2GIG Technologies PIR Image Sensor with Built-In Camera
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2GIG Technologies PIR Image Sensor with Built-In Camera

Passive Infrared Motion Sensor takes Images when Triggered and Works in the Dark
  • Wireless install with wireless communication to Go!Control security panel
  • 35 feet x 40 feet coverage
  • Capture images upon demand and when triggered
  • Adjustable PIR sensitivity + pet immunity
  • Color images in light, black and white in the dark
  • 2GIG Go!Control security panel required

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  • Continue to grow the functionality of your 2GIG Technologies home security system with the addition of a PIR Image Sensor with Built-In Camera from 2GIG. This Image Sensor is battery powered and wireless which makes installation a breeze and allows for the flexibility to be placed where ever you need it the most. It detects movement with a PIR (passive infrared) sensor and upon detection it will alert the 2GIG Go!Control panel and capture an image which can be viewed remotely through the Alarm.com portal or smartphone app*. Additionally you can also check in on your home by manually signaling the Image Sensor to snap a picture. The PIR sensor has a motion detection range of up to 35 feet x 40 feet and can be adjusted accordingly to suit the layout of the room; it also has adjustable pet immunity settings which are used to prevent it from snapping an image and alerting you every single time your family pet happens to pass it by. The built-in camera takes color photos and also features an infrared flash that gives it night vision to capture images in black and white in the dark.

    Note - this product communicates with the 2GIG Go!Control security panel and requires one in order to work.

    *Monitoring and remote management options are available and start as low as $25/month. A 2GIG Technologies Cell Radio Module and Go!Control Panel are required to enable this functionality. No credit check or long term contract is required. Prices are determined by the level of functionality desired by the customer. Mention Smarthome when setting up to receive the Smarthome special discount. Call Vault Alarm at 888-528-2858 to get started today!

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer 2GIG Technologies
    Manufacturer Product No. 2GIG-IMAGE1
    UPC 817082010533
    Dimensions D 2.3 inches x W 1.8 inches x H 3.1 inches
    Weight 3.1oz
    Power Source 2 AA batteries
    Expected Battery Life Approximately 1 year
    Recommended Mounting Height 8 feet
    Recommended Mounting Angle 6° for rooms greater than 30 feet
    18° for rooms less than 30 feet
    Motion Profiles and Sensor Range Normal - up to 30 feet
    High - up to 35 feet
    Low - up to 25 feet
    Sensor Passive infrared (PIR)
    Pet Immunity Up to 40lbs
    Image QVGA 320x240 pixels
    Color Images Yes, black and white at night
    Night Vision Yes, 5 IR LEDs
    Detection Range 35 feet x 40 feet
    Communication Wireless with 2GIG Go!Control panel
    Operating Temperature 32&degF to 110&degF
    Image Sensor Red Status LED Activity Reference
    Device Status or Error LED Pattern Duration of LED Pattern
    Duration of LED Pattern Solid for 5 Seconds Approximately first 5 seconds after powering
    Sensor Joins or Rejoins Network Solid for 5 Seconds First 5 seconds after sensor joins a new network (during enroll process) or rejoins its existing network
    Searching for Network to Join Fast Blink for 5 Seconds at a Time Repeats pattern for up to 60 seconds after powering until the sensor enrolls in a network
    Attempting to Rejoin Network Slow Blink for 5 Seconds at a Time Repeats pattern for up to 60 seconds after power cycle until the sensor reconnects to its network
    Motion Test Mode Solid for 3 Seconds at a Time Repeats for each motion activation during the 3 minutes after sensor joins network, has been tampered, or is placed in PIR test mode
    Network Communication Problem Fast Blink for 1 Second at a Time Pattern begins after 60 seconds of searching for (and unsuccessfully joining) a network and repeats until RF communication is restored. Pattern persists as long as the sensor is not enrolled in a network or cannot connect to current network
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