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The Most Intuitive Home Control Software You'll Find
INSTEON-Compatible HCA 8.1 Automation Software, Standard
INSTEON-Compatible Home Control Assistant 8 Automation Software, Standard
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INSTEON-Compatible Home Control Assistant 8 Automation Software, Standard
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  • Control all your lights and appliances when you're on vacation
  • Slash your electric bill by automatically shutting off appliances when you're away
  • Easy, intuitive interface makes setup a breeze
  • Supports INSTEON and X10 home automation technology

Essential Info

For a software powerful enough to handle all your home automation control needs, you don't need to be a professional programmer. The INSTEON-Compatible Home Control Assistant (HCA) 8 Automation Software, Standard is an easy and intuitive computer interface for automating all the lights and appliances in your home to match your lifestyle. While the software has a focus on INSTEON home automation control, it can also communicate with X10 and other home automation products. Using HCA 8 Standard, a fully functional automation solution can be built from those components that you need - choosing the best parts from all the automation worlds. From landscape lighting that turns on at dusk and off at bedtime, to thermostats that only heat/cool when you're home to enjoy it, to whole-house mood lighting that you can control with a single switch, HCA 8 Standard handles it with ease.

This product requires the use of an INSTEON PowerLinc Controller, USB, sold separately, to communicate with INSTEON devices.

Available separately, the HCA 8 Plus Software  includes support for the following: UPB, RCS X10 Thermostats, Davis Instruments Weather Station, METAR weather data, PCS & SwitchLinc scene programming, download to magic module, web interface, and HCA-IP compatible.

Note for Vista Users: In order to have the time-lock software work so that you can run the HCA evaluation version, the first time you start HCA you must do that "As administrator". The best way to do that is to use Windows Explorer and browse to the installation folder. Right click on HCA.exe and choose Run as administrator. Subsequent times you start HCA you need not do this.


What's Included

  • INSTEON-Compatible Home Control Assistant 8 Automation Software, Standard
  • More Info

    You can also set vacation schedules that simulate an "at home" appearance to reduce the risk of being burglarized. A number of schedules can be used, including separate ones for weekdays and weekends. And there's no need to worry about power outages either, since Home Control Assistant automatically resets itself, catching up on the schedule you programmed.

    Quick & Easy Programming
    Home Control Assistant provides complete support for programming all INSTEON- and X10-compatible switches. For example, you can save hours of programming by adjusting the ramp rate directly on your computer screen making it easy to set lights to turn on with an elegant fade instead of popping on abruptly. This soft start feature is not only easier on your eyes, it also lengthens the life span of your light bulbs.

    User-Friendly Interface
    Best of all, this user-friendly, visually oriented software employs a true Windows® approach, complete with drag-and-drop programming and QuickStart Wizards that ask you all the important questions. The easy setup walks you through an inventory of the devices in your home, and even helps create a system based on your needs.

    Technology supported
    • X10
    • IR (via the global Cache GC-100)
    • Wireless (via the WGL whole-house receiver)
    • Weather (Davis Instruments weather status via direct connect or using an import file which allows support of any weather station)
    • Thermostats (RCS X10, RCS UPB, X10 TempLinc, INSTEON thermostat adapter)
    • EZRain
    • EZIO
    • HCA is 100% Vista compatible

    INSTEON Features and Changes
    • Visual Scene Editor: Rather than creating scenes manually, HCA 8 provides a visual method to program scene controllers and scene responders.
    • Database capture: HCA reads the memory from your INSTEON devices. This let's HCA better understand all the links between all your devices. This helps keep HCA's state up to date with your devices, let's HCA show the connections between devices, and hunt down network linking problems.
    • Map for documentation of network: How are all your devices programmed? What happens if a device loses it's programming or breaks? With the INSTEON Network Map you can see at a glance what controls and what responds.
    • Read existing INSTEON network: If you have already installed and linked INSTEON gear, HCA can read out the contents of a device and follow the links to locate other devices. This method then lets you create HCA devices to represent them. From an INSTEON network quickly build a HCA design.
    • Device Replace: Replacing a device in an INSTEON network is challenging. Not only does it have to be installed but it has to be reprogrammed and also all other devices that link with it. This is a major job. HCA 8 can do it all for you with the Device Replace Wizard.
    • Improved linking tabs for devices and controllers: In HCA 7 we gave you the ability to link devices with HCA so that HCA could start programs when HCA devices sent messages and the ability for HCA to control KeypadLinc indicator LEDs. In HCA 8 we still have that ability but by using the new method of reading and writing device memory we can do it simpler and quicker.
    • Network clean: It's not hard to have linking problems in an INSTEON network. If one device gets reset or you remove a device other devices that link with it retain their references to the now missing device. HCA can detect and remove those "dead" links.
    • Multi-Way wizard: While the Visual Scene Editor is easy to use, if you want to create a multi-way association -each device controls all the others in the association and all respond to each other - HCA 8 provides a wizard to do all the work for you.
    • EZ-Rain:The INSTEON irrigation controller - the EZ-Rain - is supported
    • Thermostat: The INSTEON thermostat adapter is supported.
    • EZIO: The INSTEON input output module is supported
    • RemoteLinc: The INSTEON wireless remote is supported
    • PowerLinc dialog: Normally you would have no need to access the linking tables inside the 2414U PowerLinc. But sometimes you do to resolve problems. HCA provides an extensive dialog for that
    • Improved HCA program triggering: More options for trigger programs from INSTEON messages
    • Improved design checker for INSTEON devices: Now that HCA has the linking databases of all your devices, it can look for and report on more possible error conditions

    A few notes on the 2414U INSTEON PowerLinc:
    • HCA does not support schedule and program downloading to the 2414U PowerLinc.
    • Smooth dimming is limited on some old X-10 devices (LM465 and
      similar) due to a limitation of the 2414U
    • Use of extended command sequences is limited on some X-10 devices
      (LM14, AM14, and some Leviton devices) due to a limitation of the 2414U

    HCA Features
    • Visual Scheduler: Create time based schedules with simple drag and drop
    • Visual Programmer Create actions that respond to events in a visual manner without a "scripting language"
    • Protocol Bridge: Simple method to bridge technologies. For example, control an INSTEON device with a UPB keypad or a X10 device with an INSTEON keypad.
    • Design checker: Background task that constantly looks for problems in your design and its operation
    • Programming support for older style X10 smart switches
    • Create displays or your devices and home using DXF backgrounds. DXF is produced by most floor plan creation programs.
    • Occupancy wizard to create schedules that make your home look "lived" in.
    • Full user guide
    • Unlimited no-cost email based technical support for registered users

    Note: Depending on the type of home control products used in your home, you may have to leave the software and computer running. Home Control Assistant consumes very little of your computer's resources making it easy to do other tasks while it's running.

    Smarthome does not accept returns on any opened software.



    Manufacturer Product No.:HCA 8 STD

    Supported Automation Interfaces

    UPB X
    Global Cache G-100XX
    Magic Module X
    Marrick InterfacesXX
    Wireless interfacesXX
    SmartHome  IRLincXX
    SmartHome USB and serial PowerLincXX
    SmartHome USB and serial PowerLinc ControllerXX
    Lightolier Compose Protocol  
    Lightolier Firewall download  

    Supported Hardware

    PCS Switches & Lighting ModulesXX
    UPB DevicesXX
    INSTEON DevicesXX
    Lightolier Controls CI and CP  
    Leviton X10 switches and modulesXX
    X10-Pro switches and modulesXX
    RCS X10 Thermostats X
    SmartHome SwitchLinc & LampLincXX
    SmartHome TempLincXX
    X10USA switches and modulesXX
    Davis Instruments Weather Station X
    METAR weather data X
    PCS & SwitchLinc Scene programming X

    Core Features

    Advanced Computation ElementsXX
    Design checkerXX
    Download to CM11XX
    Download to Magic Module X
    Download to 1132CU PowerLinc ControllerXX
    Download to HouseLincXX
    Display backgrounds XX
    Time based ScheduleXX
    VBA interface X
    Visual ProgrammerXX
    Visual SchedulerXX
    Web interface  X
    HCA-IP Product X

    Important notes:
    Only merchandise credit for defective items returned within 30 days of purchase. No other returns allowed on this item.
    Manufacturer contact information: Advanced Quonset Technology, Tel: (360) 765-4128


    Screenshot - Visual Screen Editor Screenshot  Screenshot - The HCA Display     
    Screenshot - Visual Screen Editor Screenshot  Screenshot - The HCA Display     


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    CHARLES H -- shrewsbury, MA   5/22/2009
    Software performs as advertised and does the job with no problems. Insteon compatibility was immaterial
    JAMES -- alexandria, KY   2/19/2009
    Had hard time importing data from old version 4.5 to version 8.2


    INSTEON Products  X10 Compatible Products  Global Cache   
    INSTEON Products  X10 Compatible Products  Global Cache   

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