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Windows Based Home Automation Program Works with a Variety of Automation Interfaces
Advanced Quonset HCA10 STD Home Control Assistant 10 Standard
Advanced Quonset HCA10 STD Home Control Assistant 10 Standard
Advanced Quonset HCA10 STD Home Control Assistant 10 Standard
Item# 126310
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  • Integrates INSTEON and X10 power line technologies
  • Supports IP addressed IR interfaces from GlobalCache and BitWise
  • Supports whole-house wireless
  • Multiple Schedules created by a visual scheduling tool
  • Unlimited number of programs to respond to events - constructed in a graphical manner from over 60 different actions

Essential Info

Home Control Assistant (HCA) is a Windows based home automation program that works with a variety of automation interfaces to control lights, appliances, irrigation, HVAC and more. With HCA's Scheduling and Green Mode features you can easily save money, reduce electrical usage, conserve water and improve safety by automating your home.

The Home Control Assistant runs on any computer that uses the Windows XP, Vista or Win7 operating system. It works with automation interfaces to control lights and appliances in your home using X10, INSTEON, UPB, Wireless and Global Cache IR technology.

HCA can be installed in a home with existing automation hardware. HCA can "spider" through all your installed INSTEON network and find all the devices and add them to your home design file. If you are using UPB, HCA can import the network from the UPB setup program. A new automation solution is easy to create using the built-in Wizards for creating a new file, adding devices, creating new schedules, and new programs. Once you have defined all the hardware, adding schedules and programs is simple using the Visual Tools provided.

Additional Features
  • Integrate into the HCA user Interface views of other applications: security, power management, and cameras using HTML views
  • Send email and SMS messages as part of a program action
  • Create and view INSTEON scenes in a graphical manner and remotely program those scenes into INSTEON devices
  • Bridge power line technologies by using multiple power line interfaces simultaneously. Create bridge maps to automatically translate between different technology commands
  • Powerful "whole house modes" for quick power saving programming
  • Background design checker quickly locate design problems
  • Configurable Alert Mechanism for handling exceptional conditions
  • Many tools for creating, viewing, modifying, and documenting the design
  • Configurable logging to keep track of sends, receives, schedules, and program actions
  • HCA is well documented in an over 600 page User Guide

  • Manuals/Software

    More Info

    HCA 10 supports these INSTEON products:

    Two Different Versions
    Need support for UPB, HVAC, and a Web Interface? HCA 10 Plus.

    Try before you buy
    A 30 day trial of HCA Plus is available for download so you can evaluate HCA before you purchase. With a time limited trial, you get a copy of the software that is fully functional - no program actions are disabled.

    After you download and install you can use the evaluation for 30 days. At the end of that time you will be unable to run the program. The software used to time limit the executable is very sensitive to attempts to bypass its security. If you change the date on your computer after you install HCA you may not get the full 30 day trial period.

    On Windows Vista or Windows 7, the first time you execute HCA after you complete the install you must do it as an administrator in order to set the time lock. Right-click on "HCA" after you browse to it from the Start button and select "Run as Administrator".

    A good way to start with HCA is to look at the sample file "MyHome.HCA" installed in the Samples sub-folder of the HCA folder in your Documents area.

    A fully functional version of HCA 10 can be downloaded here.
    Important notes:
    Only merchandise credit for defective items returned within 30 days of purchase. No other returns allowed on this item.
    Manufacturer contact information: Advanced Quonset Technology, Tel: (360) 765-4128


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    dartz -- Austin   6/15/2012
    I've been using this software package for years, I've tried many of the other Windows based software solutions but for me, this one is the best. I've got about 50 devices controlled by HCA, most our Insteon but some our older X10 devices. They have great support, user forums, nice interface, lot's of hardware/protocal support. Clean pleasant interface. Constant upgrades, Reasonable pricing, program-ability, WEB Server, Android app, etc., etc., etc. Definitely a satisfied customer
    KMayo -- chicago, IL   8/14/2010
    This is the Ticket! Finally. I’ve tried all the rest; Smarhome Manager, Homeseer, HouseLinc, ISY99, nothing compares to the flexibility and ease of use of HCA 10. The ability to control and automate all my old X10, new Insteon and other automation products from one program that has all the capabilities I need, like variable timers, if then else logic, home and away schedules, visual layouts, SMS or email alerts, logging, even a web browser interface and a Droid app. The list of features this program has goes on and on. And no one has a GUI interface that makes it easier to setup complex or long programs by just dragging and dropping device icons and functions into a visual editor. HCA runs in the background and starts every time my computer reboots so I don’t even know its there. I give it an A+. They really did their homework on this one. It used to take me 3 or 4 other programs to accomplish everything HCA 10 does. Well worth the money. Thanks.
    Colin Mckinney -- cocoa, Fl   8/9/2010
    From install to setting up some basic programs was really quick and easy. I mainly use X-10 devices, I set up floodlights with sensors to turn on and off dependent on day or night, and to send an email when motion is detected - all within an hour or 2 of installing the program - very intuitive to use. Adding in all my devices has been a snap - and I now have many more ideas to use my X-10 devices. I may look into Insteon and other technology as well - since it all works within HCA. Very excited!


    INSTEON Products  PowerLinc Modem - INSTEON USB Interface (Dual-Band)  INSTEON Portable USB Adapter   
    INSTEON Products  PowerLinc Modem - INSTEON USB Interface (Dual-Band)  INSTEON Portable USB Adapter   

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