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X10 Keypad and Dimmer in One Small Package
KeypadLinc 6 with Integrated Dimmer
KeypadLinc 6 Keypad/Dimmer with BoosterLinc - White LEDs
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KeypadLinc Wiring Diagram<br>(Std. 3-Way) KeypadLinc Wiring Diagram<br>(Virtual 3-Way)
KeypadLinc LED Color Choices KeypadLinc Wiring Diagram<br>(Std. 2-Way)
Item# 12073WW
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  • Change the mood of your home's lighting with a single button press
  • Replace a switch and get control of other scenes and devices
  • BoosterLinc Technology is built in
  • Custom-etched buttons now available: Large and Small

Essential Info

Nearly everything you see or feel is affected by lighting. So when it comes to the lighting in your home, you shouldn't have to make compromises. With the KeypadLinc 6—X10 Keypad/Dimmer, you won't. This in-wall controller will control individual lights and triggers whole-house mood lighting "scenes" with the touch of a button. The KeypadLinc 6 with BoosterLinc offers all the features of our flagship SwitchLinc 2-Way Dimmer. Plus, it gives you all the control and flexibility found in our standard KeypadLinc 6.This X10 keypad/dimmer communicates with all X10-compatible receivers over the wiring that's already in your home, so there's no need to retrofit the wiring.


What's Included

  • KeypadLinc 6 - White LEDs
  • Owner's Manual
  • 2 mounting screws
  • 5 wire nuts
  • More Info

    You can combine the flexibility and powerful features of the KeypadLinc 6 X10 keypad/dimmer with the the performance-enhancing features of the BoosterLinc Plug-In PLC Signal Booster, a Smarthome favorite. With a single-gang footprint and 100% compatibility with standard decora-style plates, the KeypadLinc 6 with BoosterLinc Technology integrates style and performance into a single unit.

    Scene Lighting - Change the Lighting to Match Your Mood
    Scenes allow you to control multiple lights, rooms or even the whole home with a single X10 command. All member lights will ramp to your independently desired levels at your chosen ramp rate(s). Because the KeypadLinc 6 can be a member of up to 64 scenes (i.e. "Movie Time," "Party," "Romance," etc.), you'll be able to launch various mood lighting scenarios with a single button press. These are elegant features usually found only in systems costing thousands of dollars and requiring extensive rewiring of your home. To create the equivalent of scenes with other X10 switches, you'll need a separate automation controller, which adjusts each light one-at-a-time, taking longer, increasing the likelihood of errors due to signal collisions and creating a chaotic series of lighting adjustments.

    Adjustable On Level / Resume Dim
    Each KeypadLinc with Dimmer can easily be programmed to come "on" to any brightness level from 3% to 100%. A closet light might be best at 100% brightness while you may choose to have your living room lights come on at 50% saving money. Of course, you can easily brighten either circuit to full on. Another "on level" option is to have the light come on to its last on level, this is known as Resume Dim. Programming can be done at the keypad or with an X10 transmitter.

    Adjustable Fade Rate
    You can adjust the rate at which the light turns on or off, also known as the ramp rate. For example, you may want the light in the stairwell to turn on instantly so you can see where you're walking. Conversely, you may want the light in the master bathroom to ramp up in a soft, gentle fashion so you're not blinded in the middle of the night. The ramp rate is adjustable between 0.1 seconds and 9 minutes (for a simulated sunrise or sunset).

    You can adjust the brightness level locally by pressing and holding the top or bottom of SwitchLinc. You can also adjust the brightness remotely by sending it standard, X10 dims and brights or by sending it a Preset Dim command. If you need to control a fluorescent light fixture, consider the SwitchLinc 2-Way Switch.

    X10 Preset Dim Compatible
    When desired, you can send a single X10 "preset-dim" command (used by many intelligent controllers) to KeypadLinc with Dimmer and it will adjust itself directly and smoothly to your desired level.

    Control — Options, Options, Options.....
    These professional-quality controllers communicate with all X10-compatible receivers - SwitchLincs, LampLincs, PowerLincs — you name it. And, they do it over wiring that's already installed in your home. No retrofit wiring is required! Once the components are in place, simply press one KeypadLinc button, and all the lights programmed to respond will create a lighting scene that you design. Give each scene a name (i.e. "Movietime," "Dinnertime," "Party," etc.) and you can recall that scene in an instant! You can also use KeypadLincs to send commands to your audio and video components when teamed up with our IRLinc — X10 to IR controller. These features are a must for anyone that entertains guests.

    Flexible Setup
    KeypadLincs give you tremendous flexibility in setup. First, the buttons don't need to occupy sequential addresses, like many other keypads. Other wall-mounted keypads only provide on/off control, each KeypadLinc button can perform up to four different functions thanks to a programmable "toggle" ability. Press once for ON, press again for OFF. Press and hold to brighten, press and hold again to dim. If you prefer, turn off the toggle feature to send the same command every time. In key press mode you can even decide whether you wish it to send an address, a command or both (e.g. A6, AON or A6AON) Best of all, all the settings are electronically set (no code wheels!) and held in non-volatile EEPROM memory.

    Monitor Other Devices
    The buttons illuminate when ON signals are sent and when signals are detected from other sources on the powerline. KeypadLinc also allows you to monitor lights in other rooms, this feature is incredibly useful if you want to control lights that aren't easily seen from the location, like those in basements, garages, attics, etc.

    Fully X10 Compatible
    KeypadLincs can be controlled from any X10 transmitter. KeypadLinc also responds to all the standard X10 commands.

    Pre-printed Labels & Custom Labels
    Ever been to a home with a very expensive lighting system and still couldn't figure out how to control the lights? At Smarthome we believe every keypad needs to be labeled. Several pages of pre-printed labels are included with every unit — both graphical and text. You can personalize your labels by downloading a word document template and create your own custom labels (e.g. Scott's Lamp); you can also order custom laser-etched large and small keypad buttons for maximum personalization. You simply pop the button cap off, replace the label and pop it back on.

    Night / Status Light
    A small, subtle green LED at the top of KeypadLinc makes it easy to find in a dark room. The LED blinks in response to X10 signals making installation and troubleshooting simple.

    Easy to Install and Set Up
    KeypadLinc wires in like a standard wall switch, with an additional connection to a neutral wire. To set the X10 address, press and hold the set-button for 5 seconds then send it the X10 address from any X10 compatible transmitter. To set the primary on level, adjust it to the desired brightness level and single tap the set button. To set the ramp rate, brighten the light to a level corresponding to the desired ramp rate and double tap the set button. All features/options can be set up remotely using an X10 transmitter (except the base address).

    Status Confirmation
    You can poll the status of KeypadLinc for an instant status report, including brightness level. This feature is essential when you need to know if the device being controlled is on or off, especially when you are controlling it via the web or telephone.

    3- & 4-Way Ready
    Simply add a SwitchLinc Multi-way Companion to build a 3-way circuit, add two of them to build a 4-way circuit, add three for 5-way, etc. The multi-way companions simply connect to the yellow wire on KeypadLinc.

    Create Virtual 3-Way Circuits through X10 Transmission
    Do you wish you had a 3- or 4-way circuit, but your switches are not wired that way? Use KeypadLinc with Dimmer to turn other lights on (simply program both KeypadLincs/SwitchLincs to the same base address) Then, assuming you would still like to control the two circuits independently, program independent scene addresses into each KeypadLinc/SwitchLinc.

    Low Voltage/Ceiling Fan Control
    KeypadLinc can control low voltage halogen (e.g. track) or other low voltage lights. (Note: works with most magnetic and dimmable electronic transformers.) Also, KeypadLinc can control your ceiling fan. (Note: some motors may produce a subtle humming sound.)

    Be Sure to Have a ControLinc Maxi to Set Up the KeypadLinc 6
    Many of the advanced features of the KeypadLinc 6 are remotely set using a ControLinc Maxi or an equivalent transmitter capable of sending House Code and Unit Codes without ON or OFF. This plug-in transmitter has the ability to send individual X10 commands. The buttons are separated into Addresses and Command functions. To use this controller, you have to press the address (e.g., “5”), then the command (e.g., ON, OFF, BRIGHT). Nearly all features of the KeypadLinc 6 need to be programmed with individual button-presses. Transmitters in which one button is pressed to turn on or off a load will not work.

    Now Includes White and Ivory Conversion Kits
    All KeypadLinc keypads now ship with white and ivory trim pieces designed to blend with the two most popular Decora-style trim plate colors (Note: the actual switch trim plates are sold separately).

    2-Year Warranty
    Smarthome stands behind the entire KeypadLinc line of products with a full 2-year warranty. Increase your warranty from 2 years to 7 for a nominal fee. Check the box above.

    Safety Tested and Factory Certification

    All SwitchLinc products are safety approved. The assembly line for Smarthome Design Products is ISO9002 certified. In order to meet the ISO 9002 standards, the entire factory underwent rigorous inspections of procedures and policies before being thoroughly audited. The certification received was based on its dedication to high quality management systems and strict adherence of quality systems and guidelines.

    Large Installation?
    We recommend substituting the SwitchLinc Plus for the 2-Way KeypadLinc in any large scale installation where the keypad and transmit features of the 2-Way KeypadLinc with Dimmer are not required.



    Smarthome Design Product #12073ww
    Front Bracket
    height: 4.14" (10.516cm)
    width: 1.73" (4.394cm)
    depth: 1.68" (4.267cm)
    Main Body
    height: 2.76" (7.01cm)
    width: 1.73" (4.394cm)
    depth: 1.40" (3.556cm)
    Weight.55 lbs. (0.136kg)
    Power125VAC, 60Hz
    PLC Levelsmin. transmit level: 2V
    max. receive level: 10mV
    max. signal rejection: 200mV
    Colorsbutton trim piece: white (optional ivory piece included)
    status indicator: green
    LEDs: white
    Operating Temperature32°F to 158°F (0°C to 70°C)
    Controllersmax. per multiple-gang box: 4
    max. per circuit: 10
    Warranty2 years (7-year warranty available for purchase)


    KeypadLinc Wiring Diagram<br>(Std. 3-Way)  KeypadLinc Wiring Diagram<br>(Virtual 3-Way)  Smarthome Decorator Style Switch & Dimmer Comparison Chart  Smarthome Controllers Comparison Chart 
    KeypadLinc Wiring Diagram
    (Std. 3-Way)
    KeypadLinc Wiring Diagram
    (Virtual 3-Way)
    Smarthome Decorator Style Switch & Dimmer Comparison Chart  Smarthome Controllers Comparison Chart 
    KeypadLinc LED Color Choices  KeypadLinc Wiring Diagram<br>(Std. 2-Way)     
    KeypadLinc LED Color Choices  KeypadLinc Wiring Diagram
    (Std. 2-Way)


    SCOTT -- olean, NY   6/9/2006
    I love it.
    KEVIN -- muscle shoals, AL   4/29/2006
    Works Great
    MARVIN -- glen allen, VA   4/6/2006
    Nice prodcut at a great price.
    EMIL -- los gatos, CA   3/31/2006
    Dimmer works great and controls my legacy X-10 devices as well.
    E MARCUS -- euless, TX   3/1/2006
    Customer service was great and anxious to help solve my problem. Will definitely recommend Smarthome. All business should follow your model. Thx...
    DWAYNE -- louisville, KY   1/28/2006
    I have used these throughout my house and am satisfied with their performance.
    CHRIS -- westwood, NJ   12/15/2005
    great device
    FRED -- germantown, OH   12/2/2005
    Works great!
    GEORGE -- bay shore, NY   10/21/2005
    great product very pleased
    NICHOLAS -- coppell, TX   10/3/2005
    Excellent product. Relatively easy to program using a ControLinc Maxi. Construction quality seems to be very high, and the product is working well.
    DAVID -- homewood, AL   1/26/2005
    MATTHEW S -- ventura, CA   9/19/2004
    Now this is a button to come home and press.
    STEVEN -- new york, NY   8/9/2004
    I think this will meet my requirements fully, looking forward to installing it soon.
    DRURY -- agua dulce, CA   7/21/2004
    Nice unit, but the buttons are too stiff. I really appreciate the Boosterlinc here. I bought two of these and a flourescent switch with Boosterlinc and I didn't need to worry about clogging an outlet with your plug in boosterlinc.
    NED -- allen, TX   3/14/2004
    Very cool and versatile switch. I configured this one as a status indicator for my exterior X-10 floodlights.
    JIM -- kearney, NE   11/7/2003
    Great product!! It has many superb features and I hope to purchase more in the future.
    MICHAEL -- cazenovia, NY   8/19/2003
    Very nice features.

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