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Never Forget to Turn Off Your Lights with the INSTEON-Compatible Timer Wall Switch
SwitchLinc Timer - INSTEON Countdown Wall Switch Timer (Non-Dimming), White
SwitchLinc Timer - INSTEON Countdown Wall Switch Timer (Non-Dimming), White
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Profile Comparison Wiring Diagram - Single-Pole Wiring Diagram - 3-Way
SwitchLinc Timer - INSTEON Countdown Wall Switch Timer (Non-Dimming), White
Item# 2476ST
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Essential Info

Worried about throwing away money on electricity because someone forgot to turn off the lights? Install the INSTEON SwitchLinc Timer, and you won't have to worry any more. Just replace your existing wall switch with the new SwitchLinc Timer, and it will turn off all by itself! This is a perfect switch for the kids' room or for the bathroom fan that you always leave on. It works as a standalone wall switch timer or with your INSTEON network, adding local countdown timer control to your INSTEON network without computer-controlled timer software.

Press the paddle top to turn on the switch and activate the built-in timer, which will automatically turn the light off in 15 minutes. Tap the paddle top again, and the light will stay on for 1 hour. Each additional tap will add another hour to the timer, up to a maximum of 24 hours. If you would like the SwitchLinc Timer to act like a standard switch, press and hold the paddle top for about 2 seconds, and it will stay on until you turn it off. This INSTEON-compatible switch can still be controlled like any other INSTEON device. The SwitchLinc Timer can control up to a 480-watt incandescent load or 13A resistive load.

For an INSTEON countdown timer with 8 one-touch timer durations, try the KeypadLinc - INSTEON Countdown Timer.

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  • Installing a SwitchLinc

  • Manuals/Software

    What's Included

  • 1x - SwitchLinc Timer (white paddle included)
  • 2x - Mounting screws
  • 4x - Wire nuts
  • 1x - Quick-Start Guide
  • Wall plate sold separately
  • More Info

    Easy To Install
    The INSTEON SwitchLinc Timer is easy to install and set up, and yet so affordable, you'll want to replace all your switches with SwitchLinc switches. Just remove the old switch, reattach the existing line, load, ground, and neutral wires using the included wire nuts, and you're done.

    Beautiful, High-Quality Construction
    Unlike other switches, the SwitchLinc Timer offers the natural feel of high-end dimmers. You'll love the crisp, tactile response with each touch instead of the mushy feeling of other brands. An elegant brightness bar of 9 white LEDs indicates the current on/off status of the lights being controlled. To match your room's décor, an LED color change-out kit is available with four colors: red, blue, amber, and green. Blue, red, and frosted white LED light pipes are also available in 4-pair packs. The SwitchLinc Timer is designed and manufactured to high-end specifications and goes through over 10 quality control tests before arriving at your doorstep. This modern Decora-style switch will blend with any room's design. White paddles are included with each SwitchLinc Timer, but additional paddle colors are available and sold separately. Choose the color that best suits your room's décor: almond, black, brown, gray, ivory, and light almond. Two paddles are included in each color-change set. Don't forget to order a matching wallplate.

    Built with a Quieter Relay
    Because the SwitchLinc Timer is built with a much quieter relay than most remote-control on/off switches, it has a click that's more than 80 percent quieter than traditional relay switches. This allows you to control lights and other non-dimmable devices remotely without waking up the baby, annoying other family members, or sending your cat fleeing across the room. The click of the SwitchLinc Timer's internal relay is barely audible.

    Generates Less Heat
    Unlike triac-based switches, the SwitchLinc Timer uses a hard-contact relay to control the load. The other switches use a semiconductor that absorbs about two Volts of power and dissipates the heat through the front of the switch. By using a relay, the switch runs cooler and full voltage gets to the load.

    Create Multi-Way Circuits
    The SwitchLinc Timer allows you to customize your lighting setup no matter how your house is wired. It's simple to create a 3-, 4-, or 5-way circuit. First, replace all of the existing switches you want to include in the circuit with SwitchLinc switches. The main SwitchLinc Timer must be connected to the standard wires: load, line, neutral, and ground. The secondary relay or dimmer only needs to be connected to the line, neutral, and ground wire. No traveler wires are needed, so it is easy to place one of the relays wherever you need it. Cross-Linking all of the companion relays to the master relay is the last step in the process. The end result is a flexible, fully functional multi-way circuit.

    Scene Lighting
    Scenes allow you to control multiple lights, rooms or even the whole home with a single command. Because the SwitchLinc Timer can be a member of more than 400 scenes (i.e. "Movie Time," "Party," "Romance," etc.), you'll be able to launch various lighting scenarios with a single button press. These are elegant features usually found only in systems costing tens of thousands of dollars and requiring extensive rewiring of your home. The relays can blend seamlessly in a scene with SwitchLinc dimmers. So one set of lights connected to a SwitchLinc Dimmer can slowly dim, while another set connected to the SwitchLinc Timer turns off instantly, all controlled with one command from one button. If you want to control multiple scenes from one controller, upgrade to the INSTEON KeypadLinc Dimmer.

    X10 Compatibility
    The SwitchLinc Timer is fully INSTEON-compatible and X10-ready. Homeowners with existing X10 networks can easily migrate to an INSTEON network without having to discard all their existing X10 devices. X10-ready means that it can respond to X10 commands from an X10 controller and it can send X10 commands to X10 devices. Please note that INSTEON devices repeat INSTEON signals but not X10.

    Slim Design
    Similar relays are up to 50 percent deeper than the SwitchLinc Timer. Thanks to its slim design, it makes installation easy even in small junction boxes.

    Non-Volatile Memory
    All SwitchLinc Timer settings are stored in non-volatile memory and are not lost during power failures. Additionally, in the event of a power loss, the SwitchLinc Timer will return to its last on/off state when power is restored.

    Certifications and Warranty
    All SwitchLinc products are safety approved. The factory for SmartLabs Design Products is ISO9001 certified. In order to meet the ISO 9001 standards, the entire factory underwent rigorous inspections of procedures and policies before being certified. The certification received was based on its dedication to high-quality management systems and strict adherence of quality control systems and guidelines. Because of this, Smarthome stands behind the entire SwitchLinc line of products with a full 2-year warranty.



    Manufacturer Product No.2476ST
    Patent No.U.S. Patent No. 7,345,998, International patents pending
    Warranty2 years
    LED Indicator9 White LEDs, optional LED color change kits available
    Operation ModesINSTEON only, X10 only, INSTEON and X10 Combo Mode
    Combo Mode Message OrderINSTEON, X10, INSTEON cleanup
    Multi-Way Circuit SupportOne SwitchLinc Dimmer controls load, Cross-Link any number of SwitchLinc Relays or other INSTEON Controllers
    Setup MemoryNon-volatile EEPROM
    Timer Features
    Standard Delay15 Minutes
    Maximum Delay24 hours
    Per Tap Delay1 hour for each additional tap
    INSTEON Features
    INSTEON Addresses1 hard-coded out of 16,777,216 possible
    INSTEON Links417
    INSTEON Powerline Frequency131.65 KHz
    INSTEON Minimum Transmit Level3.2 Vpp into 5 Ohms
    INSTEON Minimum Receive Level10 mV
    INSTEON Messages RepeatedYes
    Paddle TypeTrue rocker action
    ColorWhite, optional paddle color change kits available
    Wire Nuts4 included
    MountingMounts in single or multiple-ganged junction box.
    Operating ConditionsIndoors, 32 to 104°F, up to 85% relative humidity
    Dimensions4.1" H x 1.8" W x 1.2" D
    Weight3.6 oz
    Supply Voltage120 Volts AC +/- 10%, 60 Hertz, single phase
    Surge ProtectionMOV rated for 150 Volts
    Power Wire Leads6", 16 AWG, stranded, 600V, 105°C insulation, ends stripped and tinned, LINE (black), LOAD (red), NEUTRAL (white)
    Ground Lead6", 18 AWG, stranded, bare copper
    Load TypesWired-in incandescent lighting and inductive loads
    Neutral WireRequired
    Maximum Load15 Amps
    Power Consumption1.37 Watts
    CertificationSafety tested for use in USA and Canada (ETL #3017581)
    X10 Features
    X10 Scenes Supported1 optional (comes unassigned)
    X10 Status ResponseSupported
    X10 Powerline Frequency120 KHz
    X10 Minimum Transmit Level3.2 Vpp into 5 Ohms
    X10 Minimum Receive Level20mV into 5 Ohms
    X10 Messages RepeatedNo


    Profile Comparison  Wiring Diagram - Single-Pole  Wiring Diagram - 3-Way   
    Profile Comparison  Wiring Diagram - Single-Pole  Wiring Diagram - 3-Way   


    105 Ratings
    5 star: 52%  (55)
    4 star: 26%  (27)
    3 star: 15%  (16)
    2 star: 2%  (2)
    1 star: 5%  (5)
    Average Customer Rating
    (105 customer ratings)
    Share your thoughts with other customers
    Duane Harrison -- holly springs, NC   7/26/2013
    After about two years, mine is randomly turning on. I don't see any Insteon traffic turning it on...just comes on randomly
    John Caron -- Ontario   11/14/2012
    The first one of these switches I received worked for less than a year and then started to get very hot. Smarthome replaced it and I haven't had any problems since. I did get a 7 year warranty just in case. The entire shipping process from Smarthome was a nightmare as usual.
    PHIL -- vero beach, FL   1/25/2012
    Used this with 2456S3 to control a hot water recirculation pump. Works like a charm!
    SMARTHOME -- irvine, California   6/2/2011
    The upcoming version of the 2476ST SwitchLinc Countdown Timer that we will be shipping to customers soon will no longer have the timer deactivate when linked to other INSTEON products! You will be able to control another INSTEON device or scene to turn off with the Timer on this SwitchLinc when linked together.
    TEBBY -- chino hills, CA   4/1/2011
    Would like shorter timer program able in the device
    Steve -- los angeles, CA   8/6/2010
    While there are several lights on the side, they don't show the amount of time left like you would expect. Also, you can not change the default time for a single click.
    BRADLEY -- oceanside, CA   3/7/2010
    Works as advertised. Would prefer the timer go up first in 15 minute increments rather than 1 hour after the initial 15 min on cycle.
    BRADLEY -- oceanside, CA   1/22/2010
    Good concept, but for most home use (mine's in a bathroom), going right from 15 mins on first push up to an hour on the next and adding an hour with each subsequent push seems a bit much. 15-30-45-60 then adding an hour to each would have been more useful.
    JUDY JENNIFER -- ponce inlet, FL   8/14/2009
    Works well and looks nice. The lights on the side are either on or off...they don't light up in increments to indicate time on device like I thought, but it's still nice.
    ANATOLY -- anchorage, AK   5/11/2009
    The rating of your service is Excellent! Thank you very much!
    PAUL -- oceanside, CA   3/10/2009
    Great switch. This is the second one I've purchased for the exhaust fans in my bathrooms. Perfect way to discreetly let them do their job and shut off automatically. Much less 'utility' looking than dial timers.
    PAUL -- tampa, FL   3/7/2009
    Works fine. Wish I could set the time the light would go out. Would prefer 1/2 hour as opposed to 15 minutes for the first "tap".
    N. Smith -- beaverton, OR   8/17/2008
    Features are similar to $30 non-Insteon timers available at the hardware store, but not remotely controllable. I haven't found a need to remotely control bathroom fans. If any of the Insteon developers are listening, why not include countdown timer capability with all Insteon products that have ramp rate capability and allow timer duration to be configurable similar to ramp rate etc...? Every switch could be configured to be an energy saver instead of: Note: When you use another INSTEON device to control the switch or use the SwitchLinc Timer to control another INSTEON device, the timer function does not apply.
    JIM -- trumbull, CT   8/7/2008
    Great product. A timer for my bathroom fan that is not ugly and that is remote controlled. Well done!
    STACEY -- modesto, CA   8/2/2008
    I installed this item to control my whole house fan. It works great.
    DALE -- alameda, CA   7/1/2008
    The countdown timers are great for outside lights and that bathroom fan no one remembers to turn off.
    PETER -- wailuku, HI   2/29/2008
    I haven't installed this unit yet. Still waiting for the bathroom remodel to progress so I can use it on the exhaust fan.
    BRENT -- missouri city, TX   2/17/2008
    Good product, but a bit expensive.
    DANIEL -- wales, WI   2/2/2008
    Installed and worked as advertised. Very satisfied.
    RAY -- winnipeg, MB   8/24/2007
    Works as described. Highly recommended!


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