    5 star: 67%  (34)
    4 star: 20%  (10)
    3 star: 6%  (3)
    2 star: 0%  (0)
    1 star: 8%  (4)
    Average Customer Rating
    (51 customer ratings)
    Share your thoughts with other customers
    JEROME -- macomb, MI   2/26/2014
    Easy installation, works great.
    DaveS -- duncanville, Texas   2/10/2014
    I bought this for a vacation home. I can remotely control with the wifi option. I can look at heat cool run times on a daily, weekly , and monthly basis. I added the exterior temp sensor so I can look at the exterior temp. I also use the exterior temp sensor to set the changeover to gas from the heat pump. I have a dual fuel heat pump with 2 stages of LP backup. This is the only stat I could fine that would control my system and give me remote access. I set temp limits and the stat emails me if a limit is exceeded. Toooo many features to cover here. I love this thermostat!!
    SARAH -- rockville, MD   1/25/2014
    This was very easy to set up and has a beautiful screen. Glad I purchased this thermostat.
    JULIE -- novato, CA   1/10/2014
    Easy to install; instructions easy to follow. Set-up simple. Looks great on wall.
    THOMAS -- chicago, IL   11/29/2013
    Just installed second for downstairs HVAC. Thus far both are working well. See below for WiFi Key.
    mike -- lancaster   10/29/2013
    Grat tstat. Programming tstat is made very simple, its features are awesome just wished it displayed relative humidity and outside temp.
    NATHAN -- herndon, VA   8/15/2013
    This thermostat has been awesome. It's got every feature under the sun. I love knowing I'll never change dead batteries again.
    THOMAS -- chantilly, VA   5/30/2013
    this thermostat is awesome. Touch Screen. Adjustable fan run settings. Screen savers. Better than the nest in a lot of ways. I am glad I got this but only wish I hadn't waited so long.
    Eric T. -- elmhurst, IL   5/23/2013
    While this unit has some nice features, overall I'm very disappointed because of one deal-breaking flaw. At this time of year, spring in Illinois, we need the furnace on some days and air conditioning on others. We shut the furnace off by pressing the MODE button on the touch screen and changing it to OFF; same procedure for air conditioning. However, when we want to turn the heat on again we have to go into the menu, select SCHEDULE and turn the schedule back on; if we simply turn the heat back on with the MODE button we get the factory default schedule, which is completely wrong for our needs. Also, the homeowner schedule must be either heat or air conditioning; the T5800 can't remember both. There needs to be a way for both heat and AC schedules to be saved and be able to switch without total reprogramming, or switching SD cards, which was suggested by Venstar support. My wife didn't want me to get this thermostat because she thought it would be too complicated. I told her that all she had to do was use the MODE button but after using the unit for a while that was proven to be incorrect. We used to have a White Rogers programmable from the mid 1980s and although it had its faults it was easy to use. When you turned the heat or cooling on it was automatically on either schedule that I had preset. It remembered both the heat and cooling schedules and switched seamlessly between the two. This would seem to be a simple programming fix, but after emailing and talking on the phone with Venstar a year ago they are unwilling or unable to fix this. I don't think I'd buy another of their products.
    Alejandro -- Los Angeles   5/14/2013
    Very Elegant thermostat, look high tech item I have been told, and it is! Easy to install, now here is the winner: most thermostat don't have the dead band zone, this one has it! The dead band zone is the ability of a thermostat to allow the temp to wait until it reaches some degrees, for example, during the cold weather I let my thermostat to wait 2 degrees before turns on the heater again, this ability helps to save gas and equipment wear out! For example, I set the temp to 72 degrees, but the thermostat waits until the temp lower to 70 degrees. You dont notice the difference from 72 to 71 degrees for example. I think the point is clear.
    JAMES -- thomaston, CT   4/22/2013
    I LOVE this. It is SO easy to use, easy to install, and it looks VERY cool. Has that executive look.
    VIOLETA -- rockville centre, NY   3/23/2013
    This is a great thermostat in everyway. The app for the wifi is very easy to use. Although the touchscreen is not the same as it would be on a smartphone or a tablet but I can live with it. One feature I would like to see on it would be animated screen savers and I am probably asking for to much here but its just a little suggestion. Overall its awesome!!
    ROBERT -- patchogue, NY   3/10/2013
    Easy setup. beutiful display and great features. I'm buying 2 more
    Mric -- valley city, OH   2/18/2013
    This Venstar5800 is the tops. Very intuitive software makes it easy to program. I moved up to this from the best Honeywell Home Depot had to offer which didn't come close to this unit. This unit gives the flexibility of programing that I wanted. I also desired independent fan programing which this unit fulfills. I love to be able to glance across the room and see the temp display and red/blue indicator which tells me if my equipment is running. I also added the outdoor temp sensor which works great.
    LES -- hermitage, TN   2/8/2013
    Great Thermostat...I will be shopping at Smarthome alot
    KEVIN -- tucson, AZ   1/19/2013
    This thermostat pretty much works as advertised. The picture slide show is nice while unit is in normal operation. I had to select 2 degrees of change before the unit would turn on the heat because it is so sensitive. The ambient room temp sensor changes the reading too often to be realistic; I set heat to 70 degrees and not come on again until the room reaches 68 which should take some time. But within about 2 minutes the ambient temp says it's now 68 and the unit comes on again--rather frustrating. Just hope this does not make my utility bill higher than it should be.
    FRANK -- roswell, GA   1/17/2013
    I erred in ordering this thermostat. My son had indicated that he wanted a Nest for Xmas, but my reserarch indicated that this would be a better product. Forty one years of experience with this son should have prepared me better, but no. He immediately asked if he could return it and purchase his Nest. Reluctantly, I agreed. I very much appreciate your generous return policy. I only wish that you also carried the Nest, so that you would have had some benefit from my error.
    DAN -- homer glen, IL   1/10/2013
    Great product, works as advertised. Easy to set up and use. The mobile app is fantastic. Just wish you offered the WiFi option on your site. Had to get it elsewhere.
    ALAN -- las vegas, NV   1/7/2013
    I have 3 of them installed. 2 in my house and 1 in the garage and they work as advertized. Installed about 3 months now and no problems
    Kevin -- limerick, PA   1/5/2013
    I had this thermostat installed by my HVAC person on Dec. 20th and I really like it! Luckily I did have the common wire that is needed for this. It has the same features as my old Honeywell programmable thermostat, and more! It's 7 day programmable with 4 time periods per day. It has various energy saving features like vacation mode, a setting to control how many cycle per hour it runs 1 to 6 or unlimited, and a temperature variance setting where it will allow the temp to change by a certain number of degrees + or - before the it runs the furnace again. The default temperature variance setting is 2, but I have it set to 1 for mine. It also has a feature to help maximize the cold air when running air conditioning where you can have the fan run for an additional time, after the compressor goes off. The reasoning is that there is residual cold air and this helps to maximize the amount of cold air. The setting can be 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 90 seconds, or 120 seconds. It also has the smart recovery feature, just like my old Honewyell; this turns the heat on early, prior to the morning set time so that the house is heated to the desired morning temperature at the start of the morning set time. I also bought the wifi skyport key, which allows for internet and smartphone app control, and I really like that too! Only thing is I had to buy the wifi key elsewhere, since smarthome doesn't have that. One comment to make though regarding the smart recovery feature is that it seems like the energy saving options take precedence and conflict with the smart recovery feature. It says to allow 4 to 8 days for the smart recovery to adjust to your furnace and temperature settings, etc. I admit that I had changed the number of cycle run times/hour twice, from 6, then to 5, and then to 4. It's been at 4 for a week now, but it has not adjust properly, and the earliest it goes on is 5 minutes before the start of the morning set time. But this is not long enough because the temperature difference between my night and morning settings is 5 degrees, and it takes about 30 to 35 minutes for it to heat up to the desired morning temperature. My old Honeywell seemed perform that option good, but the Honeywell thermostat simply ran unlimited. In fact this morning, I happened to wake up early and heard the thermostat running 10 minutes before the morning set time and thought maybe the smart recovery was adjusting, but I checked it via the smartphone app, and it wasn't. In fact, this morning 1/5/2012, the smart recovery started 5 minutes AFTER the start of the morning set time. So, it does seem this seem like the number of cycles per hour is in conflict. I would think the smart recovery would take precedence over that. This is a minor issue for me though and can deal with it. I may experiment with changing the cycle run time/hour back to 6 to see if that make an improvement. I also contacted Venstar support about this to see if they have any suggestions. This thermostat does


    Venstar ACC-WPLWH ColorTouch Wall Plate  Venstar Color Change Face Plate Cover for Venstar ColorTouch Thermostat, Black  Venstar Color Change Face Plate Cover for Venstar ColorTouch Thermostat, Silver  Venstar Color Change Face Plate Cover for Venstar ColorTouch Thermostat, Wood Grain 
    Venstar ACC-WPLWH ColorTouch Wall Plate  Venstar Color Change Face Plate Cover for Venstar ColorTouch Thermostat, Black  Venstar Color Change Face Plate Cover for Venstar ColorTouch Thermostat, Silver  Venstar Color Change Face Plate Cover for Venstar ColorTouch Thermostat, Wood Grain 
    Venstar Color Change Face Plate Cover for Venstar ColorTouch Thermostat, White  Venstar Remote Indoor/Outdoor Air Temperature Sensor for ColorTouch Thermostat  Steren 300-756WH White Thermostat Bulk Cable, 250 Foot Spool   
    Venstar Color Change Face Plate Cover for Venstar ColorTouch Thermostat, White  Venstar Remote Indoor/Outdoor Air Temperature Sensor for ColorTouch Thermostat  Steren 300-756WH White Thermostat Bulk Cable, 250 Foot Spool   

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