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Control Lights and Outlets from Your Mobile Phone
SmartLinc - INSTEON Light Control Kit
SmartLinc - INSTEON Light Control Kit
SmartLinc - INSTEON Light Control Kit
Item# 2490C2
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  • Includes everything needed to start your INSTEON lighting control system
  • SmartLinc Central Controller allows you to control lights from any web-enabled phone or computer
  • Control lights remotely from anywhere in the house or remotely anywhere in the world
  • A great investment for any home
  • Award-winning INSTEON technology - the ultimate in simplicity and reliability

Essential Info

Your smartphone already lets you access nearly all aspects of your life now... from meetings, music, photos, movies and games to contacting friends and family no matter where you are. Why stop there? Integrate your home lighting and appliances so that you can access and control them from anywhere. This kit is a great way to make your home available to you at the touch of a button, no matter where you are.

Explanation of kit contents:

SmartLincSmartLinc - plugs into an outlet and connects to your router which can then be accessed from any web-enabled device. It features sunrise and sunset timers, day-of-week timers and more. Organize devices by rooms and create lighting scenes that turn on multiple lights at the same time. (iPhone sold separately)

SwitchLinc dimmerTwo SwitchLinc dimmers (dual-band) and one SwitchLinc switch (dual-band) - these replace existing switches*. The dimmers can control incandescent loads up to 600 Watts and feature on-level presets and adjustments for how fast the light fades on and off. The SwitchLincs also feature dual-band technology, which allows them to send and receive signals via the power line and radio frequency. The switches control non-dimming loads such as fluorescent and motors (up to 15 Amps).

*Requires connection to neutral which is available in most homes. For more information, See "How Do I Know If I Have A Neutral Wire?".

Expand this kit to control your Thermostat, Outdoor Lights or Fountains, Sprinklers, display power consumption of an appliance and more.


What's Included

More Info

Additional information (Quick-Start Guide, Owner's Manual, Specifications, etc.) is available for each component of this kit by clicking on the following links:



Manufacturer Product No.:2490C2 - SmartLinc - INSTEON Light Control Kit
Components:One (1) SmartLinc - INSTEON Central Controller
Two (2) SwitchLinc - INSTEON Remote Control Dimmer (Dual-Band), White
One (1) SwitchLinc - INSTEON Remote Control Switch (Dual-Band), White


41 Ratings
5 star: 37%  (15)
4 star: 22%  (9)
3 star: 7%  (3)
2 star: 12%  (5)
1 star: 22%  (9)
Average Customer Rating
(41 customer ratings)
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MICHAEL -- harrison, NY   5/3/2013
Horrible system. Not only did it not work, but after being on the phone for 1hr of wait time and trouble shooting the tech told me it is a defective controller. Went to amazon and ordered another one. SOS. Still didnt work. Then the tech started to blame my house, yes my house. Disconnected everything from my router but the insteon, modem and computer. Plugged directly to a wall outlet and still nothing. Now of course it is my router. Come on folks, my whole house works fine with all the connections, routers, modems, wireless devices. Now here comes this $250 piece of %#?& lighting system and its the router. All I wanted to do was throw both starter kits in the garbage, but paid the return shipping and got my $ back. Last time I will ever buy a product from here. Wait for Nest to come up with lighting control system or bite the bullet and go with control 4
pbryant -- charleston, sc   3/28/2013
Most awful user interface ever. I use the PC software, which is pretty bad, but the app is worse. I like Insteon products and the softward makes it easier to set-up scenes, but really didn't like the app.
JOEL -- las vegas, NV   2/14/2013
Works as advertised. At first light switches didn't communicate but after installing a switch on the same AC phase as the controller, it worked flawlessly. Web based program is pretty basic but works. iPhone app ok but it's best to do all configuration on the web based program or else it will change original configuration to something undesired. The time on the controller will always be inaccurate because every time you access the controller on the iphone, the time will reset (seconds will go back to 00 and a minute will be added if time is past 40s I think). I had it for about a month and so far no serious issues. Hope it will last.
JASON -- reston, VA   1/3/2013
I haven't tried using the app yet but the web interface works really well. I set all my lights to a timer. Leave for the day and don't have turn anything off. Go to bed at night and don't have to turn anything off. Don't have to turn my exterior lights on and off every day. Get up in the morning and the lights are all set the way I want them. I love convenience!
Scott Hughes -- plano, TX   12/23/2012
Why does the bundle cost $30 more than the sum of purchasing the pieces individually? Looks like SmartHome uses confusing pricing to take advantage of their customers. This has deterred me from shopping here.
JEAN-PIERRE -- st-jean-sur-richelie, QC   11/23/2012
Impressive switches and dimmers (5*), however, very poor controller (1*) and or provided software. Interface log on; OK, device to SmartLinc pairing; OK, scene creation; inconsistent. Erratic control at best with devices. Will control only for a few commands, than bogs down, and that's WHEN it actually performs any control. Tried Mobilinc software with improved rate of success in device control but still some inconsistent behaviour remains. Symptoms point to poor controller hardware/ firmware. Very disapointing behaviour from the SmartLinc 2412N. I should have read reviews before bying this starter kit, for the same price I could have gotten 2 more switches/dimmers. Budget permitting, I'll be switching to an ISY** controller.
ALBERT -- suwanee, GA   10/25/2012
Very buggy interface. Does not work well. Some outlets switches work some others quit working just after one week. Requires additional components which still may not guarantee that it will work correctly. I would not buy this again nor recommend to anyone. Spent a lot of money for nothing.
Lloyd -- VA Suburbs of our Nation's Capital   10/8/2012
As a user of Automated Lighting Products since 1991 and exclusively Insteon since 2004, I must say that these reviews prove insight to the many problems that face any one product. From Port Forwarding to show remote control when I am not at Home to opposite phases detection problems, there is none better in my opinion. There was one review that said it could be marketed better and yes maybe it could but with what they have already done is so much more than it's competitors. I like to think that many of the bad reviews are explainable from what I have learned these past 8 years and I am excited further forward with the attention to the SmartLinc and its newly updated App [FREE] and ease of programming from even the smartphone.
FRANCISCO -- camuy, PR   10/2/2012
After installation, everything worked fine, the software is very simple to use. Now I have some intermmitent operation on a dimmer and a switch, sometimes they don't turn on as scheduled.
PATRICK -- davenport, IA   9/9/2012
I had problems getting all the devices to work until I added more devices and the RF phase couplers. You might want to offer a starter kit with three LampLinq's and two RF phase couplers for beginners.
DUANE -- hartsel, CO   8/30/2012
This was a gift for my Daughter's new Home. Arrived on time in perfect condition. Thanks
RALF -- tuscaloosa, AL   6/17/2012
Amazingly easy to install. Sometimes very confusing about Dual-band capabilities of some controller and simple controller. Also a little overpriced to gain new customer. It took me months to review the different systems. If SH starter kit and controllerwould be cheaper in prize not in quality, more people would hop onto the automation system
Gary -- aiken, SC   6/16/2012
I bought the starter kit and configuration was ok. 1 But nothing worked, so I called and found out I need two Access Points. So I bought those. 2 Then the porch light would turn on but not off. So I called and found out that since I had Compact Fluorescent Bulbs, I should use incandescent not acceptable to me I am trying to save energy. 3 So then I had to buy filters to install in line with the switch output to the load. 4 NOW it works, on/off on timer and iPhone. 5 So...the system is not current with CFL bulbs. I expect LED bulbs would not need the extra filter, but I have not tested this yet.
GERVASE -- riverside, CA   5/9/2012
Product required that I buy additional components before the smartlinc could communicate throughout the entire house.
MICHAEL -- newbury park, CA   2/22/2012
Software to configure insteon devices is limited
DUSTIN -- lisle, IL   2/17/2012
The system works exactly as specified with a web browser and with the app for the iPad and Droid even better. I have only 2 nitpicks, on the installation side we had some confusion on which wire hooked up to neutral due to the wires on the switches being labeled inconsistently with the online docs. Second, on your iPhone and Android apps I would recommend putting a slider control for setting the dimness of a light scene. Having to guess where the app will stop can be a bit of a hassle and repeatedly pressing Dim or Bright sort of "takes away" from how smooth the system operates.
ED NOEPEL -- jersey city, NJ   2/13/2012
I was not impressed with the SmartLinc controller. Since outlets near my router did not work, I needed to install a WAP as a network bridge; the controller should offer WiFi. Not impressed that I cannot set dimmer levels on scenes. Circuit phase detection is poorly documented. That said, my timers have been working reliably weeks after installation.
KURT -- carroll, IA   2/2/2012
Works as advertised. Pretty happy with product. Could have a little better installation troubleshooting. I have some interference in my house so switches have to be programmed before installation. Customer service was very helpful.
RONALD -- south san francisco, CA   1/13/2012
did not like the iphone interface. too simple.
RICHARD -- west milford, NJ   12/28/2011
Nice, reqires a little understanding to get the x-10 side working, but the insteon side is a snap. Nice to control the lights from and web browser on nearly any weg enabled device.

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