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INSTEON Compatible EZ1 Home Automation Ready Controller with Z-Wave Capability
Cortexa Automation CTXA-EZ1 INSTEON - Compatible Cortexa EZ1
Cortexa Automation CTXA-EZ1 INSTEON - Compatible Cortexa EZ1
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Cortexa Automation CTXA-EZ1 INSTEON - Compatible Cortexa EZ1
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  • INSTEON and Z-Wave compatible home automation controller
  • Control remotely or locally from computers, iPhone, iPads, and other mobile devices
  • Create custom events/scenes which can be triggered by a variety of different conditions or scenarios
  • Monitor energy consumption of the whole home - reduce your homes energy bill by 30%
  • Control sprinklers based on current or future weather forecasts
  • Capture images or record video IP cameras and have them automatically emailed to the end-user
  • Compatible with many manufacturers of "Smart Technologies" which can be combined for the perfect home solution

Essential Info

Cortexa Automation's EZ1 Home Automation Ready (HAR) controller offers home and small business owners an easy and convenient way to monitor and control devices within the home or business. The Cortexa can control "Smart" systems and devices in the home including lighting, appliances, HVAC, security cameras and more. Cortexa's HAR controller can also help reduce energy bills by up to 30%, saving homeowners time and money while increasing quality of life. All of this can be accomplished by using a wide variety of INSTEON enabled devices including lighting, HVAC control, door and window sensors, motion detectors, garage door status/control and more. The Cortexa also works with other devices including Z-Wave products, Global Cache, T.E.D (The Energy Detective), DSC Security, Rain8Net, and Somfy shade controls.

Hardware Required:
  • Any INSTEON PLM can be used (USB or Serial) as well as the INSTEON Portable USB Adaptor (#24487). Cortexa recommends the dual-band PLM in either USB (2413U) or Serial (2413S) flavors.
  • The Cortexa cannot communicate through the PLC (Powerlinc Controller 2414) or the SmarthLinc.
  • The Cortexa EZ1 does not come with the needed hardware to communicate with Insteon or the USB Z-Stick to communicate with Z-Wave.
  • Manuals/Software

    What's Included

  • 1x - CTXA-EZ1 INSTEON - Compatible Cortexa EZ1
  • 1x - Installation Guide
  • More Info

    Combining INSTEON's Solutions with the Cortexa can bring convenience and peace of mind along with incredible energy savings. How many times have you wondered if you forgot to close your garage door? Or worried lights were left on, the thermostat was not turned down? With the INSTEON Garage Door Control Kit and the Cortexa, you can automatically receive an email or text message if your garage has been left open too long, and close it right from your iPhone, iPad, or computer at work. With the Cortexa and INSTEON Thermostat you can control your heating and cooling from wherever life takes you.

    Are you going on vacation soon? Using INSTEON lighting devices and the Cortexa you can put your home in a "Vacation Mode" and your lights will automatically turn On and Off to give the impression you are actually home. You can even check your security cameras while away, just to make sure everything is okay.

    Many homeowners have irrigation systems that run regardless of weather conditions wasting money and one of our most scarce resources, water. Using the Rain8Net and the Cortexa, homeowners can setup their system to monitor the weather forecast and not run the sprinklers if it is going to rain the next day. Using the INSTEON Water Sensor and TriggerLinc the Cortexa can even notify you by email or text if there is a leak detected in your home to avoid thousands of dollars in damages.

    About INSTEON:
    INSTEON is the best selling, most reliable home control and automation technology. Using both, the existing power lines already in your home, and Radio Frequency communication (RF), INSTEON adds remote control and automation to lighting, appliances, and other home control applications of all types. From lighting control to integrated security systems, the new home automation standard allows you to manage your home the way you want. Easy to install and setup, INSTEON offers the flexibility and dependability to make your life more convenient, safe and fun.

    About Z-Wave:
    Z-Wave is an interoperable two way RF mesh networking technology. Each main powered device in a Z-Wave network is designed to act as a repeater. Repeaters can re-transmit the RF signal to ensure that the signal is received by its intended destination by routing the signal around obstacles and radio dead spots. The more Z-Wave modules you have throughout your home the faster and more reliable your communication will be. These packages of Z-Wave in-wall switches, both dimming and non-dimming (relay), are great for adding to your existing Z-Wave system.

    Remote Access Via
    Cortexa has launched, which is the brand new web portal for remote access. A user can go to and directly access their homes Cortexa. Cortexa's iPhone and iPad app also use to access the system within the provides additional services such as:

  • Automatically stores backups of the Cortexa Controller in the cloud
  • Automatically uploading camera recordings to the cloud remote viewing, emailing or downloading
  • Allows Guest Access to other people perminantly or until an expiration date
  • Allows installers to better serve their customers by allowing access and information sharing between customer and installer

    Important Note:
    Access to myCortexa requires a Subscription. New Cortexas come with a free 3 month subscription to Subscriptions allow for services of myCortexa including Easy Remote Access, Auto Backups, Guest Access, Video Upload, and iOS Client access (iPad/iPhone/iPod). Subscription fees are $5/month or $50/year.

    Compatible Subsystems and 3rd Party Technologies

  • Z-Wave

  • Z-Wave

    Occupancy & Door/Window Sensors:

    A/V Control, IR, I/O:
  • Global Cache

    Energy Monitoring:
  • The Energy Detective (T.E.D.) 5000-G

  • DSC PowerSeries

  • WGL Rain8Net Pro

    Cameras & DVR:
  • Most D-Link IP Cameras
  • Most Panasonic IP Cameras
  • Other IP cameras (Check with Cortxa Support)
  • Everfocus ECOR Series DVR's

    Shade Control:
  • Somfy

  • Specifications

    ManufacturerCortexa Automation
    Manufacturer Product No.CTXA-EZ1
    Operating Temp~120° Fahrenheit
    Network ConnectivityGigabit LAN
    Input/Output Ports1 Serial Port, 2x USB Ports, VGA Port
    Power Supply12V±5% converted to +3V/+5V for system
    Memory1 GB RAM
    Storage160 GB HD
    Weight2.87 lbs
    VESA Mounting75 mm x 75 mm

    Important notes:
    Only merchandise credit for defective items returned within 30 days of purchase. No other returns allowed on this item.
    Manufacturer contact information: Cortexa, LLC, Tel: (512) 538-2944


    Rear View       
    Rear View       


    15 Ratings
    5 star: 47%  (7)
    4 star: 13%  (2)
    3 star: 7%  (1)
    2 star: 7%  (1)
    1 star: 27%  (4)
    Average Customer Rating
    (15 customer ratings)
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    Matthew -- California   5/30/2012
    My system works great and is very reliable! I just need an Android app!
    John -- New York   4/23/2012
    The concept of the Cortexa is great, if only it would do what its supposed to do. Unfortunatly, this is not always the case, the unit seems to work only part of the time. This sort of unreliability is a huge burden on the shoulders of what would have otherwise been a great device. Im very reluctant to continue attempting to setup my controller, its starting to really get on my nerves because sometimes it works which indicates that I know what I am doing, and then it will just stop working and ignore all commands?? I wish it worked because I love the interface, but the amount of time you spend pulling your hair out and trying to get it to do what is supposed to do is so annoying that I prefer to stick with a more basic look and feel and get 100% reliability. I hope the Cortexa guys can improve the system in the future, its a real shame that its all looks and there is very little under the hood.
    Jon -- Cali   3/29/2012
    Techy -- Texas   3/22/2012
    Great Device. Easy to install.
    SBStevesiii -- san antonio, Texas   3/19/2012
    I have reviewed before and said i would review once i get more up and running. The only thing i cant get working are the door locks, the morninglinc is not supported, but the guys at Cortexa said they will be adding that support soon, so no report on that yet. I have installed test camera to see how the system handled it and it works great, even on 3G. I have mine emailing me a 5 second video every time someone opens the front door. A great feature if you have a lot of people coming and going. The best part, i set up that notification system in less than 5 min. It is just so easy. Now that i have lighting, HVAC, and camera running, the next test is irrigation and integration of my security system. I will review again after that. So far, I am holding to my 5 star rating as i have tried other systems and you cant get anywhere near this level of automation for the price or even 5X the price.
    ssgadawg -- Georgia   3/19/2012
    Fantastic Unit. Setup was very easy. You do have to keep in mind that you'll need an Insteon PLM or Z-Wave I used a Z-Stick to make this work with your Insteon or Z-Wave devices. I am also interfacing with my security system. I had one small issue that I needed support for and they responded quickly and followed up to make sure all was well. Clean interface and easy enough for my non techy wife to setup and use.
    SBStevesIII -- san antonio, Texas   3/1/2012
    I know others have had issues and maybe they are using old insteon devices or something. This system works great. I have an ISY99 and this is leaps and bounds better. Easier to install and configure, better GUI, better support, I am very happy with the purchase. I am currently running 5 dimmers, a lamp and a thermostat. I plan to add 25 more dimmers, another thermostat, a door lock, my security system and come cameras and ill review again after that, but for now, this is exactly as advertised 5 stars.
    FLhomeboy -- Florida   2/28/2012
    I found the software very easy to figure out. Not much of a learning curve needed. I have used the ISY in the past and this blows it away on ease of initial setup and controlling the devices. I was shocked at how easily it was able to give me access to the system from anywhere. I didn't even have to configure anything on my firewall. I give it an A+ for setup!
    MICHAEL -- mill valley, CA   2/20/2012
    FIne device, need to purchase separate power supply for it. Documentation is poor as is SMARTHOME customer service.
    Markus Fritze -- san jose, California   2/6/2012
    Because it was available as an introductory price, I bought the unit and it arrived quicker than I thought. This unit is massive solid metal, but gets pretty warm almost hot when running for a while. It seems to be a custom PC with probably some version of Linux running on it. Serial PLM doesn't easily connect because of different plugs, but the USB PLM or the Wireless PLM are detected automatically. The unit comes with a few pieces of paper, but no actual manual. The website offers the same paper as PDF, but not much more. Nothing is really available - it is mostly outdated information for older devices. Setup and connecting to the unit via web browser is simple. The UI is - compared to an ISY99 - just beautiful. Wife-compatible as I would call it :- That's what I was looking for. However: the worst part is that the unit is not really designed with Insteon in mind! The setup is horrible! Going many submenus down through a driver section, selecting the Insteon driver, etc. just to add one device. Wow! It is supposed to scan you PLM for devices, but only found a few ISY99 finds all, same HouseLinc. Most manually entered addresses were not accepted as Illegal, despite being correct. A few later I tried again and another software update was available. This fixed the address entry issue there are no release notes available. Did they not test it in the first place? 3 hex-addresses with a . between them is not that hard to detect... However: adding every single device without the chance to name it in place is a nightmare, some device can't even be added via the address, they have to be learned every other software, hardware I've tried can do this!. Because I already spend too much time with this, I stopped trying at this point and stay with the ISY99 for now which looks ugly, but their community is very active and the software is well maintained - that stuff just works. In the future i'll check for more software updates and their website every now and then for new information and hope for the best. But till then I won't use it.
    Steve -- palo alto, California   2/6/2012
    This device doesn't have an Insteon interface nor a Z-wave interface. It's just a little $100 PC preloaded with software that has a couple of USB ports and a serial port you can plug an interface into. Unlike most network appliances it doesn't list the systems MAC address anywhere in the packaging, so hooking it up to a secure network is more painful than it should be. I've not found any mention in any public documentation of what additional hardware you need to buy to make it work, but once you've set it up the online help suggests that it should work with a PowerLinc 2412 or 2413 U or S or the 2448A7 USB stick. It doesn't appear to work with either the PowerLinc 2414U or the SmartLinc I have. The flash-based web interface is very pretty, but given it doesn't work out of the box with my existing devices I've not been able to give it much of a test, nor work out which functionality is tied to the mycortexa subscription and which is built in to the bundled software.

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