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Instant Water Leak Detection and Alerts
INSTEON Leak Sensor
INSTEON Leak Sensor
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INSTEON Leak Sensor
INSTEON Water Leak Sensor
Item# 2852-222
Price: $34.99
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  • Just set on the floor - no screws, no tape, no wires!
  • Receive leak alerts via texts and/or emails when used with INSTEON compatible software
  • Simply tap/tap link to lights to be visually alerted
  • Daily "heartbeat" signal allows monitoring systems to ensure leak sensor continues to function and communications are OK
  • Save $1,000's in undetected water damage (not to mention the hassle)
  • 10+ year battery life (battery included)
  • Fantastic when on vacation, for rental properties and 2nd homes

Essential Info

The risk of water damage in a home is high. In fact, it is one of the most common home insurance claims. Every year millions of homeowners suffer billions of dollars in losses. But these losses can be reduced or even avoided altogether with the new INSTEON Leak Sensor.

Leak Sensor alerts you so you can stop the leak before damage to your home occurs. Simply add as many sensors as you'd like to the INSTEON Hub (sold separately) and get instant alerts delivered via text/email to your smartphone. The INSTEON Hub also allows you to add cameras for remote monitoring, motion sensors, door/window sensors and of course control over lighting and appliances in your home.

For more advanced applications, consider HouseLinc or ISY-994i. Together with a leak sensor you can use a INSTEON I/O Linc Low Voltage / Contact Closure Interface to activate a whole-home water shutoff valve. When the leak sensor detects water, it can trigger the I/O Linc to automatically activate and instantly close the valve to prevent any further water leakage and damage. By adding multiple sensors, you can monitor leaks throughout your home and immediately shut off the main water supply should water be detected. These solutions also provide text/email alerts as well as more advanced conditional programming.

INSTEON Leak Sensor and Water Shut-Off Valve Application:

This easy to use, battery powered leak sensor can provide the early detection necessary to prevent leaks from creating major damage to your home.

The INSTEON Leak Sensor installs quickly and easily - no need to run wires or drill holes. Simply place the sensor near where water leaks may occur. Some common places are:
  • Washing machines
  • Toilets
  • Water heaters
  • Sinks
  • Refrigerators (water filters)
  • Dishwashers
  • Basements
  • Water Softeners

  • Manuals/Software

    What's Included

  • INSTEON Leak Sensor
  • Quick Start Guide
  • More Info

    Simple Design
    Other leak sensors on the market require running wires or drilling holes, the INSTEON Leak Sensor is an all-in-one design. This makes it super simple to install and ideal for placing in tight areas.

    Long Lasting Battery Life
    A lithium battery comes included with the INSTEON Leak Sensor and will provide over 10 years of operation. To add a level of security, the sensor also features a "heartbeat" signal which is sent daily. This can be used by central controllers and/or cloud services to notify you that the sensor is still functioning or in the absence of the signal that there is a problem.

    Start with one, grow to dozens if you wish. INSTEON also offers motion and open/close (door/window) sensors.


    Manufacturer product no.2852-222, INSTEON Leak Sensor
    Warranty2 years, limited
    INSTEON powerline mesh repeaterNo
    INSTEON RF mesh repeaterNo
    INSTEON controllerYes
    INSTEON responderNo
    Maximum links/scenes400
    Commands supported as responder On Group 1 (Dry) On Group 2 (Wet)
    Heartbeat (Group 4)
    Software configurableYes
    RF rangeUp to 150 feet (open air)
    Phase bridge detect beaconNo
    INSTEON device category 0x10
    INSTEON device subcategory 0x08 (915MHz RF frequency)
    MountingPlace on flat surface where leak will occur
    Case colorWhite
    Buttons 1, Set
    Plastic Polycarbonate
    Rubber Polyethylene rubber
    Conductive Feet Corrosion resistant nickel plated bronze
    Beeper No
    Setup LED Yes, green

    Excluding antenna: 0.9" H x 3.6" W x 1.4 D (23mm H x 92mm W x 36mm D)

    With antenna: 3.7" H x 3.6" W x 1.4" D (93mm H x 92mm W x 36mm D)

    Weight3 oz (0.2 lb, 90g)
    Operating environmentIndoors
    Operating temperature range32-104°F (0-40°C)
    Operating humidity range0-90% relative humidity
    Storage temperature range -4-158°F (-20-70°C)
    Battery One (1) AA lithium battery included
    Voltage 1.5VDC
    Retains all settings without power Yes, saved in non-volatile EEPROM
    Mean battery life 10 years
    CertificationsFCC, IC Canada


    INSTEON Leak Sensor       
    INSTEON Leak Sensor       


    98 Ratings
    5 star: 45%  (44)
    4 star: 21%  (21)
    3 star: 9%  (9)
    2 star: 9%  (9)
    1 star: 15%  (15)
    Average Customer Rating
    (98 customer ratings)
    Share your thoughts with other customers
    TERRY -- north prince george, VA   6/28/2014
    Bought six of these to put throughout the house after a neighbor suffered over $100K in losses due to a busted pipe in his upstairs. Next step is to fully automate and put in the main water shutoff valve to automatically control via these sensors. For now, they text me when there is a problem.
    CHRIS -- frisco, TX   6/27/2014
    Very disappointed. Spent money on product based on description. Now, I find out that I need additional equipment for it to work as intended or I can lose the shipping $$$ both ways to return it. Lesson learned. I'll cut my losses.
    Terry -- tampa, Fl   6/8/2014
    I would like to comment on the 10 year battery life advertised. I bought 6 of these at the same time and all of the batteries lasted approximately 15 months. All of the 6 units indicated low battery within about a 24 hour period of each other.
    KEITH -- alameda, CA   5/14/2014
    Took minutes to send an email when triggered. Often showed it was wet after it had been dried. Was unreliable in communicating with the hub even when an Access point was within 10 feet of it.
    Mr G -- Chicago   5/10/2014
    Bought two of these as open box items. One pairs with HouseLinc properly but the other pairs as an unknown device. Kind of useless as an unknown device as it doesn't allow you to use the wet or dry detect features. Last time I buy open box. I was also disappointed that although the leak sensor sends a 'heartbeat' signal once a day, HouseLinc doesn't allow you to setup an alert if it doesn't receive the heartbeat. This would be useful to know if the battery needed to be replaced. I can't complain too much as HouseLine is a free download. I'm sure other software packages could be setup for this purpose.
    HENRY -- montgomery center, VT   5/2/2014
    The activation was not easy. Customer service spent some time with us over the phone. The abc should be much easier.
    DAVID -- bellbrook, OH   4/21/2014
    Provides peace of mind. Easily connected to hub network.
    Bill B -- bridgton, Maine   4/1/2014
    This sensor seems to be working as designed. I say seems to be only because to see it act in the wild is to have a problem, which I have not. I tested this on a wet sponge and it worked fine. I use an ISY-994i automation system. In order to use this sensor, I had to upgrade my ISY-26 to this newer model. I also had to upgrade my PLM at the same time. Once I had the new ISY installed, the water sensor was a breeze to set up. I created a program to monitor its heartbeat once per night. And I set up a program that emails me if water is sensed. I plan on getting a insteon-aware shut-off valve and a few more of these water sensors now that I have things working.
    Jason -- Omaha   3/5/2014
    Got it, tested it, it worked. Hope I never have to actually use it. Another great product from Smarthome. Plan on ordering a few more of these for other locations in the house.
    Another Idea -- san francisco, CA   3/3/2014
    Was reading some of the past reviews on the Insteon Leak Sensor. I like the idea that Bendrix came up with to tie it to a board with wire contacts touching the floor. You would think that SmartHome would come up with an idea like the ones that GE or Skylink have with the probes at the end of a line. I'm sure that you could mount it behind the commode with the probes on the floor, it would never be seen. Or next to a water heater with the probes on the floor. The idea of having the whole unit exposed to water; the bottom, which is not sealed, battery and battery contacts exposed to water doesn't make any sense...
    Bendirx -- rochester, MA   2/20/2014
    Here are three scenarios. One: engineer unthinking designs a leak sensor that is not watertight. Two: greedy executive spec out a leak sensor that is not watertight so user must constantly replace them. Three: customer refuses to pay for the expensive watertight leak sensor that has watertight battery case, watertight buttons, yet can still be serviced, so management gives engineer a budgeted cost and engineer does his best. Choose number three and you'll be closer to the mark when you evaluate this product. It's really affordable and you can overcome the financial compromise of a leaky leak sensor easily. See below. Setting it up can be tricky and the manual is not much help. Smarthome, I hope you are listening because when your manuals are weak, you lose money in tech support and returns, and lost customers. There are many improvements that could be made to your manuals and web site. If you are using the ISY controller as I am, you won't find any help in the Leak Detector manual, and you'll find that the auto discover button and sequence does not work for this device. You have to search the ISY WikiHelp to get the information, which I've reproduced here. Follow these steps and linking is a snap. Menu - Link Management/New INSTEON device ## Give it a name of your choosing ## Enter the address. 6 characters on bottom XX:XXX:XX ## Select the Leak Sensor from the drop down list labeled Device Type. ## Device Type = 10.08 2852 Way at the bottom of the list ## Click Ok. ## Press and hold the set button on the Leak Sensor till the light starts blinking . Once the light blinks , then quickly click and release the set button one more time ## You have to be close within 10 to 20 ft of a dual band or RF device ## Click OK. ## Wait while the ISY initializes communications with the Leak Sensor. Once that is done, you'll see three new entries in the ISY list. Let's say you named the sensor, Boiler Room. The three entries will be Boiler Room Water-Dry, Boiler Room Water-Wet, and Boiler Room Water-Heartbeat. Now you can use the ON/Off states of those three items to trigger programs. What to do about the leaky leak sensor? Simple. Put it on something that floats. Here is my solution. Cut a 4 length of 2X4. Set the Leak Detector on a flat side, in the middle, and mark the location of the two metal contacts on the 2X4. Screw in two, 2 stainless steel screws Lowes had SS screws = no rust. Screw them all the way through the 2X4 and so the heads are just slightly below the surface of the 2X4, but not so deep that the metal contacts on the leak detector won't touch them. The tips will stick out the other side. Place the leak detector on the board with the contacts over the screws. Tie it down. If you use a rubber band it will eventually age and crack, so use some dental floss. That's it. Now the screw tips will transmit the water's conductivity to the Leak Detector. The little boat will happily
    JARED -- hauppauge, NY   2/16/2014
    As expected
    Paul -- United States   2/7/2014
    Ugh... how frustrating. The sensor seems to set up and pair easily. It even tests well... put it in a small puddle of water and bingo, it triggers. But leave it overnight and have a real leak, and nothing. It seems like it only works when you're actively fiddling with it as you would during set up and troubleshooting. But in real life, it doesn't work at all.

    Smarthome response: It's important to note that after you test (or after a real leak event), you must tap the set button to "re-arm" the sensor. If this step is not done, the sensor will not activate.
    STAN -- fort worth, TX   1/27/2014
    worked as advertised and exactly what I needed.
    LEONARD -- staten island, NY   1/19/2014
    Works to alert you of water. But immediately alerts that there is no water. Help desk is unable to resolve problem
    Kevin Becker -- medford, MA   1/19/2014
    It is not waterproof. If just the bottom gets wet, it will be okay. If it sits in more than a quarter inch of water, the circuit board inside will get wet, which generally means bad news.
    JOHN R -- drexel hill, PA   1/11/2014
    Since I already have insteon products, this is a nice addition. I had leak and water notification alarms in my home but they only gave audible alarms. With two sump pumps in my basement it's nice to now be notified if there is a water problem. I'm not always in the basement. And even if I'm away.
    HENRY -- montgomery center, VT   1/9/2014
    time will tell. good concept
    shannong -- SATX   1/8/2014
    These water sensors are not sealed. There is a seam along the bottom casing where water can leak in. The user guide says if they are in more than 1/8 they may stop working. Ridiculous! So you better hope your leak can drain away quickly.
    Jan -- seattle, WA   12/14/2013
    Jeez - this is JUNK. Extremely hard to link, extremely poor documentation, undocumented LED flashes, WET sensor only trips momentarily even when sitting in water. Heartbeat not supported in ISY99.

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