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Wi-Fi Access Point uses a Web Browser to Control Lighting, Appliances, Security Cameras and More
Vera Z-Wave Web-Enabled Automation Controller
Vera2 Z-Wave/INSTEON Web-Enabled Automation Controller
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Vera2 Z-Wave/INSTEON Web-Enabled Automation Controller
Item# 1370
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  • Secure, simple internet access to your home automation devices from any web browser, including your smartphone
  • Works with: Z-Wave, INSTEON and X10 devices
  • Wireless security cameras and A/V components
  • Create scenes, timers and events and receive notifications
  • It can help a typical family reduce their energy bill by about 33%
  • Built-in Wi-Fi access point that comes completely pre-configured
  • Turn an iPhone or iPod touch into a universal remote control

Essential Info

If you are looking to automate your home with Z-Wave lighting and appliance control, the Vera2 Automation Controller will give you the power to take advantage of full-featured home automation and make it simple. The Vera2 system is based on a Wi-Fi access point that links with your wireless router. Once connected, the Vera2 interface can be accessed as a web browser from a web-enabled PC, phone or PDA anywhere in the world. You can remotely program scenes, events and timers that activate an individual device or group of devices throughout your home. You can also receive remote notifications via a text message, email or a phone call when certain things happen that you want to be notified of. Vera2 features built-in Z-wave products support but is also able to control INSTEON and X10 devices, certain wireless IP Cameras and audio video equipment. Vera2 offers the convenience to control lighting, climate, locks, draperies and a variety of devices using your cell phone, iPhone, iPod or other handheld remote. The intuitive program allows you to see how much you're spending on energy and gives you remote access see what's going on in your home by watching your cameras from a PC or cell phone. The Vera2 system sets up in minutes and allows the novice home automation enthusiast to get everything you would expect from a high-end home automation system.

Check out Electronic House's review of this product.

Note: To setup Vera2 you will need an internet web browser, a connection from your computer to one of Vera2's 4 ports marked LAN, or a connection to your wireless home network.

To use Vera2 as an INSTEON controller you'll need the PowerLinc Modem - INSTEON USB Interface.

Note: MiCasaVerde has released a new Vera, called Vera2. The Vera2 differs in appearance from Vera1. More advanced features are now included and the wireless antennas (WiFi and Z-Wave) are internal. A battery pack is included for inclusion/removal of Z-Wave devices. The only features lost are 3 of the switched ports - there is now only 1 free port available. All other features and capabilities remain.

Take a look at the manufacturer's product demonstration:

Product Information Downloads
  • Up to 33% Energy Savings
  • Guaranteed Z-Wave Compatibility
  • Other Compatible Devices

  • Manuals/Software

    What's Included

  • Vera2 Z-Wave/INSTEON Web-Enabled Automation Controller
  • Power Supply
  • Quick Start Guide
  • More Info

    Web Access
    The service makes it very easy to access Vera2 from any web browser in the world. When you are setting up Vera2 for the first time, on the tab just pick a username and password. Then, from any web browser in the world go to and enter that same username and password to be directly connected to your Vera2 and be in full control of your home with the ability to view your security cameras. The website is secure, using the same security as online banks to protect your financial transactions.

  • Secure remote access/control via the the gateway server - This feature allows you to utilize Mi Casa Verde's secure gateway, with nothing to configure, to access and control your system from a web browser or cell phone. If you know how to setup port forwarding or give Vera a routable IP, you can remotely access Vera2 for free. However, unless you have an SSL certificate, the connection won't be secure.

  • SMS, Email or voice call alerts when an event occurs - With this feature, Vera will let you know when an event has occurred, per your setup. Note that Vera can be set up to use your own outgoing email service for free; however text messages are an extra fee. Text messages are not included as part of the basic service, but for $29/year you can receive notifications by SMS text message in addition to, or instead of, the free email notifications. This price includes up to 50 SMS text messages for the year, domestic or international, to any cell phone carrier worldwide. This price also includes 1GB of storage on the findvera server to store a video archive from your surveillance and IP web cams, which cameras can be tied to sensors and door locks so you have a video record of who is coming and going from the home. This is enough for about 50,000 images.

  • Video archiving - If you'd prefer not to store videos on your PC, the service can do it for you. Up to 1GB of data can be stored and encrypted with a unique hardware key so only you have access to them on Mi Casa Verde's server.
  • Energy logging - This feature will allow you to keep a record of all the energy usage reported by Vera every 60 minutes for every device in the home on the secure servers of Mi Casa Verde. Data is kept for a year, and charts and graphs displaying your usage are automatically generated. If you are familiar with setting up your own database server and know how to generate graphs, you could also do this yourself.

  • Automatic daily backups - If you don't want to back Vera up yourself, this service will do it for you daily, with up to 15 backup sets. If anything happens to Vera, your configuration will be safe.

    Energy Savings
    Vera makes it easy for you to create real, measurable changes in your energy usage. You can tell Vera2 to monitor how much energy you're consuming at certain times of the day, and to notify you if the energy usage is higher than normal. Vera2 can send an SMS text message, email or phone call when your energy consumption has reached certain points that you've set. You can then choose a scene that you've created to adjust the lighting and thermostat (and any other devices you're controlling) to be turned down or off while you're away from home. Additionally, Vera2 can make you aware of government or utility alerts when the power grid is being overloaded, if available in your area. You can program a scene that uses minimum power in your home, and when you receive one of these alerts, just choose the scene to execute.

    The first time you access Vera2 you will see Vera2's setup page, as explained in the quick start guide. Once Vera is setup, you will instead see the dashboard. The dashboard is a simple control panel that shows you all the rooms in your home, and all the scenes and devices in those rooms. Click the 'go' button next to a scene to execute that scene. Or click one of the control buttons next to a device to control that device.

    A scene is a group of commands or settings that you can do all at once, rather than one at a time. For example, when you leave your home, you may want to turn off 5 lights, turn on the porch light, ARM your motion detector so the alarm is active, turn on the garage light for 5 minutes so you have time to leave, and then turn it off again. You could do this using the dashboard by clicking on the control buttons for each of the lights and devices, and then waiting 5 minutes and turning off the garage light. But this is a lot of work. So, instead, you can create a scene, give it a descriptive name, like "Leave your home", and then put all the settings for those lights and the motion detector in the scene. This way, when you leave, you just choose the one scene "Leave your home", and Vera2 does the rest.

    An event is how you tell Vera2 to do certain things in response to some event. To add an event, click the scenes tab, add a new scene, and click 'Add Event' to define what should trigger the scene. Then choose the type of event. The most common options are: Sunset, sunrise, a sensor is tripped, and an armed sensor is tripped. For sensor tripped events, you will be asked to choose which sensor(s) should trigger the event. You can then check off which users should be notified when the event occurs. These are the people you created on the users tab, and Vera2 will use the contact information (SMS/Email) you provided on that tab. After you specify the options for the event, you can tell Vera2 what you want her to do when that event occurs, in exactly the same way you do when creating a scene. As explained in the scene instructions, you can tell Vera2 to do something with a device and then after a period of time, do something else, such as: turn on the garage light and 30 seconds later turn it off again.

    A timer is how you tell Vera2 to do certain things either at fixed intervals, like every 15 minutes, or at certain times, like Wednesday's and Friday's at 8:30, or on December 20 at 11:00. To add a timer, click the scenes tab, add a new scene, and click 'Add Timer' to define when the scene should be triggered. Next choose the type of timer. Your choices are:

  • Interval based: For example, do something every x minutes, or every other hour. The minimum interval is 1 minute. There is no maximum. Specify the interval in hours or minutes.

  • Day of week based: For example, do something at 7:00 and 9:00 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You can check off what days of the week you want this occur, and tell Vera2 what time of day. You can specify multiple times, separated by commas. For example, check off Monday and Wednesday and put in 7:00, 9:00, 21:00 to do this at those three times on Monday and Wednesday. You can specify the time in either 12-hour or 24-hour format, so you could also put in: 7:00am, 9:00am, 9:00pm.

  • Day of month based: For example, do something at 8:00 on the 1st and 15th of each month. As explained above in "Day of week based", you can enter multiple times and use 12 or 24 hour.

  • Absolute: For example, do something on 5 Mar 2005 at 11:15. Use this timer to do something one time, at a certain time.
    After you specify the options for the timer, you can tell Vera2 what you want her to do at those times, in exactly the same way you do when creating a scene. As explained in the scene instructions, you can tell Vera2 to do something with a device and then after a period of time, do something else, such as: turn on the garage light and 30 seconds later turn it off again.

    IP Camera Options
    Vera2 makes it easy to connect wireless or wired IP cameras to your system for safety and security. All you have to do is plug them in, and within 60 seconds, they will show up on your control panel. Vera2 is smart enough to turn lights on in front of a camera when you're viewing it, too. You can view live video remotely, and Vera2 can archive your videos automatically at regular intervals or when sensors are tripped. The devices tab on Vera2's page shows all your devices and next to each is a + button that lets you specify additional options to configure those devices. For IP cameras, you have a form to check off with several options. You can archive a photo whenever sensors are tripped. You can even control which lights should be turned on when remotely viewing a camera.

    Vera2 will work with any surveillance camera that can return the image as a .jpg (almost all do this). You just need to copy/paste the URL in the cameras settings. Vera2 has built-in plug & play detection for Panasonic and D-Link cameras, so if you set the username/pass to a pre-defined value (dceadmin/dcepass), Vera2 will find them as it monitors the network and add them automatically.

  • Specifications


    Manufacturer:Mi Casa Verde
    Manufacturer Product No.:VERA-US
    Z-Wave version:5.02
    Ethernet ports:2
    USB ports:2
    Power Consumption:6 watts
    Operating System:Linux
    CPU:Broadcom BCM5354 chip rev 2 (BCM3302 V2.9)

    Important notes:
    Only merchandise credit for defective items returned within 30 days of purchase. No other returns allowed on this item.
    Manufacturer contact information: Mi Casa Verde Inc, Tel: (866) 966-2272


    Product Demonstration Video  Screenshot - My Home  Screenshot - Devices  Screenshot - Energy 
    Product Demonstration Video  Screenshot - My Home  Screenshot - Devices  Screenshot - Energy 
    Screenshot -  Screenshot - What can I do with Vera?  Screenshot - Location  Screenshot - Rooms 
    Screenshot -  Screenshot - What can I do with Vera?  Screenshot - Location  Screenshot - Rooms 
    Screenshot - Scenes  Screenshot - Tech Support  Screenshot - Users  Screenshot - Z-Wave Options 
    Screenshot - Scenes  Screenshot - Tech Support  Screenshot - Users  Screenshot - Z-Wave Options 


    26 Ratings
    5 star: 42%  (11)
    4 star: 35%  (9)
    3 star: 4%  (1)
    2 star: 4%  (1)
    1 star: 15%  (4)
    Average Customer Rating
    (26 customer ratings)
    Share your thoughts with other customers
    cberr -- milwaukee, WI   4/19/2012
    For the price this is the best home automation system. Customer service has been great at getting me up and running. If you're just moderately computer savvy you can do it yourself with Vera. No monthly fees!
    GARY -- massapequa, NY   2/17/2011
    The Verra2 is fabulous and the shipping was fine...The only complaint was that there was no instructions with the product...GK
    MICHAEL -- fort collins, CO   2/4/2011
    Very impressed so far!
    KENNETH -- port matilda, PA   1/17/2011
    It could use more detailed instructions, as it would have made it easier to setup the control program. As to unit set up, it went very smoothly.
    ARMAND -- auburn, ME   1/13/2011
    Had many problems with the Vera2. Very buggy firmware. For example, when setting up date, the drop down box didn't have December in the list (only listed January through November). I contacted Vera tech support 3 times. Got an auto response that someone would get back to me but never did.
    MICHAEL -- redmond, WA   1/10/2011
    After some initial ramp on on learning the software, the Vera2 works great in my installation.
    HOWARD -- san juan capistrano, CA   11/16/2010
    I had read a lot of reviews of the Vera2 before I bought it and thought that it would be very difficult to set up from the comments I read. I was very pleasantly surprised how easy it was. It is very intuitive and once I understood the logic behind the setup I was able to install all of my Zwave devices in less than one hour. I particularly like the ease with which you can change the timing of the programs until you are satisfied with them. I was also impressed with the fact that it changed from daylight savings to regular time without any input from me.
    DOUGLAS -- union, WA   9/21/2010
    If you have any question to this product I will tell you first hand it does everything and more. Its is one of the most user friendly pieces of equipment you will ever use. If you are using Z-Wave products you will not be disappointed. Doug Burton
    DARRELL -- chandler, AZ   9/18/2010
    Overall Vera2 is a great automation product. It is still somewhat developmental because it attempts to support all Z-Wave compatible devices and there are always new products released to the market forcing regular firmware updates. This product is more for for the automation enthusiast and is light years ahead of X-10. I can program locks, thermostats and more inexpensively an reliably. When I first received my Vera2, I actually requested an RMA because there were some strange differences in what the product label said and what the machine reported. MiCasaVerde was able to remotely attach via the internet, to the controller and fix the issues. Awesome customer service!
    HOWARD -- redmond, WA   9/2/2010
    Documentation for this product is very weak. They have changed hardware and software several times recently and it is very difficult to find information for your specific configuration. This device is suited only for those with an abundance of faith and patience and for those who enjoy the challenge of working with 'not fully baked' home automation products. On the plus side, the z-wave technology seems to be very reliable.
    EMILIO -- coral springs, FL   8/30/2010
    Excellent product, very well thought out and easy to install. The only complaint I have is that the z-wave signal is not very strong and will not go through walls like rf or wifi does but Vera addresses that by giving vera wifi capabilities to integrate into your existing wifi networ allowing you to place anywhere in the house.
    Peter Kaiser -- cleveland, OH   8/20/2010
    **** STAY AWAY FROM THIS PRODUCT ***** Unless you are incredibly computer savvy do not buy this. The software is alpha at best, and there is NO TECHNICAL SUPPORT from micaseverde. You are on your own to figure out what is wrong. There are helpful users on the support forums, but no one from the company will help you after the purchase. It is a $250 paper weight. I will sell you mine for half price vera2 with latest UI4
    CARTER -- las vegas, NV   7/15/2010
    Vera is an excellent product. The biggest issue I might have with Vera is the documentation.
    T ANTHONY -- tucson, AZ   7/8/2010
    This is the best product ever invented besides the iPhone and the ecobee thermostat. My wife is severely disabled. We installed ViziaRF+ Z-Wave light and ceiling fan controllers so she could turn the lights and ceiling fans on and off by remote control. We struggled for YEARS with the Logitech Harmony 890 remote. It worked. But it was the biggest hassle ever invented to program or change it. But with the Vera . . . my wife learned - in just a few minutes - how to program scenes to change the lights and ceiling fans to do everything she needed with the touch of a single button. And Vera has a beautiful interface for the iPhone. So my wife can control all the lights, ceiling fans, and as soon as Square Connect comes out with their infrared blaster, she'll be able to control the home theater and her SureHands ceiling lift system from either her MacBook Pro laptop or her iPhone. We have waited, hoped, and prayed to the gods for an assistive device that can help my disabled wife become more independent. The Vera just solved most of our problems, all in one easy to use box. What can I say? Vera is the BEST control box available at any price! I highly recommend VERA to everybody! Tone Sanchez
    CARL -- bourne, MA   7/8/2010
    Works very well. I used it to replace a x10 system.
    RAYMOND -- huntington, NY   6/27/2010
    Unit arrived in great time in good condition.
    C D -- los altos hills, CA   6/26/2010
    Great product and kudos to Smarthome for the best price, delivery, and support. Product still a little rough around the edges as this is a fairly new product, but if the manufacturer keeps the software releases coming, it should be great.
    davidv -- bozeman, MT   1/31/2010
    I have spent the last 2 years working on a zwave network and home theater project yes, I know I am slow, but it is purely hobby. This product is the best possible control solution available in the market today. it controls more than just zwave. i have done my homework and this one has won! David
    Richard -- Rancho Santa Margarita   1/10/2010
    Awesomely flexible! Regular software updates ensure that its features are constantly updated. I'm primarily using this mainly for lighting/power control and have justed added IR control also.
    MyHomeServer -- boston, MA   9/24/2009
    Vera is an amazingly flexible product and offers the best support for Z-wave devices that you'll find in a z-wave gateway. It offers energy savings, remote access and a simple and easy to use interface. Best of all it's compliant with all Z-wave devices on the market, so you won't get the incompatibility that you will find with other Z-wave gateways


    Panasonic Surveillance Cameras       
    Panasonic Surveillance Cameras       

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