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Home Automation From your TV or PC - Using USB
INSTEON PowerLinc V2 Controller w/ mControl Home
INSTEON PowerLinc™ V2 Controller USB & mControl Software
INSTEON PowerLinc USB With mControl Home
Item# 1411CU
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  • Simple on-screen navigation and setup
  • Easy, trouble-free USB connection
  • mControl software requires Windows Media Center Edition 2005, Windows 2000 or Windows XP Professional

Essential Info

The INSTEON (patent pending) PowerLinc Controller coupled with mControl software allows total control of a home from your TV set. mControl is the first software to support INSTEON, the next generation of home automation. Control your lighting, sprinkler system, HVAC, and security cameras from the convenience of your couch. mControl has been designed for Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005; however, mControl can also be run on Windows 2000 or Windows XP Pro and viewed from Internet Explorer 6.0 or greater. INSTEON-enabled mControl software is also available to be purchased separately. Smarthome does not accept returns on any opened software.

The PowerLinc Controller home automation interface uses a computer's Universal Serial Bus (USB) connection for operation with timer and event macros.

Note: Your PC will need to remain on in order to execute timed commands and triggered events. This software does not download to the PowerLinc V2 Controller at this time.


What's Included

  • INSTEON PowerLinc V2™ Controller
  • Quick Start Guide
  • mControl Software
  • More Info

    INSTEON and X10 Modules Supported
    mControl supports both the INSTEON and X10 protocols, allowing both systems to be used as your systems evolve. mControl's unique architecture also provides the ability to place the home automation adapters on your PC of choice so that you keep any clutter around the living room PC to a minimum.

    No More Fights over the COM Ports
    Unlike other home automation interfaces, which use the slower RS-232 communication protocol, the PowerLinc Controller transfers data at much higher speeds. Best of all, it plugs into any USB port or expansion hub so there's no need to plug and unplug other peripherals like PDAs, scanners or printers when you need to update the programming. In fact, many new computers, in particular laptops, don't include serial ports any longer, which will make using serial-based interfaces expensive and difficult to use.

    Don't Block your Outlets
    PowerLinc Controller includes Smarthome's innovative pass-through AC outlet on the front of the unit. This outlet allows you to plug in additional AC devices. While the outlet doesn't have any control features, it really helps against "power strip buildup."

    Safety Tested and Factory Certification
    The PowerLinc Controller is safety tested and approved. The assembly lines for Smarthome Design Products are ISO9001 certified. In order to meet the ISO 9001 standards, the entire factory underwent rigorous inspections of procedures and policies before being thoroughly audited. The certification received was based on its dedication to high-quality management systems and strict adherence of quality systems and guidelines.

    Developer Information
    If you are interested in developing software for the PowerLinc V2 USB or Serial or for more information about becoming an INSTEON developer, please see the following pages for more information: Developer's Kit USB and the Prototyping Module - Isolated Power.

    Using PowerLinc USB & PowerLinc Controller with DirectX Input Devices
    It is advised that you unplug your PowerLinc when playing games that use Microsoft's DirectX system while using USB input devices like joysticks.



    Smarthome Product No.:2414U PowerLinc V2 Controller - USB
    Patent No.:U.S. Patent No. 7,345,998, International patents pending
    Software:mControl software included
    Downloadable memory:32KB
    Internal battery:10 years
    Pass-Through Outlet:Yes, rated for up to 15 amps
    Warranty:2 years


    Embedded Automation Product No.:mControl
    mControl Automation Service:
    - Windows XP Pro or Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005
    - Microsoft. NET framework version 1.1 (or higher)

    mControl UI Client:
    - Windows XP Media Centre Edition (MCE) 2005
    - Internet Explorer version 6 (or higher)
    Video Interface:- Supports standard TV, HDTV, or computer monitors
    - Optimal screen size: 1024 x 768
    Input Interface:- Full support of MCE (or equivalent) remote control
    - Full support of standard mouse & keyboard
    Media Center
    Extender Support:
    - Xbox Media Center Extender
    - HP x5400 Media Center Extender
    Zone Support: Ability to create zones for organizing modules:
    - Can contain one or many modules
    - Display order of zones and modules can be customized
    Technical Support:- Log files of all automation
    - User Manual
    INSTEON Support: Support for INSTEON adapters, including:
    - 2414U PowerLinc (USB)
    Support for most INSTEON devices, including:
    - 2476D - SwitchLinc V2 Dimmer
    - 2476S - SwitchLinc V2 Relay
    - 2456D3 - LampLinc V2 3-Pin
    - 2456S3 - ApplianceLinc V2 3-Pin
    Compatible with most INSTEON transceivers, sensors and remotes, including:
    - 2430 - ControLinc
    - 2442 - SignaLinc RF
    X10 Protocol: Support for most X10 adapters, including:
    - CM11A Adapter (Serial)
    - CM11U Adapter (Serial)
    - CM12U Controller (Serial)
    - CM17A "Firecracker" Adapter (Serial)
    - CM15A "ActiveHome" (USB)
    Support for most X10 modules, including:
    - AD10 - Din Rail Mounted Appliance Module
    - AM12U - Plug-in Appliance Module
    - AM466 - Appliance module
    - LD11 - Din Rail Mounted Lamp Module
    - LM12U - Plug-in Lamp Module
    - LM14A - 2-Way Lamp Module
    - LM15 - Screw-in Lamp Module
    - LM465 - Lamp module
    - PAM21 - 2-Way, 2-Pin Appliance Module
    - RLM20 - Remote Controlled Lamp Module
    - RSC15 - Remote Controlled Chime
    - SSR227 - Super Socket Wall Outlet
    - W467 - Dimmable Wall Switch
    - WS12A - Decorator Dimmer Wall Switch
    - WS14A - Decorator Style Companion Wall Switch
    Compatible with most X10 transceivers, including:
    - RR501 - Transceiver Module
    - TM13U - RF Transceiver
    - TM751 - RF Transceiver
    Compatible with most X10 sensors and remotes, including:
    - HR12A - PalmPad Remote Control
    - KR19A - Remote Control Module (Keychain)
    - KR22A - Remote Control Module
    - MS14A - EagleEye™ Indoor/Outdoor Motion Sensor
    - MS16A - ActiveEye™ Indoor/Outdoor Motion Sensor
    - RSS18 - Remote Wall Switch
    - SS13A - Remote Wall Switch
    - SS15A - Remote Wall Switch
    - UR73A - Universal Remote with X10


    28 Ratings
    5 star: 21%  (6)
    4 star: 25%  (7)
    3 star: 32%  (9)
    2 star: 7%  (2)
    1 star: 14%  (4)
    Average Customer Rating
    (28 customer ratings)
    Share your thoughts with other customers
    DAVIN -- amherst, NH   5/15/2009
    Painless to setup and seems to be very reliable so far.
    MIKE -- springdale, AR   2/8/2009
    Should be much more simple to use (fault of lack of good s/w). Hard to understand why there are so many slight variations of this same hardware (netlink, 2112, 2114, etc.) I wish someone would finish a single good product.
    TERRY -- naperville, IL   1/22/2009
    Terrific. I'm using the Togglelinc's with mControl in my Home Theater to set lighting scenes to correspond with remote control Play, Pause and Stop. Work great.
    EDWIN -- mission viejo, CA   11/30/2008
    It works. It would have been better if it also had an RF access point built in as well, so that I didn't have to buy one separately (to work with the INSTEON Thermostat, which is RF only).
    JAMES -- brooklyn, NY   11/29/2008
    Great pairing. No significant problems so far.
    maxryan -- toledo, Ohio   10/3/2008
    I needed something to control my legacy x10 products and Insteon as I slowly move into that category. Though the software is VERY rudimentary, it works. Dimming is an issue with x10, however. It works intermittently at best. My non-dimming x10 products work fine with it. Despite the crude interface, I think sometimes simple is best. The mControl is waaaay to complicated and I work on computers. This works fine for what we need!
    JOHN -- stockton, CA   9/26/2008
    Excellent product. Very happy with the software to automate and control other insteon and x10 items I have.
    MitchSchaft -- memphis, TN   5/24/2008
    mControl is a great piece of software. It merges perfectly with Windows Media Center MCE2005 for me! and Windows Home Server I ran an HP MSS. I have a small Insteon startup project going. I have a couple lamplincs and the Venstar Thermostat adapter with a T1700 thermostat. I''''ve been using this package since December ''''07 with no real troubles to speak of. The mControl guys are great. They are constantly updating their software and hanging out on their website''''s forum. Insteon and mControl is where it''''s at for me. High recommended!
    LIYU -- windsor, ON   2/17/2008
    The mControl is not as good as I expected. It was unable to display the status if the lights' status were changed by other.
    DAVID -- doylestown, PA   1/10/2008
    In general, I've thus far found this to work exactly as I hoped. The biggest con is that the primary zone view interface is extraordinarily simple, making the process of adding macros a little more complex than I'd have expected.
    KELLY -- edwardsville, IL   1/9/2008
    Hardware is good - mControl is pretty weak
    RANDY -- houston, TX   10/17/2007
    The PowerLinc works as advertised. The mControl was a reduced function version that has not been useful. I have been using other control products. Sure wish there was a way to put simple triggers in the PLC itself.
    ALEXANDER -- sammamish, WA   7/8/2007
    Modem is good, easy to install and use. Software good, but need better interactive help.
    JASON -- mcminnville, OR   6/21/2007
    Works great
    MICHAEL -- yorktown heights, NY   3/5/2007
    I find Insteon works great. However, Mcontrol could take some lessons from the old X10 setup programs, where you can create light setups and save them by Month. That way all you have to do is load up the month that your in and your lights change accordingly. Maybe it's just me getting used to the new way of doing things.
    ARTHUR -- richmond, VA   1/17/2007
    Excellent service and amazing quality! I heard that the USB Powerlinc was a poor timekeeper, but mine is acurate to within a second a day - unlike earlier reviews. The free timer software works excellently. I haven't tried the MControl Home, but I will when Vista comes. It's the only software that is officially Vista upgradable.
    GEORGE -- williamstown, NJ   1/15/2007
    I purchased these items for my son and he was very happy with everything.
    CATHERINE -- columbia, SC   1/13/2007
    Excellent product, works just like it is supposed to.
    MARGARET F -- hanover, NH   12/31/2006
    have not used computer control yet -- waiting for new computer all other elements in order were excellent -- downloaded manuals were excellent resource with well written instructions -- web site had full information needed to make intelligent choices for parts
    TIM -- seattle, WA   11/8/2006
    Although mControl is not very advanced at this point, it has the potential to be really powerful and it seems the company is going in that direction. They actively monitor their forums getting community feedback and seem to be partnering with the right folks (Intel, Microsoft, Insteon...) to be successful. I can't wait to see what this product will be like a year from now running on top of Vista.

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