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Home Automation From your PC - Using USB
PowerLinc Controller
PowerLinc™ Controller
Powerlinc Controller & Smarthome Manager Essential Software
Item# 1132CU
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  • Includes internal memory and clock for PC-free operation
  • Easy, trouble-free USB connection
  • Stores over 1,000 commands in 32KB of memory
  • Includes Smarthome Manager Essential automation software
  • PowerLinc Controller compatible with most X10 home automation software programs
  • Not compatible with INSTEON technology, Windows Vista or 7 Home operating system

Essential Info

The PowerLinc Controller is a stand-alone home automation interface for controlling lights, appliances, heating/air conditioning systems and alarm systems. This module adds on-board memory so timers and macros can be downloaded without the need to leave your computer up and running. This home automation interface uses a computer's Universal Serial Bus (USB) connection for downloading timer and event macros.


What's Included

  • PowerLinc™ Controller
  • Owner's Manual
  • More Info

    The Smarthome Design engineers added the internal intelligence to control your home without a computer running a full-time automation program. You'll be able to set up schedules directly on your PC, yet the settings are stored on the plug-in module, so you won't have to keep your PC running to activate timed functions. The PowerLinc Controller retains all the functions of the original PowerLinc USB and adds 32KB of downloadable EEPROM memory that won't be erased if the power fails. On-board clock keeps accurate time, all the time, with integrated 10-year battery backup.

    Please note: We are aware of a potential problem with the PowerLinc Controller's internal clock that may cause an occasional time drift. We are currently evaluating several solutions to this issue. Also, the PowerLinc Controller does not support INSTEON commands.

    No More Fights over the COM Ports
    Unlike other home automation interfaces, which use the slower RS-232 communication protocol, the PowerLinc Controller transfers data at much higher speeds. Best of all, it plugs into any USB port or expansion hub so there's no need to plug and unplug other peripherals like PDAs, scanners or printers when you need to update the programming. In fact, many new computers, in particular laptops, don't include serial ports any longer, which will make using serial-based interfaces expensive and difficult to use.

    Don't Block your Outlets
    PowerLinc Controller includes Smarthome's innovative pass-through AC outlet on the front of the unit. Just like our LampLinc™, BoosterLinc™, and FilterLinc™ products, this outlet that allows you to plug in additional AC devices. While the outlet doesn't have any control features, it really helps against "power strip buildup".

    Smarthome Manager Essential Software
    While PowerLinc Controller is compatible with several home automation software applications, it includes Smarthome Manager Essential Software for downloading timers and events. Note: Smarthome Manager Essential Software is not compatible with Windows Vista. Download Smarthome Manager Essential Software.

    Smarthome Manager Essential software includes:
    • Timer events based upon the same time every day or randomized for security purposes.
    • Celestial clock that tracks sunrise and sunset times for any spot on the planet. Automatically turn on lights when it gets dark outside.
    • Macro triggers support allows one incoming signal to send a series of commands to your receiving modules.
    • Stores over 1,000 commands (depending on complexity) in a 32KB EEPROM memory chip inside the PowerLinc Controller.
    • Can send unique commands like preset dims, individual key presses (address with no command), on only, off only, etc.
    • Setup modules by room or section of the house for easy organization.
    • Keeps a master reference list of all modules and scene addresses with links to room locations for those locations.
    • Handy setup wizards for the Smarthome series of "Linc" modules, like SwitchLinc™. From one screen, the wizard will enable you to easily set up ramp rates, preset on levels, scenes and many others.
    • Directly control modules from the computer by right clicking on the icon and choosing the command.
    • Monitor the X10 addresses sent or received via a separate monitor window that shows the time and date for the last 200 commands.

    Smarthome Manager Screens

    Opening Screen 
    Advance Controller Screen

    Opening Main Screen
    Plus version shown

    LocationsTreeDevicePropertiesNew Device Found
    Pop-up Window
    (Plus version shown)
    Timer Event with Conditionals
    (Plus version shown)
    Wizards for setting the features
    of Smarthome products
    Setting the Time and DateSetting the Sunrise -
    Sunset Times
    Signal Test Generator

    PowerLinc Controller and the Smarthome Manager software runs on computers that use Microsoft Windows® 98se, Windows 2000 and Windows XP Home and Professional. It does not run on "server" versions like Windows 2000 Server or 2003. And because it uses Microsoft's Human Interface drivers that are already in use on those systems, you won't have to install any additional drivers or worry about conflicts with other hardware or software.

    Some Windows Millennium (Me) users have reported problems with Smarthome Manager. We suggest downloading the Smarthome Manager Essential (14.4MB) software and installing it on your system. If the software runs when launched on your Windows Me computer, then it should work for you.

    Safety Tested and Factory Certification
    The PowerLinc Controller is safety tested and approved. The assembly lines for Smarthome Design Products are ISO9001 certified. In order to meet the ISO 9001 standards, the entire factory underwent rigorous inspections of procedures and policies before being thoroughly audited. The certification received was based on its dedication to high quality management systems and strict adherence of quality systems and guidelines.

    Using PowerLinc USB & PowerLinc Controller with DirectX Input Devices
    It is advised that you unplug your PowerLinc when playing games that use Microsoft's DirectX system while using USB input devices like joysticks.

    HomeSeer's latest update for the PowerLinc USB driver now supports the PowerLinc Controller as an interface, but not for downloads.



    Manufacturer:SmartLabs Design
    Manufacturer Product No.:1132cu
    Warranty:2 years


    183 Ratings
    5 star: 40%  (74)
    4 star: 28%  (52)
    3 star: 12%  (22)
    2 star: 7%  (12)
    1 star: 13%  (23)
    Average Customer Rating
    (183 customer ratings)
    Share your thoughts with other customers
    STAN & -- rochester, NY   7/29/2012
    Works as specified. Must update for current daylight savings time.
    RICARDO -- huntsville, AL   7/6/2012
    Bought this because my old one stopped working. It's dated, but it does what I need!
    HARRY -- hope mills, NC   6/21/2012
    Works fine with HCA
    PAUL -- naperville, IL   5/5/2012
    Love X10. The best part of the 1132CU is you can download it and turn off the computer. The latest 1132CU v5.4 is very stable with time. I'm using the older 2384W and 2386W's (including repairing the internal switches) and the system is stable at home. Very happy Smarthome found some 1132CU's hanging around. Now wish they would release the source to Smarthome Manager so us software/hardware engineers can improve on a great product. The workaround for sunrise/sunset in the new timezones was way too simple. Smarthome - your products including Insteon are wonderful, keep the X10 product line alive or have an X10 controller where the PC does not have to be running expensive software.
    thacomputa -- chicago, IL   9/17/2011
    Just an F.Y.I. I got smarthome manager to install on Windows 7 Pro by changing the compatibility mode on the setup file to Windows XP SP3 and checking run as administrator. Windows 7 says the drivers for the PowerLinc 1132cu did not install correctly but smarthome manager recognizes it and works with it!
    JON & CAROLYN -- menlo park, CA   3/17/2011
    House has three zones. working on getting this to operate in one or two of them.
    Birchwood Bill -- Minnesota   1/30/2011
    Works on Windows-7. I recently upgraded from Windows-XP to Windows -7. The SmartHome product was installed in Windows-XP Compatibility mode and works. I use the software to program my old 1132CU - which is still working after 6 years. This software is much easier to use than PowerHome - which is not that intuitive.
    JOSEPH -- rockville centre, NY   1/28/2011
    Works great for x-10 devices
    WILLIAM -- kingston, MA   12/23/2010
    Love X10. Have had it pretty much since it came on the market. Still have some of the old brown switches. Have had prevoius computer interfaces and then the 1132CU for about 5 years without a problem. This is the best. You don't need to keep the computer running for it to function. The original 1132 appeared to stop working so I purchased a new one in early 2010. The new one worked fine with the same program so I finally threw the old one away (stupid!). The next week (!) the new one stopped working the same way around last summer (2010). I also had been having issues with my wireless switches. Found out my signal coupler/repeater died. I Replaced the repeater all was well until October when the new 1132 died for sure. It would not send and receive any signals on the power line but the computer interface was ok. Bought a replacement that works fine, returned the bad one under their two year warranty and am waiting for a replacement to keep as a backup (currently out of stock).
    MIKE -- galloway, NJ   12/22/2010
    This device just works to insert X-10 commands from the computer into the power line. I send 10,000 signals in 7 hours every night during the Christmas season, and it doesn't miss a beat.
    STANLEY -- rochester, NY   12/15/2010
    Generally works as advertised, but occasionally does not receive X10 commands. It also "glitches" now and then and requires power-on reset and another download.
    RICK -- minneapolis, MN   10/8/2010
    This was meant to replace an older model I have but same problem exists. Too susceptable to powerline noise. Internal clock could run accurately or gain 10 minutes per hour depending upon where it was plugged in. Not hard to setup or use; just not reliable.
    GARY -- columbus, OH   9/20/2010
    This was a replacement for the 1132CU that got hosed during a large power surge.
    GREG -- mount juliet, TN   9/20/2010
    This item is great. I have used one for years and this was a replacement for one I thought was broken. In retrospect is was a bad USB cable unabble to make a connection with the old unit. My bad! -- burke   9/20/2010
    Any hope for updated drivers for Windows 7 yet?
    SYLVAIN -- trois-rivires, QC   8/12/2010
    The only bad things I have to tell about this is, I could not set the sunset and sunrise, the unit does not accept the command. I have read on the help forum than I'm not the only user who have this problem, so I don't use this option.
    GRADY S -- atlanta, GA   8/5/2010
    This was replacements for defective items. There were no problems with customer service, the replacement order was held up for several months which could have created some problems if I did not have extra.
    EDWARD -- huntingdon, PA   6/24/2010
    I have been using these units for many years. They work great for about a year.
    RICHARD -- punta gorda, FL   5/28/2010
    works very well for my application
    STEVEN -- westlake village, CA   5/13/2010
    Unit/software met my expectations as my application was simply to control about forty X10 modules that have been in place since 1993. I have no need for macros, hence, I cannot comment on this aspect of the software other than does a unit turn on and off at a specified time. Have had the unit running for nearly a month and any timer failures to date were created by programming errors on my part. Only downside to the software is that it will not run on Windows Vista, so an older computer has to maintain the software. This is not an unanticipated event as the support staff and the literature on the product clearly states this to be the case. My only concern at this point is just how long will the interface last. I had been using X10 for some twenty years, with their interface failing every two to three years, hence, the change to this product.
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