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Remote On/Off Control of Lights, Ceiling Fans and Motors along with Integrated Response to 120V Sensors
SwitchLinc Relay with Sense
SwitchLinc Relay - INSTEON Remote Control On/Off Switch (Non-Dimming) with Sense, White
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Wiring Diagram - Single-Pole Wiring Diagram - Using Sense Wire Wiring Diagram - 3-Way
SwitchLinc Relay - INSTEON Remote Control On/Off Switch (Non-Dimming) with Sense, White
Item# 2476SS
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  • Two Products In One: wire-in relay switch plus a 120V INSTEON sensor adapter
  • Independent load wires allow relay (On/Off) control of loads such as lights, fans, and motors
  • Sense adapter allows you to integrate 120V sensor into your INSTEON network
  • Create elegant whole-house lighting scenes in minutes
  • Quiet - 80% quieter than traditional relay switches
  • Award-winning INSTEON technology provides superior performance and reliability

Essential Info

The SwitchLinc Relay - INSTEON Remote Control On/Off Switch (Non-Dimming) with Sense has the same great features as the original SwitchLinc Relay - INSTEON Remote Control On/Off Switch (Non-Dimming) with the addition of a Sense adapter. As a relay switch, it allows On/Off control (only) of fluorescent or non-dimmable lights, fans, and other appliances in your INSTEON network. By using the Sense feature, you can enable the built-in Sense wire to control the attached load and any Linked Responders from the switch on your light or appliance (or when 120 Volts of power is detected). The SwitchLinc Relay with Sense is made to run silently no matter what kind of device you connect to it.

How Does the Sense Feature Work?
SwitchLinc Relay with Sense uses an innovative sense wire to detect the presence of 120 Volts. Once power is applied to the wire (from a motion sensor or other 120V switching sensor), SwitchLinc Relay with Sense turns on the connected load as well as all linked INSTEON devices. It will also turn off the connected load and linked INSTEON devices when power is removed.

Other SwitchLinc Options
If you need a dimmable switch to control incandescent bulbs, low-voltage halogen (e.g. track), and other low-voltage lights with magnetic or dimmable electronic transformers, use either the SwitchLinc Dimmer - INSTEON Remote Control Dimmer or the SwitchLinc Dimmer - INSTEON Remote Control Dimmer, High Wattage. Ideal for places like closets, laundry rooms, garages, or any place you might leave a light on, SwitchLinc Timer - INSTEON Countdown Wall Switch Timer (Non-Dimming) is also available. How many times have you jumped into bed and forgot to turn the lights off? With INSTEON's remote control ability, add the convenience of RemoteLinc to wirelessly turn off your lights without getting up.


What's Included

  • SwitchLinc Relay - INSTEON Remote Control On/Off Switch (Non-Dimming) with Sense, White
  • 2 mounting screws
  • 4 wire nuts
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Wall plate sold separately
  • More Info

    Easy To Install
    The Non-Dimming INSTEON SwitchLinc Relay is so easy to install and set up and yet so affordable, you'll want to replace all your switches with SwitchLinc switches. Just remove the old switch, reattach the existing line, load, ground, and neutral wires using the included wire nuts, and you're done. If you want to take advantage of the Sense feature, follow the Wiring Diagram - Using Sense Wire.

    Neutral Wiring Required
    Do I have neutrals?

    Beautiful, High-Quality Construction
    Unlike other switches, the SwitchLinc Relay - INSTEON Remote Control On/Off Switch (Non-Dimming) with Sense offers the natural feel of high-end dimmers. You'll love the crisp, tactile response with each touch instead of the mushy feeling of other brands. An elegant brightness bar of 8 white LEDs indicates the current on/off status of the lights being controlled. To match your room's décor, an LED color change-out kit is available with four colors: red, blue, amber, and green. Blue, frosted white and red LED light pipes are also available in 8-pair packs. The SwitchLinc Relay is designed and manufactured to high-end specifications and goes through over 10 quality control tests before arriving at your doorstep. This modern Decora-style switch will blend with any room's design. White paddles are included with each SwitchLinc Relay, but additional paddle colors are available and sold separately. Choose the color that best suits your room's décor: Almond, Black, Ivory, or Grey. Two paddles are included in each color-change set. Don't forget to order a matching wall plate.

    Built with a Quieter Relay
    Because the SwitchLinc Relay with Sense is built with a much quieter relay than most remote-control ON/OFF switches, it has a click that's more than 80 percent quieter than traditional relay switches. This allows you to control lights and other non-dimmable devices remotely without waking up the baby, annoying other family members, or sending your cat fleeing across the room. The click of the SwitchLinc internal relay is barely audible.

    Generates Less Heat
    Unlike triac-based switches, SwitchLinc Relay with Sense uses a hard-contact relay to control the load. Other switches use a semiconductor that absorbs about two volts of power and dissipates the heat through the front of the switch. By using a relay, the switch runs cooler and full voltage gets to the load.

    Create Multi-Way Circuits
    The SwitchLinc Relay allows you to customize your lighting setup no matter how your house is wired. It's simple to create a 3-, 4-, or 5-way circuit. First replace all of the existing switches you want to include in the circuit with SwitchLinc Relays. The main relay must be connected to the standard wires: load, line, neutral, and ground. The secondary relays only need to be connected to line, neutral, and ground. No traveler wires are needed, so it is easy to place one of the relays wherever you need it. Cross-linking all of the companion relays to the master relay is the last step in the process. The end result is a flexible, fully functional multi-way circuit.

    Scene Lighting
    Scenes allow you to control multiple lights, rooms or even the whole home with a single command. Because the SwitchLinc Relay can be a member of more than 400 scenes (i.e. "Movie Time," "Party," "Romance," etc.), you'll be able to launch various lighting scenarios with a single button press. These are elegant features usually found only in systems costing tens of thousands of dollars and requiring extensive rewiring of your home. The relays can blend seamlessly in a scene with SwitchLinc Dimmers. So one set of lights connected to a SwitchLinc Dimmer can slowly dim, while another set connected to the SwitchLinc Relay turns off instantly, all controlled with one command from one button. If you want to control multiple scenes from one controller, upgrade to the INSTEON KeypadLinc Dimmer.

    X10 Compatibility
    The Non-Dimming INSTEON SwitchLinc Relay is fully INSTEON compatible and X10 ready. Homeowners with existing X10 networks can easily migrate to an INSTEON network without having to discard all their existing X10 devices. X10 ready means that it can respond to X10 commands from an X10 controller and it can send X10 commands to X10 devices. Please note that INSTEON devices repeat INSTEON signals but not X10. SwitchLinc supports one X10 address.

    Slim Design
    Similar relays are up to 50 percent deeper than the SwitchLinc Relay. Thanks to its slim design, it makes installation easy even in small junction boxes.

    Non-Volatile Memory
    All SwitchLinc Relay settings are stored in non-volatile memory and are not lost during power failures. Additionally, in the event of a power loss, the SwitchLinc Relay will return to its last on/off state when power is restored.

    Certifications and Warranty
    All SwitchLinc products are safety approved. The factory for SmartLabs Design Products is ISO9001 certified. Because of this passion for quality, Smarthome stands behind the entire SwitchLinc line of products with a full 2-year warranty.


    For more detailed information about the functionality of the SwitchLinc On/Off, see the SwitchLinc main page.


    Manufacturer Product No.:2476SS - SwitchLinc Relay - INSTEON Remote Control On/Off Switch (Non-Dimming) with Sense, White


    Wiring Diagram - Single-Pole  Wiring Diagram - Using Sense Wire  Wiring Diagram - 3-Way   
    Wiring Diagram - Single-Pole  Wiring Diagram - Using Sense Wire  Wiring Diagram - 3-Way   


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    Average Customer Rating
    (20 customer ratings)
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    JOHN -- college station, TX   4/26/2012
    Not much to say about a simple on/off switch; They will run a 300 W Quartz Halogen or a LP sodium vapor streetlight at the barn over 100 yards away from the controller and the insteon signals still easily reach them every time, unlike the old X10 they replaced. The "sense" wire logic doesn't seem to be that useful; if I've got 120V available, I could just put it directly to the load... an option to have a momentary contact closure between sense and common toggle the switch would have been more useful.
    ANDREW -- clinton township, MI   4/15/2012
    These are great switches. I used these for my coach lights, and I set them via Indigo software. No problems what so ever.
    JOHN -- poway, CA   4/4/2012
    Product is very good, but instructions were incomplete. I had to use the chat line to know how to initialize it in an X10 installation.
    JAMES -- indianapolis, IN   3/10/2012
    Great item, unbeatable price!
    AL -- webster, MA   3/8/2012
    Work great. Have relay switching which lets thems support CFL lamps.
    LYLE -- roswell, GA   10/28/2011
    WQorks as advertized. Easy to install.
    WILLIAM -- salem, VA   5/27/2011
    Used this(along with a 2876SB) to add a 3-way switch in the garage that the contractor forgot. It worked like a charm. I plan to move to INSTEON when 2412N gets macro capability.
    JAN -- redmond, WA   5/18/2011
    Well the price is little higher that ICON for almost the same functionality... Insteon also reuses to "dimmer" frame that has many LED windows and it feels strange on a switch. The sense wire is not too intelligent, make sure you feed either live or neutral, don't keep it unconnected else it works like an antenna...
    VINCENT -- oak harbor, OH   4/14/2011
    Good value. If the sense line worked as a togggle it would be perfect as a three way replacement.
    LEONARD -- bellevue, WA   4/25/2010
    Not used this yet, but documentation on sense is lacking (e.g. will it sense 24v ac, or Venstar outputs).


    SwitchLinc Paddle Color Change Kits  SwitchLinc LED Color Change Kits  SwitchLinc Custom Etched Paddles and Wall Plates  Trim Plates & Accessories 
    SwitchLinc Paddle Color Change Kits  SwitchLinc LED Color Change Kits  SwitchLinc Custom Etched Paddles and Wall Plates  Trim Plates & Accessories 

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