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Wireless Weather Station Shows Time, Temperature, Rainfall, Wind, and Forecast on Attractive Display
Honeywell Professional Weather Station
Honeywell Professional Weather Station
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Honeywell Professional Weather Station
Item# 19541
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  • Wireless sensors deliver temperature, humidity, wind speed, rainfall, and forecast data to attractive weather station
  • Expandable system allows for multiple temperature sensors
  • Weather station automatically sets to the U.S. atomic clock for ultra-accurate time

Essential Info

Are you still relying on newscasts for your local weather reports? See the temperature at your house whenever you want as well as an accurate forecast on an attractive display that can sit on your desk or nightstand. The Honeywell Professional Weather Station does more than display the accurate time and temperature: This sophisticated weather station comes with multiple wireless sensors that transmit data continuously so that you'll be able to see all local conditions at a glance. This wireless weather station even gets its time via radio signals from the U.S. atomic clock, one of the most accurate clocks in the world. The main unit is powered by the included adapter or four AA batteries. The included sensors are powered by a total of six AA and two AAA batteries; all AA batteries and AAA batteries are sold separately. If below-freezing temperatures are expected, use lithium batteries in the outdoor remotes instead of alkaline.


What's Included

  • Main unit
  • Remote control
  • UV sensor
  • Thermo-hygrometer
  • Anemometer
  • Rain gauge
  • Mounting hardware
  • USB cord
  • Software
  • AC adapter
  • Instructions
  • More Info

    Multiple Wireless Sensors Included
    The Honeywell Professional Weather Station is easily programmed to show the time, temperature and information from all of its included sensors on its large backlit display. Included with the main unit are multiple wireless sensors that measure wind speed and direction, rainfall, and UV levels, as well as indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity. The sensors are heavy-duty plastic devices that won't rust or fail in extreme temperatures. The rain gauge even includes a level, which ensures accurate reporting.

    Display Features
    The Honeywell Professional Weather Station displays all of its data in windows, so you're never overwhelmed with information. Open the side bar to access arrow buttons or use the included IR remote to see the information you seek. An automatic backlight control can be used to turn the blue LED backlight on and off based on ambient light level. When sensors' batteries become low, this will show on the appropriate display page.

    Temperature and Humidity Window
    This page shows the temperature and relative humidity for indoors and the connected outdoor temperature sensors. One thermo-hygrometer is included; additional temperature/humidity sensors are sold separately. The weather station accepts data from up to five remote sensors. You can program high and low temperature alerts for each remote channel.

    Pressure and Weather Forecast Window
    Plan your outfit according to the weather forecast: This page shows a kinetic forecast icon (Sunny, Partly Cloudy, Cloudy, Light Rain, Heavy Rain, Unstable Weather, or Snow) that displays the forecast for the next 12 to 24 hours along with a moon phase icon, the sea level pressure, and a 24-hour sea-level pressure history graph. Additional displays available in this window include past and future moon phases and temperature and humidity history bar graphs.

    Rain and Wind Windows
    Keep track of rainfall in your area with a glance at the rain window, which displays the rainfall for the past hour, past 24 hours, past week, or past month. It can also display a rain rate estimate. On the wind window, wind direction is shown by an animated compass display. The wind angle can be displayed as compass points or in bearings from true north. You'll also be able to see your choice of wind chill or actual temperature at the remote anemometer's location as well as average wind speed for the last 10 minutes, the maximum gust speed for that period, and the maximum average wind speed and maximum gust speed recorded during the day. Program rainfall and wind/gust alerts if these figures exceed your specified values.

    Clock and Alarms Window
    See the time, weekday and your city on the clock and alarms window, which can also display month, day and year. Daylight Saving Time changes are automatic but can be turned off if desired. Alarm functions include a weekday alarm, a single day alarm, and a cold weather pre-alarm, which lets you set the crescendo alarm to go off early if the outdoor temperature is below freezing. Additional features include programmable snooze intervals and dual alarm capability.

    UV and Sunrise/Sunset Windows
    Protect your skin from sun damage by glancing at the Honeywell Professional Weather Station's UV window prior to leaving the house. This screen displays sunlight intensity as well as exposure level. Additional available information included daily and weekly maximum readings. The sunrise/sunset window displays either the sunrise and sunset times for your city based on your setup programming.

    Additional Data Available Through PC Connection
    Without being connected to your PC, the Honeywell Professional Weather Station can track 200 weather records. Access additional information and track weather patterns on your PC using the included software by connecting the weather station to your PC using the included USB cable.



    Manufacturer Product No.:TE923W
    Dimensions:Main unit: 8.66" W x 6.38" H x 1.38" D (220mm W x 162mm H x 35mm D); thermo-hygrometer: 2.37" W x 4" H x 1" D (60mm W x 101mm H x 25mm D); UV sensor: 2.58" W x 4.45" H x 2.58" D (65.5mm W x 113mm H x 65.5mm D); anemometer: 19.16" W x 19.16" H x 15.35" D (486.6mm W x 486.6mm H x 390mm D); rain gauge: 6.49" W x 6.89" H x 4.72" D (165mm W x 175mm H x 119mm D); IR remote control: 1.61" W x 5.94" H x 0.86" D (40mm W x 150mm H x 22mm D)
    Weight (Without Batteries):Main unit: 8.15 oz. (231g); thermo-hygrometer: 2.29 oz. (65g); UV sensor: 2.78 oz. (79g); anemometer: 11.12 oz. (315g); rain gauge: 10.24 oz. (290g); IR remote control: 3.18 oz. (90g)
    Power:Main unit: 120V AC, 60Hz, 7.5V DC 200mA or 4 AA or UM-3 (1.5V) batteries; thermo-hygro, UV, rain, and wind sensors: 2 AA or UM-3 (1.5V) batteries; IR remote: 2 AAA or UM-4 (1.5V) batteries
    Battery Life (Alkaline):Main unit: 2 months on batteries only; thermo-hygrometer: over 1 year; UV sensor: 2 years; anemometer: 2 years; rain gauge: 2 years
    PC Software Minimum Requirements:Windows 98; 128MB RAM; 100MB free HD space; 2 CD-ROM drives
    Maximum Thermo-Hygro Remotes:5
    RF Transmission Frequency:433 MHz
    Maximum RF Transmission Range:Thermo-hygro and UV remotes: 328' (100m); rain and wind remotes: 100' (30m)
    Sunrise/Sunset Accuracy:1 minute (for latitude within 50°)

    Barometric Pressure Measurement

    Range:14.75 to 32.44 inHg (500 to 1100 mb/hPa or 374.5 to 823.8 mmHg)
    Resolution:0.003 inHg (0.1 mb/hPa or 0.08 mmHg)
    Accuracy:0.015 inHg (5 mb/hPa or 0.38 mmHg)
    Altitude Compensation Range:-657 to +16404 feet (-200 to +5000 meters)

    Indoor Temperature Measurement

    Range:14.2° F to 140° F (-9.9° C to 60.0° C)
    Resolution:0.2° F (0.1° C)
    Accuracy:+/-2° F (+/-1° C)
    Sampling Interval:10 seconds

    Remote/Outdoor Temperature Measurement

    Range (lithium batteries installed):-40° F to 176° F (-40° C to 80° C)
    Resolution:0.2° F (0.1° C)
    Accuracy:+/-2° F (+/-1° C)
    Sampling Interval:10 seconds
    Transmission Interval:Approx. 47 seconds

    Indoor Humidity Measurement

    Range:0% to 99%
    Sampling Interval:10 seconds

    Remote/Outdoor Humidity Measurement

    Range:0% to 99%
    Accuracy:+/-2° F
    Sampling Interval:10 seconds
    Transmission Interval:Approx. 47 seconds

    Ultraviolet Light Measurement

    Range:0 to 36 UVI or 0 to 15.4 MED/hour
    Resolution:0.1 UVI or 0.1 MED/hour
    Accuracy:1 UVI +/-10%
    Transmission Interval:300 seconds

    Wind Direction Measurement

    Range:0° to 360°
    Starting Threshold:3 mph (4.8 km/h)
    Transmission Interval:33 seconds

    Wind Speed Measurement

    Range:0 to 199.9 mph or 0 to 173.7 knots (0 to 199.9 km/h or 0 to 89.3 m/s)
    Resolution:0.1 mph (0.16 km/h)
    Accuracy:2 mph +/-5%
    Starting Threshold:3 mph (4.8 km/h)
    Wind/Gust Speed Display Update Interval:33 seconds
    Wind/Gust Sampling Interval:11 seconds

    Rainfall Measurement

    1 hr/24 hr/Yesterday Range:0 to 78.73 inches (0 to 1999.9mm)
    Last Week/Last Month Range:0 to 787.3 inches (0 to 19,999mm)
    Resolution:+/-5% +/-0.03 inch (+/-5% +/-0.6875mm)
    Sampling Interval:10 seconds
    Transmission Interval:183 seconds

    Calendar and Clock

    Time Display Format:12 or 24 hour, hh:mm format; seconds can be optionally displayed
    Date Format:Month-date-year or date-month-year
    Atomic Clock:May be optionally disabled
    Time Zone:Adjustable in 30-minute intervals for world time
    Day of the Week:User-selectable for English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, or Dutch; displayable in place of clock seconds or city code
    Alarm:Dual alarms, each with 2-minute crescendo pattern and programmable 1 to 15-minute snooze, plus programmable pre-alarm at sub-freezing outdoor temperatures

    Important notes:
    Only merchandise credit for defective items returned within 30 days of purchase. No other returns allowed on this item.
    Manufacturer contact information: Meade Instruments / First Capital, Tel: (800) 626-3233


    Components  Function Management via Main Unit or Remote Control  Included Sensors  Battery Compartments 
    Components  Function Management via Main Unit or Remote Control  Included Sensors  Battery Compartments 
    Software Screen Shot  Software Screen Shot  Software Screen Shot   
    Software Screen Shot  Software Screen Shot  Software Screen Shot   


    5 Ratings
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    1 star: 40%  (2)
    Average Customer Rating
    (5 customer ratings)
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    RICK -- creemore, ON   10/13/2009
    This item does not live up to the Honeywell name. Another piece of cheep Chinese junk. Base unit keeps losing wind speed and direction and needs to be reset frequently. Temp/Humidity will not work on Ch1. Cheep plastic construction of outside units, doubt that wind speed/direction unit will last the winter. Manual was not complete, had to download updated manual before I could set the barometric pressure.
    Desert_Weather_Buff -- las cruces, NM   2/1/2009
    I received this unit as a gift for Christmas. Worked right out of the box. Configuration takes a little getting used to. The outdoor temperature/humidity sensor would stop transmitting from time to time. Contacted tech support via email. Had a response within 24 hours. They then sent a replacement sensor which has been working fine. The only other issue not documented in the manual was the Check Op message that appeared within a few days. Again, contacted tech support via email. Received a response within 24 hours. Basically, the problem was with the time synchronization and the base unit not being able to detect the NOAA time signal UTC. Once I reoriented the antenna and picked up the time sync, Check Op went away and Channel 1 returned. So, although a couple of bugs, am otherwise pleased with the unit.
    TANA -- big spring, TX   2/23/2008
    We purchased the Honeywell weather station about one year ago. During this time, we have had several problems with the weather station. Each time we contacted Honeywell, (many, many times) they promised us parts, but we never received any of them. After dealing with them for about a month each time we contacted Smarthome and they promptly sent us a replacement unit. We have been very pleased with Smarthome, and very dissappointed with Honeywell.
    Rob -- terra alta, WV   2/10/2008
    When I first got this unit it was good, but now that I have had it about 1 year, it doesnt always pick up the temp when below 35, the wind gage only picks up half the time, the UV unit went out over a month ago. I would NOT get this unit.
    STEPHANIE -- charlestown, AA   1/12/2008
    The software package is awful and there is no customer service available.
    ROBERT -- fairfield glade, TN   8/4/2007
    This item meets 95% of my expectations. I also wanted an hourly rain amount (not rate) which it does not provide.
    PATRICK -- red oak, IA   4/22/2007
    I think it's a great product.Would recommend it.
    PATRICK -- red oak, IA   4/22/2007
    I think it's a great product.Would recommend it.
    ANTHONY -- baltimore, MD   3/26/2007
    So far, this product is working great for me.
    DONALD -- corrales, NM   3/19/2007
    Not a very good product - Windows software is lousy, range of some remote devices is not good. Barometric description is too skinny to educate user which external baro reading should be trusted to give the right setup results.
    D. Dodson -- Seminole Fla   3/19/2007
    The unit performs right out of the box. You MUST follow the instructions, which can be a little tough to decode, but if you can read "jinglish" it works! The anemomitor and the UV sensor mounted on a pole easily. I had to fabricate a pole mount for the rain sensor, The manufacterer assumes you will mount it on a flat roof, which I didn't. I've had the unit 3 months now and it has worked perfectly. My only complaint is the remote temperature sensor seems to go through batteries pretty quickly. I've had to replace them twice, but the other units are still on the original batteries.
    SHIRLEY -- hillsborough, NJ   12/29/2006
    My husband loves the weather station. He's just a little frustrated on putting it together


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